Greatest Anime of All Time

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1 Hetalia

In short:
Hot guys repersenting countries of the world, with no actual plotline ever. EVER.
Gives the chance to expand the fandom in any shape or form.

2 Future Diary Future Diary

The home to the most well known yandere, Yuno.

The polt may be confusing at times but in the end it all makes sense with a rather peculiar ending that doesn't seem emotional, but will make you burst into tears anyways.

3 Black Butler Black Butler

Once you start watching the first episode you can't stop. Amazingly portrayed characters with wonderful depth and backstories.

Characters of a paranormal set in 18th century England, bring a wonderful mix happening to meet as a young boy sells his soul for revenge. Although this show can be questionable at times, it is truely wonderful yet sad at times.

4 Ouran High School Host Club Ouran High School Host Club

It may seem boring and slow in the beginning due to their clueless behavior but, it all gets more interesting! Personally the manga IS better than the anime.

A slightly random storyline brings excitement at all of the most unexpected times. Unexpectedly happy and sad at the perfect timing.

5 Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya

Likely the most confusing anime although it seems entirely normal at first glance. Reading bits of the manga first I had no idea about how confusing it actually was until watching the anime.

You have here; Yuki the alien creation, Mikuru the time traveling mascot, Koizumi the esper, Haruhi bending the univeres to her will and a confused Kyon chosen to be in all this mess.

6 Soul Eater Soul Eater

I litterally watched only the first episode and the last few episodes. From my veiw the anime has a plot line you can only see if you squint really hard or actually pay definate attention to what is going on.

7 Lovely Complex

Oh look! One of thoose rare shoujo animes that ACTUALLY has a plot line! This is the reason my mind has been taken over by shoujo mangas (and the reason one of my desks broke).

8 Death Note Death Note

Personally I would have ranked this higher if near midway they didn't kill off a main character. After that I gave up and stopped reading somewhat after Mello was introduced.

9 Neon Genesis Evangelion Neon Genesis Evangelion

... No comment

10 Chibi Vampire

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