Top Ten Anime vs Comic Battles We Wanna See

Anime vs comics it's been argued for a long time but which one of them is stronger

The Top Ten

1 Goku vs Superman

I don't really care for this one to be honest - Dmchrisco


2 Ichigo vs Spawn

Spawn would delete that guy in a half

3 Luffy vs Hulk

Oh, I'm a HUGE fan of hulk! I'd love to see him vs Luffy! - Animefan12

4 Saint Seiya vs Thor

Difficult, but I go with Thor

5 Kakashi vs Batman

Batman would win but almost defeated

I think kakashi would win he's a better strategist can read his movements with sharingan has over 1000 Justus not mention genjustu Lightning beast and sussano - Dmchrisco

Seriously Batman would win of course, why?
cause he's Batman!

6 Rin Okumura vs Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider would take your soul

7 Guts vs Wolverine

It would be a fair fight but Wolverine is a survivor

8 Kenshiro vs Captain Marvel

Easy fight, Kenshiro is gonna wreck it

Shazam is Already Dead

9 Erza vs Iron Man

Iron Man is better fighter but she is a woman and that's a disadvantage for Iron Man

10 Minato vs the Flash

Both are fast but Flash is prepared for the auction

The Contenders

11 Kami Tenchi vs the Beyonder

Kami tenchi stomps with ease

12 Kizaru vs Flash

Light vs Lightspeed

13 True Assassin vs Black Widow
14 Kaneki vs Captain America
15 Future Trunks vs Captain America
16 Eren vs Hulk
17 Kaneki vs Hulk
18 Alucard vs Batman
19 Light vs Batman
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