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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, often referred to as simply Code Geass, is a Japanese anime series created by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi, and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi, with original character designs by manga authors Clamp.


I love animes and mangas. I loved them as a toddler and I still love them now. But why? Most times you will find a hero, probably a bit simple minded and innocent, though he gives all he can to endure the greatest crisis. This hero will fail in the beginning. Nevertheless, he will always keep on fighting to fulfill his dream, to save his friends or to rescue the world. In this way, we will love this character, we will laugh with him, we will hate his enemies and maybe we will even have to shed a tear with him at his lowest point. That's the way Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail etc. Work and that's what we call epic.

But, please, do not misunderstand me, I was sad when I saw how Ace died in Luffy's arms and, in my opinion, it was pretty overwhelming to see how Kurosaki Ichigo beat the crap out of Aizen before he lost his power.

In the end, that's the epicness we all love and want to see in an anime.

That's the way most animes and mangas ...more

Code Geass... I had found out about this anime on YouTube when someone was naming their top ten favorite anime in 2012 and code geass was number five, I think... I was looking for an anime to check out and I didn't know WHAT IN THE WORLD code geass was about. I watched the first episode at night... And ended up watching as much as I could before I fell asleep.
Code geass was just exhilarating. Here we are, presented with a teenager named Lelouch Lamperouge who ends up with this mystical power called Geass. Naturally, anyone would root for Lelouch in the beginning, seeing that he is obviously the root of the series. But episode after episode, unease sets in and you wonder, "Is the person I'm rooting for really fighting for the right thing? " No doubt your perspective toward certain characters will change several times with all the twists and turns in this anime. Each episode left me with new thoughts and a need for more, which is what any great anime should be able to ...more

I think this anime beats Death Note by far. Not only did its creators excellently develop the characters, especially that of Lelouch, the general of both the first season and R2 is just superb. Lelouch is an anti-hero, which is a refreshing change from the typically idealistic and naive protagonist. His flaws as a character also separate him from cliche protagonists from other animes. His not-so-fit physical condition and mediocre piloting skills are far outweighed by his utter ingenuity and Geass. This anime also deals with societal problems, particularly that of racism. Every episode leaves the reader wondering whether the ends really do justify the means.

Unlike the greatness of the Death Note, Code Geass is truly my favorite anime ever! This anime is a true masterpiece and shows true intelligence and the protagonist Lelouch is similar to Death Note's protagonist Light. There is one thing to guarantee though, THE ACTION NEVER STOPS! You will definitely find life in this anime and fall in love with its characters.

I remember when my younger brother introduced me to this show and I was like "Oh no, I'm not a GUNDAM fan... Sorry! " But as I watched the first episode, I quickly fell in love with the series. I finished both seasons within about a week cause I couldn't stop! I quickly went through all of my favorite anime and out of all of them, this is the one I pointed my finger on, even though Death Note was very emotional (SPOILER ALERT) I just couldn't stand the dark themes and just cruel deaths mostly concerning L and Light. But Code Geass deserves the title "THE GREATEST ANIME OF ALL TIME. " I just want them to come out with a ...more

I really do think that while this anime is very short compared to the ones above, it delivers a much better story, incredible characters that seem to always stay in gray areas, unlike many of the character from the animes above, and told a much smarter and well put together plot. The timing is almost always perfect, it has the sort of characters you should hate but love anyways, and the story never drags out. I've tried to really, really get into some of the anime like Naruto and Bleach, and while I do think they are fantastic shows and deserve to be put on here, the characters almost always seem black and white, too many chances are given to prove themselves, catchphrases are given that make you want to yell at the characters to stop when you hear it practically 50 times in 4 min. , and the biggest problem with long running anime is that they put so many filler episodes that it makes their fanbase lose its popularity because of the irritation of having to wait so long for the main ...more

Code Geass just has it all. Suspense, psychological warfare, heroism, terrorism, romance, and the greatest emperor to walk the Earth, Lelouch Lamperouge. There is a very different and refreshing difference in Lelouch and other protagonists. Lelouch isn't the prodigal son who is the best at fighting and thus can defeat any enemy because of some silly belief. His thinking is far more complex rather than something along the lines of "never give up". He destroyed the world and recreated it. He took all the hate in the world for himself and died for world peace. This anime had me teary-eyed surprisingly often and captivated me from the very first episode. Lot's of shows have utterly useless characters (in Bleach everyone other than Ichigo and some captains are useless and in DBZ everyone other than Goku is useless) but Code Geass makes nearly every character memorable whether it may be the heroism of Lelouch or the frustration one will have with Suzaku to the tragedy of Shirley and Rolo.

Out of all the anime here, I can only vote for this one and say I truly enjoyed it, start to finish. It was perfectly executed - with all the other anime I have an issue, perhaps aside from One Piece. Naruto is a series I love, but it got so bad with fillers and dragging it out I eventually dropped it. Full Metal Alchemist was good, but a little too over-thought-out for my tastes. Bleach, aside for the first 7 episodes started out OK, but then just got worse as it went along, like Naruto but to a greater degree. Fairy Tail was boring from the start to the 20 or so episodes when I dropped it, while others may support it it simply didn't fit my tastes. Death Note was good, really good, but I just can't agree (SPOILER) with L's death and it just took the punch out of the series to me. Now I don't have any issues like these with One Piece, however, where One Piece just has less of an emotional impact on me than Code Geass. Code Geass never ceased to amaze me with plot, characterisation ...more

There is no equal to this series! I know DBZ was great, and I loved it more than anyone. However that was before I watched this. To add the intelligence this series brought along with the added morals and high quality plot, it truly made this a masterpiece! There has never been a greater ending to a series. Code Geass is unrivaled. Every character had meaning in this magnificent story. There was never a dull moment as the show always kept you on your feet, and made you second guess yourself. I never thought I'd see a show as great as this one. IF you haven't seen it yet, I HIGHLY advise you to make it a top priority to watch this show!

In my opinion this is the best anime I have ever watched (i never thought I would say this again after I watched death note) especially because of the main character, plot and that epic ending. I realise that some may not agree with me especially those who prefer anime like Naruto or bleach (more fighting), by the way they are both in my top 10 but lets face it: this anime has everything you want. One thing that I find very impressive is the awesome character development, especially that of the main character Lelouch. Many people compare this anime with death note (in my opinion death note is the best alternative if you liked code geass or vice versa) but I believe Code Geass is superior on at least 3 facts: the ending is far far far better; the main character has a more diverse and credible personality (he second-guesses himself and changes his principles); and also Code Geass is more than dark murders and blood everwhere it actually has some jokes and a lighter part but very little ...more

How is this lower than Bleach and Fairy Tail of all things. They're utter garbage compared to Code Geass. It had great villains, who portray themselves as beyond good and evil, like Schneizel, Cornelia and Charles who are far from a conventional villain but feel fleshed out properly as people with different ideals to Lelouch. And the main character Lelouch, greatest protagonist ever in anime.

He goes from a normal high schooler and great big brother, to lead a rebellion against a dictatorship, (spoilers ahead, skip to next message), to getting betrayed by the force he created, then taking over the dictatorship and wiping out his own forces, turns into an all round villain before surpassing both a hero and villain, by becoming a messiah to atone for his sins and those of the world (end spoilers).

The ending of Code Geass was absolutely mind blowing, will not spoil it and you shouldn't spoil it for yourselves, but I couldn't function properly for 2 weeks after seeing it, ...more

Simply brilliant! I got a copy on recommendation, but kept putting it off due to the unfamiliar art-style. One day, I had nothing to do and nothing else to watch, so I fired it up. Damn, what a journey. You get used to the art-style pretty quickly and begin to wonder how they even make it work, it's actually quite beautiful! The music score is both well chosen and timed to fill in the gaps where a picture is more than a thousand words. The plot had me on the edge of the seat all the time, and the twists and brilliance of it all was mesmerizing. I don't usually cry while watching stuff, but when this show ended, I broke down in tears. I don't know when it happened, but somewhere along the way, it got its fingers around my heart and then pulled! It's definitely right up there at the top of the list!

Code Geass. Lets just stop and say those 2 words one more time... CODE GEASS! It surpasses all anime up to today with a story line which makes you jump around and scream at how awesome the anime is. Every episode is page turner, compacted with everything, from, intense fighting, politics, real world issues, drama, romance. Code geass has it all with unique characters and inspiring back stories. The Power of geass is what surpasses everything, which every anime comes up with. It gives a little more balance to the society of Japan and that's what makes readers/watchers finish the anime to the end. ! EPIC! SMART! AND JUST WOW!

Personally, I am very swayed between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Code Geass. This is becasue Neon Genesis Evangelion has an undivisible "remainder" ending, which leads a lot of guess work for the viewer, and in my view, that is a very common and yet almost daring way to conclude a series. Yes, Neon Genesis Evangelion does have a philosophical ending of the immaterial world of personal relativism. However, I chose Code Geass because this too has a sort of a "remainder" ending, and yet, it is extremely statisfying in the sense that it is hopeful and positive. Overall, the real reason that I've chosen Code Geass over Neon Genesis Evangelion is due to the fact that Code Geass' greatest human concern would be freewill while in Neon Genesis Evangelion would be freedom itself. Maybe I am biased and constricted in my view but I seem to think freedom is a relative concept while freewill is universal aspect. Thus the freewill becomes a greater interest, at the very least for me.

Code geass was like gundam and deathnote rolled in one. The series usually have a lot of turns that its keeps you guessing till the end. Every character has their own stories and reasons and that's why you can't possible hate them so much. It really shows the nature of the human heart and the hidden characteristics of man. And yeah, a great anime can move mountains dude! I believe that a good anime can touch hearts. That's what code geass did. Always leaving me teary eyed. Where the villain becomes the hero. Lelouch maybe hated by the world but to those who really knew his real story, his a certified hero!

This anime is completely brilliant. It would seem that the finale of the second season split the fandom, but I think it was fantastic all the way through. In my opinion, what it has over Death Note is variety. Whereas Death Note was all mental suspense, Code Geass throws in action to keep the mind from growing too bored, and there is actual discourse between ideologies, rather than the black-and-white stance of Death Note. It took the mental stimulus of Death Note and added both action and emotion.

BY FAR the best anime in history. Everything in this anime was done so intelligently and flawlessly that it kept you amazed. I personally, could not stop watching this. Within the perfect length that this anime was given, you were forced to fall in love with the characters (amazing development). IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS NOT YET SEEN THIS, PLEASE WATCH IT SOON OR YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON AN OUTSTANDING ANIME.

It's like another version of Death Note but with a better plot and character development, this anime kept you wanting even more of it and your mind working the entire time, trying to guess what would occur next. In this anime, characters actually can die at any moment like in Mirai Nikki, your heart gets torn into a million pieces yet you cannot stop watching this anime. The entire plot was clever and well though out and the ending was heart wrenching yet perfect. In my opinion, no mecha anime or even Death Note can match up to it's plot and emotional scenes. This anime deserves at least the top 5 spot in this poll.

I just finished this anime and I am already envious of those who haven't seen it yet. The emotional roller coaster and the sheer intelligence of this anime can not be overstated. When I watched FMA:B and Attack on Titan, I thought it couldn't really get better than that. Then I saw Death Note and was absolutely convinced that that was the pinnacle of anime experience. When I heard about this one, I heard it had similarities to Death Note so I began to watch. Only a couple days later I finished both seasons. It had me so hooked I literally couldn't get up and do anything else until I finished it. Not only is every single episode amazing, but the ending... The ending is hands down my favorite ending to any type of media I have ever watched. Code Geass is a must watch.

It is a totally amazing masterpiece among all animes in existence. The plot was intense and powerfully designed. Actions are endless. Drama never lacked at all times. Emotional. Effective creativity and fantasy. Science-fiction on Knightmare frames designing was detailed. Romance also was included. And the ending... The ending... The ending... It was astonishing and tragic. The total series was completely incredible and fantastic. This is one of the most perfected fictions to ever existed and created by human civilizations and their imaginations. No more adjectives were able to describe such a perfect creation... It is completely AWE-some.

Code Geass is one of those lesser known anime to the newer generations. And it's sad because of how amazing and beautiful the anime really is. It kept you hooked from episode one in the first season all the way to the very last episode in season two. It had a great mix of dark, light, and mecha. Not to mention the anime was always clever and keeping you guessing on what was going to happen next. The characters were well thought out and there wasn't really a character that didn't have a part in the main plot. Code Geass, in my opinion, is one of the greatest anime of all time.

This anime should be a role model for so many ways! There are things that this anime did that others were too afraid to do it! I won't mention all of it but here are the top three things I admire about this anime:

1) Retarded characters: In 99% of the animes today the characters are retarded and can't come up with an idea without explaining it to the view first, but I am always so insulted! They act like we're too stupid to get the point, but Code Geass... I was barely able to keep up with lelouch's plans! Sometimes I wouldn't even understand them! It was so refreshing!

2) 18+ sensitivity: First, I'll say this, if your a human then your a pervert, No really! Wouldn't you like to bathe with a hot chick? If you say no then your A) young B) not human C) Gay. But in almost all animes the hero never likes seeing these things and starts out when something like this comes up, but here when Surley (forgive my spelling) and Lelouch fell downstairs, she told him "We could do more ...more

Code Geass... The most beautiful anime of all time.
This is the only anime that has ever made me cry.
The Ending... Need I say more?
Code Geass is just raw and pure emotion, with the best soundtrack I have ever heard. This should totally be number 1, I mean Dragon Ball Z... Come on. Has DBZ ever made you sob?
Plus, you also get mecha and magic. What more could you ask for?

Code Geass are showing the relationship between your blood and ambition. Its show your most emotion between-in your family and in your own happiness. The love of your responsibility as a leader of freedom, the love of your friend, and also the love of your only siblings. The character of lelouch is one of the best characters, he makes me to a better person and transform me in... Anime lover.

Code Geass is the most amazing, thrilling, exciting, and emotional show I have ever watched. The plot is very complex and interesting but also does not drag on for like 100 episodes. This show doesn't only depict the heroine as intelligent, smart, and powerful. But it also walks you through every mistake and sin he has made. The main Character Lelouch is a strong leader that would do anything to save his people. I was very touched by this show and they last episode just killed me. I finished this series in 3 days. YES. That's how good it is. - nikkichu14

This is THE BEST anime series I've ever watched! It's character outline and plot are witty and well thought out. I especially love the ending and it amazes me how the creators could've thought of the series' plot! P.S. -Lelouch rocks!