Best Anime Tournaments

Many anime have different types of fighting tournaments. Whether it's a sport, for fun or to test their skills, there's a lot of them. But which one is the best? I'll put in some suggestions and we'll see which tournaments were the best.

The Top Ten

1 World Martial Arts Tournament from Dragon Ball

Some of the best fight scenes are in this tournament. From the smaller competitors to the main characters. I was always invested in these tournament arcs from the very beginning and will continue to watch them as I get older.

Goku vs Jackie chun. Still amazes me to this very day.

To me number one is the tournament of universes from DB super...

All of the WMATs were epic. Classic anime tournament.

2 Chunin Exam from Naruto

Now, not all the fights are perfect. I thought the ending to the Sakura vs Ino fight ended horribly. However, Sasuke vs Gaara, Naruto vs Neji, Rock Lee vs Gaara were all excellent. Some can argue they took too long and I respect that. However, I really loved these fights.

Wouldn't have found out how amazing anime could be if I didn't watch this

This is the best tournament Arc ever! Why is this not number one?!?!

These exams are awesome but dangerous!

3 Heavens Arena from Hunter X Hunter

This is one of my all time favorite tournaments ever. Many fighters come to get to a higher floors. The intense match up, the grand prize money you can earn and how I firmly believe this is what a tournament arc should be all about.

The animation was phenomenal, but it was mainly the brilliant strategies that kept me on edge during the battles. Undoubtedly one of the best tournament arc in anime history.

this was pretty good I give the entire arc a 8/10

4 Grand Magic Games from Fairy Tail

I'm not the biggest Fairy Tail fan but I did like the Grand Magic Games. The labyrinth challenge was my favorite part and it wasn't always about the action. A lot took place during this tournament and I wasn't disappointed by it.

This is one of the best arcs in Fairy Tail, and one of the best tournaments in anime. I really enjoyed the arc itself, the introduction of Sabertooth, the new animation, the openings, and the events and fights.

Have you seen Natsu vs Sting and Rouge or Erza vs 100 . Then you how great GMG is

Natsu and gajeel vs sting and rogue

Erza vs 100 monsters

Laxus vs Raven tail

Awesome plot

4 intros

This arc has so many good things

5 Sports Festival from My Hero Academia

Midoriya vs Todoroki = Best anime tournament fight ever

I absolutely LOVED this arc!

Saw the hole thing, loved it, purely awesome.

6 The Dark Tournament Arc from Yu Yu Hakusho

Best Tournament Arc I have seen. Every round was diverse with its ow gimmicks. Everyone being in 5 member teams made it so the protagonists are allowed to lose some matches along the way. This tournament also is fortunate enough to not have its arc being cut off with a upcoming conflict. The reward system via wish makes it very enticing. Toguro is probably one of the best tournament villains out there. All around solid A+ Tournament

This is by far the best tournament, very memorable. This is the first list out of 4 where it´s so low, on the rest o them its ranked first.

You all must be joking. Yu Yu Hakusho's dark tournament is so good that it takes up the majority of the shows run time. So many great, well thought out battles. Amazing character development with hiei, Kuabara, and many others. Toguro is an amazing villain, I mean there's is so much to talk about when it comes to this tournament. Even the breaks between fights are handled well like when Yususke is training with genkai or Hiei is dealing with his destroyed arm. So good!

This is the best tournament ever. Dark tournament when I was a kid gave me chills. Never seen someone die brutally by plants.

7 Dressrosa from One Piece

Perfect blend of comedy, story telling, surprise elements, hardcore choreography. Definitely not the stronger part of the arc, but still the best one of the most well structured anime tournaments. Took some inspiration from World Martial Arts Tournament here and there, but definitely superior to everything in the list.

I'm surprised it took this long for One Piece to take this long to have a tournament arc. Plus the winners are given the Flame-Flame Fruit. It allows the user to create, control, and transform into fire at will. Plus the structure of the tournament is very well done.

8 Survival Game from Mirai Nikki

While I do think they're some plot holes I do like the concept of this game. People are given future diaries that can help you see the future. Whoever is the last one standing will become the new God of Time. With the intense vibe of this game, who wouldn't be psyched?

Crazy, doesn't make any sense, fascinating and to me at least, the best anime hunger games. A bloody gruesome fight to the death with only one surviving victor!

I saw a clip of this. It was like the Hunger Games or something!

9 Shaman Fight from Shaman King

This only happens every 500 years, so you better enjoy it while it lasts! In order to become Shaman King, Shamans compete against each other to win this title. Can you survive the fight in order to become Shaman King?

Such a good show, great tournament arc

10 Cell Games Arena from Dragon Ball Z

This is not really a tournament but it is amazing

The Contenders

11 Hunter Exam from Hunter x Hunter

How is this not #1? It is one of the best parts of what is basically the best shounen!

12 Fifth Holy Grail War from Fate/stay Night

I've never seen this before but my friend has been telling me some good things about it. Like the tournament arc. It's battle royale and a rich amount of history in this tournament.

"Rejoice, Emiya Shirou. Your wish will finally come true." - Kirei Kotomine

13 Tōtsuki Autumn Election from Food Wars

An important event during the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation's first year where the chosen sixty first-year students fight their way to earn their right into the Autumn Election's Main Tournament. The Election is used to determine the current class standing of a Generation through a tournament styled event.

14 The Tournament of Power from Dragon Ball Super

This is by far the best anime tournament in anime history, 'ten participants representing their universe in an all-out battle, the universes that lose gets..., and the winner gets any wish granted, universal scale.

It's not even out yet, but still hoping Piccolo wins it all.

15 Battle City from Yu-Gi-Oh

A fight to see who will conquer the world. This tournament changes the lives of the characters forever, brings more understanding to the Pharaoh's destiny and rivals clash to see who will be the greatest duelist of all time.

Yu-Gi-Oh! was basically just one huge tournament when you think about it.

Best arc in the entire series

The Battle City Tournament from Yugioh was AWESOME!

16 Honnōji Academy First Naturals Election from Kill la Kill

This was so cool!

17 Winter Cup from Kuroko no Basket

The most satisfying moment wasn't just when Seirin won, but when Kagami and Kuroko yelled out a victory scream!

18 Fourth Holy Grail War from Fate/Zero
19 Artemis 2050 from LBX/Danball Senki
20 Bullet of Bullets from Sword Art Online

This part of the T.V. show was really fascinating! I love Sinon!

21 Royal Knights Selection Exam from Black Clover

The Royal Knights exam was one of the most intense tournaments in anime history. Characters were forced to negotiate with each other and find solutions to problems; let's also not forget the showdown between Finral and Langris.

22 Fortune Teller Baba's Five Warriors from Dragon Ball
23 Galaxian Wars from Saint Seiya
24 Magic Knights Entrance Exam from Black Clover
25 Demon King Tournament Arc from Yu Yu Hakusho
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