Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. It made anime popular in America and is based on the manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama. It was dubbed in English on Cartoon Networks Toonami block and still has many fans today.


This was my favourite anime of all time! It was funny, had a fair amount of action, dramatic and was one of those shows that you could really sink into. I liked it better than Z & GT in many ways honestly. This one had more humor, was more focused all the characters and not just the most powerful ones. As well, this one was way more in proportion. in dragon ball, you can see the power of the characters changing based off of not what they can do to their opponents, but to their environment and themselves as well. For example, in dragon ball, flying, the strength of ki attacks, the speed of the characters and etc. , whereas in dragon ball, after the super saiyan level is introduced you can only easily see the difference of their power from the amount of and variation in damage they inflict on other characters, because by then whatever their new power is ends up usually being just a surge in strength and maybe a new formation of a specific kind of ability, and they are already powerful ...more

Here's something need to understand: DRAGON BALL IS ONE SERIES. The manga ran for 42 volumes, 520 chapters in total. The "Z" portion that people adore so much is only a piece of a full story. Whether or not you like that portion of the story better, it cannot be argued that the anime adaptation of the first part is FAR superior. Better plotlines, pacing, development, and FILLER! Yes, filler. You can list off all the filler in Z, but try and make one for this anime. Seriously, try it.

No matter how much people criticize Dragon Ball for it's old graphics, confusing story lines and overall craziness, you can't beat it, there's just something about it that lets people ignore those details. For one, behind maybe Dragon ball Z, it's one the most nostalgic anime that has ever existed, if not the very most. As well characters were pit into proportion, and you could see the characters' power increase overtime, unlike Z where they can just blow up planets with their fingers. It's probably how most kids born from the 80's-90's remember anime from when they were children, and on a side note, that is how I remember anime, and I was born in 2000. And am I the only one who misses Launch and Kami after they left the series, besides cameos? Dragon ball is the rock on which Dragon ball Z was built, the anvil on which the Z sword was hammered, the runway on which DBZ airlines landed their plane. It's the king because nobody can, or wants to let go of it.

I loved Dragon Ball so much more than DBZ because it showed Goku growing and it showed his past. How Goku accidentally killed his grandfather and loves the four star ball because it is all he has left from his grandfather. He is SO naive and is so hilarious throughout the show, and I love it

Dragonball: Magic and wonder of adventures in early childhood.

Dragonball Z: Love of violence and bloodshed in my teens

Dragonball GT: Constant streams of bull in adult life.

The ENTIRE Dragonball franchise is the best, not just one of the branches. But if I had to pick one that would have to be Dragonball, it's the original and has many better aspects then is sequel.

The original Dragon Ball is better than Dragon Ball Z in my opinion. Although I still very much enjoy DBZ, the original had a much richer story that appealed to me more so that DBZ. The fights in DB were just as entertaining as the fights in DBZ, however that had a sense of uncertainty to them as they could (and often times did) go in an unexpected way. The humor in DB was another reason I enjoyed it more that DBZ. It was featured a lot more and helped to develop characters (e.g. Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi etc.) and it also helped the story flow more smoothly. Don't get me wrong, I still love both series, it's just that DB slightly edges it. DBZ did a lot of things right, and I personally enjoyed the fact that my favourite characters got stronger and developed more. But the linear format of ' characters fight the big baddie, baddie easily defeats them, Goku comes out of the woodwork and starts to fight the baddie, they are both at the same level, Goku finds a way to become stronger ( ...more

Another one for my childhood memories. I loved this anime when I was a child and I've got to say it was a very good. I really enjoyed the fight scenes, and this was the godfather of all animes so it had to have a spot on my top 10. - LeavesFromTheVine

I never laughed as much as I did with Goku and company when they were kids, adventures were so funny then... And I never loved a character more than I did kid Goku, he was just from another planet... Even before we actually knew it.

I loved watching Goku keep training and wanting to become more powerful. Goku is such a pure-hearted and naive kid which made the show so amazing.

Dragon Ball is such an under looked anime. The humor is so rich and the characters have so much charm. Can't believe people skip this and go right to Z; they don't know what they're missing.

Magic, adventure, the artwork, the music, all of these combined made the frwatest anime that we call Dragon Ball. by the way DB and DBZ should be together because in Japan DBZ is just called Dragon Ball in America they split them up because it would have to too long. Master Roshi is the funniest anime character of all time and he's strong. The beauty of martial arts was captured by this show and mixed along with adolescent innocence. DRAGON BALL FOREVER!

Dragon ball is the funniest anime ever. In dbz and dbgt there powers have no limit but in the original series the characters are much more balanced. The battles are not full of beam and threats to destroy the planet. If you do not believe me watch the first 2 episodes of dragonball

Are you mad DBZ is the best anime ever seen! I will kill every DBZ haters.

You do know it's kind of rude to make death threats for things like that, right? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Dragon Ball should be in the top ten list because it is more humorous, unlike other animes which just focus on battles.

It was the best show of its time and it is ranked at correct position.

Its really good fun and interesting his training is intense and evil is always coming so he can fight there's lots of action and exploring

This has go to be my favorite cause I watched it since I was a kid and the action is incredible

Man really miss those good old days when I used to watch Dragon Ball.

I like the final saga where Goku and chi chi go on adventures to save the Ox King and the wedding dress from the castle on fire mountain which is on fire and getting burned down from a volcano. And then Goku and Chi Chi save the day and get married.
Dragon ball is so wonderful I am gonna cry =::

Dragon ball has a ton of humor in it and has more balanced fights rather than constant super saiyan

It should be in the top 10 no offense just watch it and then tell me why shouldn't it be on the top 10 list

The original. I love the entire series, but this is where it all started and that's worth my vote

This is what really made anime what anime is this was what made it really popular

I grew up on this show. It is great and full of action!

Way better than z or gt. powers are cool and amazing yet weirdly believable unlike the ridiculousness of z and gt. I do like z, especially the games like battle of z and tenkaichi 3, but the original dragon ball is much more entertaining.