Elfen Lied

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Elfen Lied is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005, with the 107 chapters collected into twelve tankĊbon volumes.


Its funny because I never was into dark kinda manga and anime until watching future diary and this but now I'm obsessed with these kinds of anime and manga the ones where your if your like me you scream at the screen saying what what just happened, or no that can't be why would what. you know that kind of "i don't know what just happened" kinda looks and I just can't say anything bad about this anime it's got the story and got the gruesome fight scenes and the heads flying off and body parts flying everywhere and at the end it almost made me cry almost I m a guy I don't cry for very much I didn't even cry for my dog dying or my gran father dying so you get where I'm going. to me it's got to be in the top 15 at least.
I don't know about it beating Naruto but maybe black butler

This anime is amazing. It's interesting, heart-wrenching and had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I didn't *love* all the violence and nudity, and I can see why this isn't more popular (people are afraid to watch something so graphic), but the story is one that had me thinking about so many taboos people don't talk about in real life, like abuse, discrimination and bullying. Overall it's a beautiful anime that had me crying more often than not. I wish that more anime could be as touching as this one.

This list is depressing! Not to say DBZ or Naruto are bad, but in terms of complexity, character development, or story depth, they don't come close to the top. I'm giving my vote to Elfen Lied because it's one of a few animes that really got me in the feels and (almost) made me tear up at the end. A very good, although very adult, anime that should be watched from beginning to end to fully appreciate.

Despite this anime didn't air on my country (Indonesia) I start to like this anime, since I first know this anime from the character, Lucy, in villains wiki, but not only that, the story made my imagination rose, if this anime aired in Indonesia, I would be elated to see that anime, despite its mature content, I'm not forgetting the character Lucy & Kouta, it's still stuck in my imagination, and also the best story, despite this anime is lost to Dragonball and Naruto and short episodes, if you want the show better, air it on Nickelodeon laugh out loud =D!

Best anime I've ever watched absolutely amazing story, It's so deep and interesting. I love the way it is I felt like I could feel what they felt. I wish there was less nudity, but the story makes up for that. When I finished all the episodes I was sad and depressed for weeks not because the anime was sad but because it ended. It should be higher up on the list, way higher at least in the top 15.

I was just looking around for a show to watch when I stumbled across this beautiful show. The blood and gore shocked me at first but I grew use to it and fell in love with this unforgettable story line. Great animations and a kick-ass, powerful theme song. The ending can truly bring tears to anyone's eyes.

Simply the best anime ever, there are some really good animes out there but I never wanted a second season as much as I want for elfen lied. I see this every couple of months and the story and all the emotions on it are just so perfect that I don't really think anything will ever be even as good as it

It would be great if they made a second season of this, best anime I've seen so far... Anime like Naruto and Bleach are too far up this list, they have a lot of poor quality since they take you so long to watch a simple story.. Elfen Lied told you a new episode every episode, as it should be...

No other anime like it. Weird beginning but if you get through 2-3 episodes it becomes the best anime ever. Shows a harsh reality that love can't conquer all and other sad subplots that will make you cry your eyes out. Stick with it and you won't be disappointed.

Certainly one of the most beautiful soundtracks consisting of variations of one piece of music - Lilium. Also the final episode is the most emotionally devastating ending I have seen. Overall the anime has a strange beauty that is unmatched in anime.

Very short anime, but this is the best one out there. It's worth every second, and has a perfect combination of gore and emotions. This one will stay with you for the rest of your life. It's not suitable for children by the way... - NightAntilli

This is my all time favourite anime! It's dark, gory and has a fantastic storyline that gets so deep you'll find yourself getting emotional! This anime has everything and an amazing ending! With the few strong characters they have they mange to keep the story exciting hanging on your seat wanting to know more! Defiantly should be higher! Just because it's R rated and gory should mean it's lower in the ranking!

One of the best and most unique story line there is, It's not much on action, but damn the story is way amazing. Very touching that it made me wanna cry on the end. Been looking for a similar anime to this. Sadly though. I couldn't, this is one of those one of a kind anime.

Oh my elfin Lied where to start, this anime made me cry with sadness and joy, gave me nightmares, almost made me throw up, made me love and hate myself and the world ALL IN 13 episodes. Yes 13 episodes, this anime has changed me on so many levels.

For those who don't get the ending and even think it's a cliffhanger : No it isn't. Lucy died while fighting and in the very end, when the music box started playing, Lucy's ghost was standing outside the house and the dog started barking ( animals can see ghosts).

Where do I begin with this show... ELFEN LIED is the best show ever. From the characters to the compelling storyline to the action to the hilarious parts. Everything about this show is UNFORGETTABLE!

This was one of the best anime I have seen. It is just awesome, much blood, but not to much. It is nice how you can see a character grow. I liked lucy more and more when the story goes on. This is the first anime where I actually cryed. This anime has not much episodes, but I was long enough.

This is a really heart catching anime which I shall never forget

I'm a person who isn't really disturbed my many things. So a friend of mine told me to watch this, so I did. It's one of the best anime shows I've ever seen! All the blood and gore and the drama. It's like a drama and a horror show without the horror.

Grab a box of tissues! This series is very emotional... And will grab your attention at almost every word! Action, romance, mystery, all rolled into one! Complete with entrancing music, this anime is not one to miss.

Very very nice story In my opinion my favorite anime it is very dark and creepy the first time you watch it through but as you re watch it all the little story plot points become more clear and every in makes sense over all amazing

Gotta love the storyline, it's extremely emotional and deep. I'll probably never forget this dramatic story, some parts were very sad and some very happy. I have yet to find another anime which could make me get as emotional.

Elfen Lied doesn't need action to be a good anime. It focuses on peoples emotion more than anything else and it makes you feel sad, happy, angry and sorry. Simply a great anime.

This anime might be hard to watch at times but it's totally worth it! The story actually has a lot of meaning to it and the opening theme is absolutely beautiful 10/10 definitely recommended

This anime has blood, gore, the ripping off of the limbs, sadness, and happy pink haired girls! But seriously, it's a great anime. Watch it, but be careful if you get grossed out by blood, gore, and the ripping off of the limbs.

Best music to go with the storyline, best storyline in general, very emotional outside of the gore and nudity in the show. The show is very deep and detailed and the characters are fantastic.