Top Ten Anime Weapons You would Use in Battle


The Top Ten

1 Death Note (Death Note)

This book is a very great weopen to use it can kill you by knowing your face and name. - HollowArrow

2 Chakra Blade (Naruto)

My favriote weopen in naruto used by Asuma - HollowArrow

3 Quinque (Tokyo Ghoul)
4 Beybladea (Beyblade Franchise)
5 Elucidator and Dark Repulser (Sword Art Online)
6 Sword of Kusanagi (Naruto)
7 Kagune (Tokyo Ghoul)

It's a body organ, not a weapon - TwilightKitsune

8 Diary (Future Diary)
9 Excalibur (Fate/Stay Night
10 Triple Blade Scythe (Naruto)

Used by hidan I love that its not like most weopens its very cool - HollowArrow

The Contenders

11 Zangetsu (Bleach)
12 Scissor Blade (Kill La Kill)
13 The True Longinus (Highschool DxD)

Although it hasn't been introduced in the anime adaptation of Highschool DxD yet, It is the original Longinus sacred gear, which Issei's Boosted Gear is categorized with. True Longinus can redirect damage from any physical attack to any point in existence that is know of by the wielder, is capable of destroying planets or at least is allegedly that powerful, can disarm others and destroy their weapons can nullify powers of women (oddly specific but there is a complicated reason that doesn't go into much detail) enables the user flight and teleportation, summon up a warrior servant of immense strength and that is without going into its transformative abilities. It is ridiculously powerful. In the series, this is the spear that the centurion Longinus used to pierce Jesus Christ's side during his execution by crucifixion. The author's reason for why the spear became so strong is that by killing the mortal manifestation of God, it somehow became infused with divine powers that can kill ...more

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