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Berserk, also known as Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk, is a Japanese anime television series that aired from 1997 to 1998. An adaptation of the manga Berserk, it comprises 25 half-hour episodes produced by Oriental Light and Magic and first aired on Nippon TV.


I've checked so many mangas in my life (from "Hokuto no Ken" to "Sakura card captor)... Berserk is the only series (including "real life" T.V. shows) that I've seen and seen again at least 10 times!
Berserk is absolutely not a grotesque manga focused on gore scenes and nudity (as written almost everywhere), but as said in the beginning of each episode, it philosophically focuses itself in the question of humanity, existence of God and the complex principle of karma (the "destiny", in Indian philosophies like Buddhism)!
For instance, every act of violence ordered (naively? ) by the young and deeply charismatic army leader Griffith in and out the battle fields, all along the years, will have incredible serious consequences in the final episodes, for him, and most of all for his poor "friends".

Really this manga is full of serious dialogues (i.D. they are teens, but they talk like normal to very instructed adults) mixed with great action scenes and very intelligent ...more

Why this anime is the best and what others aren't doing:

1) The story is serious, there are no silly Japanese emo's or childish visuals

2) Top notch graphics for the day! (1988 art, 1997show) Even today it is respectable ART.

3) Story is well-thought out... No improvisation... Just straight EPIC Novel

4) Story is focused on MAIN characters
5) The main characters are EXTREMELY mythical, no bull, believable

6) Mature art, mature story, mature events, No Fluffy/useless jokes

7) The CONCEPT of the story, the settings, the purpose is EPIC

8) The Begining intro is EXTREMELY suspenseful and leaves you positioned for an OUTSTANDING surprise and Nostalgia about HOW the show will develop into this "future"(you get a glimpse of the future then the show starts from time zero on episode 2).

9) The ending... Is EPIC. I promiss you will NOT be able to imagine or guess ANYTHING in this show... There is no way.

10) Ask yourself why an ...more

Berserk is possibly one of the most complex manga/anime I have seen in a while. Though complexity may not equal quality, it certainly makes a much better anime than, say, one that's easy to predict. The characters make the story, the fights are epic, and everything else is simply the best. The only anime I could compare to this would be Evangelion. Sucks that people think anime such as "sword art online" is better than Berserk.

Berserk is the best of all time. The animation may be a bit old for some, but the story is perfect. It's not only about violence. It has a very complex plot. The new adaptation for films is not as good as the original but it's said that it will cover the whole manga.

Critically acclaimed for its beautiful art and story telling, Berserk is a masterpiece. It is well paced, intense and gripping. Berserk is not afraid to pull punches or baby its audience. If you read it, and you can deal with its mature nature, you will get lost in its intense and tragic story, it's interesting and diverse world, and it's deep and intricate characters. Berserk is truly one of the best.

While I do think Berserk deserves to be in the upper echelons of "Best Anime" for narrative, character, and atmospheric purposes, the series has a SERIOUS case of poor aging. A low budget means lazy syncing and low-frame/density fight scenes. The manga is a completely different story, but since the list is specifically "anime", the grim show is held back quite a bit due to its basic fundamentals.

WHY THIS IS SO LOW? I have seen a lot of the popular anime out there like bleach, fma brotherhood, death note, inuyasha (my first anime, ill always love it) etc but Berserk just blew my MIND. The characters are so real; they feel and act in such a human way I totally forgot I was watching an anime. The pain and heartbreak and friendship and betrayal and love and ugh feels. I just can't begin to explain what you'll be missing out on if you haven't watched this. This anime got me the most emotionally involved out of everything I've watched.

One of my all time favorites. Super addictive. I've watched it tons of times and read 40-some of the manga, it's so brutal. The build up to the end is amazing and all of the characters turn out to be deep and gripping. The remakes with the weird new animation are less palatable to me but worth a watch AFTER. It gives has a more complete ending but lacks the development.

This is a story about friendship and betrayal. While the movie and short anime don't encompass the crazy length of the manga, they make you shudder at what could have been one of the best anime's of all time. The story becomes more thrilling as he becomes stronger and more oppressed by his inner demons and the otherworldly powerful demons he faces.

I agree with most people when they say this anime should be higher up on the list. This show is one of my all-time favorite anime. Guts is a bad ass and so is Griffith. I didn't like the ending all that well. But they are finishing it with movies that also seem cool. I found myself watching every episode in rapid succession unsatisfied until I finished it.

Very dark anime and manga series for adults or teens who are able to appreciate brilliant storytelling. The character interactions are among the best in the medium and the action is satisfyingly gory. And let's just say that the ending is plenty mind blowing. The anime is the most godlike trailer for a manga ever.

ONLY 100th?! What blasphemy! This is the best anime of all time! It combines dark fantasy, character development, most complex issues into one. Where else are you going to find such things, so as not to become absurd and pompous? Nowhere.

Such a great anime, with the manga included. Great soundtrack too. Highly recommended as it's an unforgettable anime/manga and will always stay with you. Nothing else like it with great characters, the main character is badass! Unique and worth it.

I cannot believe this is so far down the list. My favorite anime of all time. Honestly, judging from the top ten on this site, I don't take the opinions on here to heart. With the exception of Death Note and One Piece, the others are extremely overrated.

By far the best manga I have ever read... I am such a picky person but this just blew my mind! Kind of long but its worth it,.. But hey just watch the movies they are pretty complete... I can't believe not many people know about it geez

I finally found it, but it was worth it. Berserk is hands down the greatest Anime and Manga series to ever be produced. Kentaro Miura created a vivid world, filled with fleshed out characters who feel like personifications of humanity itself. Just the Golden Age Arc was enough to get me going, but the series has yet to be concluded so all doors are open which is what makes it so awesome. I know I would get a lot of flak for this, but I am a huge fan of Griffith, before and after he became the Dark Hawk Femto.

Berserk is easily one of the best anime I have ever watched. Great storyline, Great fights and very dark things that makes you question everything about society. Definitely in one of my anime top spots.

Great action for strong hearted, easily is the unforgiving zeal of guts to fight evil. I think the characters and plot are superb and a must watch

Epic Anime Series of all time they need to complete the story. Definitely in the top 3 at least.

Wow, what can I say? I've watched over 50 different anime series and this is defiantly in my top 3!
The underlying themes bursts through the screen and the raw emotion is second to none!
Don't get me started on the ending, best ending I've ever seen!
Only downside is the older style of animation, which takes a bit to get into but well worth it!

"A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say" Berserk is the greatest story ever told, the best manga, and this is the best anime (the remake isn't as good..).

Was the manga superior? Most likely. But is this anime still one of the most beautiful, philosophical, and profound anime of all time? Definitely. This story changed my life.

By far the most gripping storyline in any I have watched. The most surprising fact is that they have not continued this series to the end and left it halfway.

Best anime that I have seen in years, so many emotions, pain, violence, and love but it fits together perfectly. This anime still haunts me at night sometimes.

Absolutely amazing and surprisingly addictive. This anime is extremely unique and is my after one piece. It's just too bad that it wasn't longer. I've rewatched this anime many times. One of the few animes where the main character doesn't have a set path but is searching for one. Love this anime forever.