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81 Satsuki Kiryuin - Kill La kill Satsuki Kiryuin - Kill La kill Satsuki Kiryuin is one of the antagonists from 'Kill La Kill', an anime series that ran from 2013-2014, created by Studio Trigger.

How is she even a good swordsman? She practically achieved NOTHING WITH IT! - SelfDestruct

82 Meta Knight - Kirby Meta Knight - Kirby Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.
83 Dunban - Xenoblade
84 Zabuza Momochi - Naruto Zabuza Momochi - Naruto

Do you see the sword he wields it's bigger than his body.

85 Zanza - Xenoblade
86 Ike - Fire Emblem Ike - Fire Emblem

He's on the same level as Cloud from Final Fantasy, if not then close to there. He's got a pretty meh backstory. One of his greatest feats was defeating a literal goddess, even though it was half Ike was defeating as the other half rested in Ike. Not to mention he has a lot of help during this battle. He wields Ragnell, a divine weapon that can summon flames, and also the sister sword to Alondite.

87 Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles Reyn - Xenoblade Chronicles
88 Yajirobe - Dragon Ball Yajirobe - Dragon Ball
89 Renji Abarai - Bleach Renji Abarai - Bleach

A sword that turn into a bamboom dragon. cool

90 Riku - Kingdom Hearts Riku - Kingdom Hearts

He would practice swordsmanship with sora even though they were only pretending to fight. But against heartless and nobodies he is top notch.

91 Kratos - God of War

Okay, why the hell is Kratos on here?
No, why? He's a videogame character.
And there isn't an anime.

92 Gohan - Dragon Ball Z Gohan - Dragon Ball Z Son Gohan is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Gohan is introduced as the first son of the protagonist Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi, in chapter #196 Kakarrot, first published in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump magazine on October 24, 1988. Chi-Chi is a strict and protective more.

He was skilled with sword as a child... and as an adult, he wielded the legendary Z sword!

He's here because he simply didn't use sword much. should be higher than this

93 Red Haired Shanks - One Piece

Shanks is the best swordsman, better than Mohawk in fact. If you go back and watch/read the reunionm they had, it is clear that shanks and mihawk dueled and shanks won

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94 Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man

He is able to use a sword without even training, nothing else to say...

95 Teresa - Claymore Teresa - Claymore

Teresa is strong to in sword fighting

96 D - Vampire Hunter D

Who is this guy?

97 LightBringer - Chronicles of Light
98 Yukine - Noragami Yukine - Noragami

Yato Is the sword wielder Yukine is the sword (regallea) Sorry to burst your bubble

99 Sabi Hakuhei - Katanagatari

He should be number 1 because this guy would easily beat Ichigo and might even beat Zoro

He can cut through mountains like they are nothing. He could also tear open the ocean with his sword.
I mean, he destroyed a whole island with just swordfight.

100 Superbi Squalo - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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