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Death Note is a Japanese television drama series based on the manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The show is centered around Light Yagami a promising highschooler and aspiring detective with a strong sense of "justice".


Clever, crisp, addictive, and unpredictable, Death Note's intelligence and dark appeal remain relatively unrivaled. Every storyline, no matter how minor, is thoroughly thought out and intelligently placed. The characters are striking. Lovable, realistic and relatable, they stand in sharp contrast to a sea of forgettable cliches, sucking you in with their own searing conviction and sincerity. They make you forget the world around you. They make you forget where you are, what you're doing. That's how entwined you will become in these characters.

Death Note manages to capture electrifying tension behind every word, filling the air with implications and assumptions, leaving you ringing with the raw impact of each line, building this tension as it goes, leaving you clamoring to see what happens next. You don't need to be a genius to deduce that it lives up to every bit of the hype. Death Note is definitely worth your time - and in my humble opinion, first place on this list.

Death Note is the best anime ever made. I used to be a huge Naruto fan, but when I started watching death note, I forgot about Naruto and and even started watching other anime series to see if they were as good as death note (the only animes I knew that time were were inuyasha, dragon ball z, and Naruto) and NONE could could beat the suspense and well-thought out plotline of death note. I NEVER wanted to buy anything anime-related, but when I watched death note, I practically begged my brother to buy me some Death Note things (books mostly books, like Another Note:The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases and L: Change the World. I'm also going to get him to by me the complete manga set and anime set later... ) I even picked up a few manipulation and deductive tricks From Light and L, and since I started watching it, I've been getting straight A's in School. It Even inspired me to go to try to college and study to become a detective. Hearing this come from the mouth of a 12 year old girl is ...more

Death Note! Something you need to watch right away. Where should I start, the story has amazing characters - Light Yagami and the most mysterious, most whimsical character ever - L. The plot is too simple. A Shinigami's (aka Death God) Death Note falls into a human world and is picked up by a certain student named Light Yagami. Anyone who's name is written in the Death Note shall die. Light, who has a strong sense for justice, believes that the world is better off without some poeple - criminals. He starts killing all sorts of criminals using the death note until L, the world's greatest detective who's identity and whereofs are unknown, finds out that what Kira (the name designated to Light) is doing isn't right. So, its basically the best student of Japan against the best detective of the world. With a concept this simple, the author managed to write one of the greatest storylines an anime will ever have. There aren't many characters but it makes the story no less interesting. And ...more - SytachiRed

Death note made me look at anime differently. Now I take it seriously where as before I wouldn't pay attention to anime. My conclusion after watching the series is simply the best thing I have ever watched on a television screen. The plot was so complex and delivered perfectly. The antagonist is not the good guy per se and that's the kick. I enjoyed DBZ more and even liked bebop but the story makes Death note number one.

It's visually captivating and keeps you on your seat throughout the whole series. There are no fillers, it's ingenious plot twists and amazing soundtrack will pull you into a level which you will rarely feel in any show. I would put it above Dragon Ball Z if it weren't for the fact that Dragon Ball Z did it first. Dragon Ball Z will not always be relative as it's popularity was based on action sequences that may one day been seen as inferior to new and far more polished action sequences. On the other hand Death Note's popularity is due to it's immensely captivating storyline and brilliant twists that will always be fresh and pull new fans in.

BEST ANIME EVER. But for people who loves action and hates plots because of their stupidity well for all you really good thinkers and have a high amount of deductive skills and isn't stupid. Go watch it! And to tell you this, later on the series a certain person dies. After that person dies most people finish watching death note. DO NOT STOP WATCHING! There is more incredible episodes up ahead and someone will replace that person. I reccommend all of you thinkers out there to watch it! And vote up if you LOVED IT!

Let's face it - in the world of anime, Death Note has yet to be exceeded. It is just so incomparably brilliant in every way! The theme itself is very simple - a book that can kill - and yet it is exactly the simplicity of the main plotline that allowed the authors to make the ingenious mind games happen. And the moral and philosophical overlap! What more do you want?
The only criticism I have ever come across concerning Death Note seems quite unjust to me. I know many people, who gave up on this masterpiece cursing the authors for killing off one of the characters - don't want to spoil. To be honest with you, I missed him for the rest of the series too but his death was necessary - for the plot as well as the message Death Note presents. Besides, it was clear from the beginning that he had to go at some point - to me at least - if he were to stay true to himself and his principles.
It has been said hundred times already and I will repeat it unashamedly. Death Note is epic, ...more

I'm not an anime fan, but this one made me change my opinion! It's great in every way you see it. It has an amazing and original plo that actually makes you think about it; it has awesome characters, such as L; Light and Near (in my opinion) and great sound effects. Perfect

If you are into chilling, psychological anime, this one will blow your mind. This anime is about a high school senior and genius, named Light, who finds a notebook which kills whose name is written into it within 40 seconds. Upon finding this note, Light sets out on a conquest to rid the earth of criminals, and become the God of a new world. The things he says about how people naturally want people to die whether they say it or not makes you really think about the human condition, and just what people are actually thinking. This makes for an incredible show with Gods of death, psychological conundrums, police investigations, and all that good stuff.

Having recently watched the anime, I can say it's a highly capturing story that stays on point in every episode. One minute you will hate it, the next minute your so drawn into the story, you forget the pizza is burning in the oven. It's a story that has you switching sides and tossing you back and forth like a baseball in a tedious finals game. Nothing ever happens the way you want but you get hooked and can't stop watching. Only problem is, it seems like only the main characters got good recognition and back ground. Like I wish lights father would have had a better dialog and Misa a better back ground. Other than that, it's a amazing roll coaster ride of a story, you will never forget. 9/10!

Death Note is just... A masterpiece, like some other comments stated, it is and I'm pretty sure that no one could say otherwise. It isn't the manga/anime common type in which the characters fight physically against each other, or a romance highschool story, this is THE manga and THE anime. It's more than clear why it's so famous and recognized, still not too commercial like DB (Which one is good, but in my opinion... Not as complex as DN) I'm totally in love with Death Note and its characters.

At first I didn't think I would like this anime. But I got into it fast and couldn't stop watching! Its not my favorite just because I like a little comedy and this anime is all serious. That being said, the plot it amazing and very complex. Its compelling to watch. The best part is the character development makes it difficult to choose a clear cut good and bad guy. So the entire time not only did I find myself cheering on both sides, but I also did not know which side would win. With no precise "good guy" you really can't tell which way the writers will go. Its amazing.

The story grips you with every episode. You don't just get to know the characters... You get into their heads and learn the good and the bad about them. It brings a depth to the characters I've yet to see in any other anime. Lets not get me started on the plot! The minds of Death Note's writers are DEADLY! Only a genius could work out something this intricately put together, with more twists and turns then you could imagine. You may even start to question your own moral standings HA! Who is really good or evil?

This is one of the first shows I ever saw and it is definitely one of the best. With characters that are always in gray area, a plot almost as dark and twisted and perfectly structured as its main character, great writing, and amazing timing, Death Note definitely deserves to be a part of this list. Despite how people say that Code Geass and this show are so similar, and while I do agree in some areas, the one thing that seperates why one show is more popular than the other is that Death Note is more of one of those rare shows that actually draws the interests of adults who don't tend to know much of anime other than Yu-Gi-Oh! And Digimon (both of which I think the original series should be part of the list). Code Geass while it does have some dark expects plays it a bit safer and brings out a more kid friendly genre such as fantasy and action.

Deathnote is different from other animes not only because it raises quite a philosophical issues but also shows the development of a character which is pretty hard to find in the animated series.
In addition to that the whole battle of L/light is fascinating to watch making it not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. Most of my friends who have never watched anime were so captured by the first two episodes that they could not stop, I am certain that DN deserve higher place.

A lot of things about this anime is food for thought. For example, Light is so amazingly well adjusted, hard-working, intelligent, handsome, popular, the kind of guy who has a lot of stuff going on and still takes time to help his sister with her homework.

That's what so scary, that someone like him does something like that and that it is logical for him to. And the anime is filled with things like that, subtle statements that go back to the major themes and conflicts. The plot, despite it's flaws, is masterfully written.

WARNING! MAJOR SPOILERS AT THE END OF THIS COMMENT! The plot is fantastic. The concept is simple, but the complexity comes from Light's ways of not getting caught. Their are several points in the series where you will drop your jaw at just how brilliantly Light used the rules of the journal to his advantage. The series is kind of a supernatural take on shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad, in that they feature morally-gray protagonists who commit heinous acts in the hopes of benefiting themselves or others. The characters are all very memorable, and fantastically written. While Light is certainly an unlikable character, any person could probably see understand his motives. L acts a perfect foil to Light. They're both extremely mentally capable individuals, but L believes in the justice system, while Light thinks it's corrupt. If there's one thing I don't like about this show, it's two things: 1. The Yotsuba Arc, and 2. the ending. The Yotsuba arc kinda needed to happen in order for the ...more

What's so unique about this anime? Well, it's really simple and yet powerful. With just a single notebook and a couple of pens, a highschool student sets off on a journey entailing corruption, absolute justice and world domination. It's very simple and complex at the same time with so much depth for each character. No dragging out, no fillers, it's storytelling at its best. Each of the 37 episodes of this anime has managed to kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Now when I watch anime, I compare them to Death Note. Not only is the main character an anti-hero, you see his progression into becoming an anti-hero that you often hate. Then when you recall what he was like before being in possession of the notebook, you long for the merciless killer that put countless criminals to their deaths.

No anime can be perfect, but this comes the closest. Great character development, realistic story, an engaging battle of wits, and a gripping series of events from start to finish.

The most epic series I have ever seen. The battle is so intense. You always want to know what happens next. Intellectual level is very high. The experience is unforgettable. The basic idea of the series might not be the best, but the evolution of the actions is great. If you like detective stuff, crimes and a battle between two super smart guys. THIS IS YOUR SHOW.

I was never really into anime ever, but I stumbled across this anime called Death Note, and let me tell you. This was the first time I ever felt so infused into a story that I just couldn't stop watching. This is the best anime ever made still to this day. Light Yagami is the craziest dude in the world, and who can't love Misa Misa... This anime is legendary! Thumbs up and vote for the best and most insane story line between good and evil EVER!

This is probably an anime you'll never forget and you can't miss the chance to watch it. The ending will get you by surprise and you'll get goosebumps every time you watch it just waiting to see what happens next. In my opinion it deserves a higher position because it's well thought out and definitely worth your time to watch. I would suggest it to anyone who likes adventure, thriller, action, or just plain anime. Trust me, you won't be sorry for watching it.

Probably the first amine I've watched properly and I absolutely loved it... L was my favourite and I finished the show in just 2 nights because it was so good I couldn't stop watching it, it's an absolutely fantastic anime, I would recommend it for everyone, especially if your into the whole genius minds and an fight, hard to explain but the war between Light and L was truly epic, only they knew the truth about each other, I can't explain the awesomeness, and also if you like strange funny creatures, then you'll enjoy Ryuk the shinigami, who owns the deathnote, a book that has the power to kill in an instance, I think a lot of people will enjoy it

This anime sticks to you, trust me. It's by far, the best that I have ever seen. It's a psychological joyride, very thrilling. And yes, I agree, every episode is epic. The ending made me feel like I also lost someone important. By the way, I'm always at Light-kun's side no matter what his choices are. He is a genius! Death Note should be at first place!

This was in my honest opinion my favorite anime of all time, but I really hated the ending, I wished that light would of won and created his new world, I've been asking people if they would of liked to have seen light win and most agree and also hated the ending, maybe some day I will acquire a large fortune and buy the rights to Death note so I can change that terrible ending that many believe to be the worst in anime history, I will one day change that ending for my GOD KIRA!