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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an anime series adapted from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga by Hiromu Arakawa.


The first Fullmetal Alchemist was great, and will always hold a special place in my heart. But to compare how great the original was as opposed to Brotherhood, is like comparing Tim Burton's Batman to The Dark Knight, in the sense that both are great, but one still far surpassed the other.

Let me just start by saying after I finished FMAB I cried, not because the ending was sad, but because I was sad that it was over. This anime has everything that a good anime needs, epic action, beautiful animation, an exceptionally gripping plot, and some of the best voice acting that I have ever seen in an anime (dub especially).

The plot is about two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who lose their mother to an incurable disease and attempt to bring her back to life using alchemy. They fail at bringing her back, and in the process Ed loses his leg and Al loses his entire body, so Ed uses alchemy and sacrifices his arm to bond Al's soul to a suit of Armor. It's this event that sets the ...more

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood should be at the top! This is one of the best anime I have ever watched in my life! This anime has action, suspense and so much emotion behind it, that you just fall in love with it. This anime shown me if you fall, just stand up and fight again! This anime is literally my motto! And you just fall in love with the characters! Some are hot-headed, kind, funny, scary, super adorable, mean, evil, womanizers, housewives, alchemists, brave, strong, emotional, and so on! The characters are different in their own unique way, and I love that each character is never the same! Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood also has an amazing plot and follows the manga. This anime can make you laugh and cry. The fights, battles, and wars that are fought in this anime can make you hold your breath or jump for joy. And I love that! The villains in this anime are also very unique, not gonna lie! This anime doesn't just have one villain though. This anime involves a want-a-be ...more

How on EARTH is FMAB NOT number 1? This is the greatest anime I have ever seen, and it has totally changed my life. The plot is genuine, shocking, exciting, heart-felt, and beautiful. The characters are so well-developed that I feel I am actually alongside Edward in all his endeavours, and this is one anime that takes you on a journey of justice you will never forget. This is the REAL Fullmetal Alchemist! WAY better than the "original" series, since it actually stays true to the manga. I have seen all the other anime on this list, and though most of the others are fantastic, this is still by far my favourite! VOTE EDWARD ELRIC!

Surprised it's not higher up on this list! I felt like this anime took all the usual elements found in a good shounen anime/manga and made it ten times better. The entire philosophy behind equivalent exchange and alchemy was unique and engaging (while also having super cool powers and fights).

It also touched on some pretty heavy topics, the main one being war and the repercussions of it and also the finality of death and acceptance of it. I also loved the political aspects as well, because while FMA is set in a fantasy world, the mechanics and hierarchy of the military made it feel grounded in reality.

Each character within the universe of FMA were unique and believable and the motivations behind each character's movement was so well thought-out that it made it easy to sympathize will all of the characters, no matter "good" or "bad". Also nobody was super OPed for no reason very much holds true to the theme of equivalent exchange and that everything has a ...more

For me this anime is very straight forward and on point. There is NEVER a dull moment in this anime it is very original funny and action filled. It delivers the perfect amount of of funny, seriousness, sadness, action and story but when I say perfect I mean perfect. This anime is very balanced and always leaves you with a feeling for more. The anime is flawless it really can't get better than this. My number one anime of all time love the characters the story and it's on of those anime that once finished doesn't leave you hollow but just crave for more. I loved this anime in every way a masterpiece. NUMBER ONE.

Absolutely the most epic and enthralling anime ever. It's more awesome than Bleach and Bleach is awesome. If you think about it FMA is a perfect circle of anime just as it is a perfect circle of alchemy. The characters wind up more or less back where they started but with all the experience and knowledge of their travails and you realize that wherever you go there you are- except you have that much more on your side. It teaches you that perfection is impossible and don't waste your effort trying to reach something that cannot be reached HOWEVER becoming a better person is not a bad thing and it is possible to become more perfect than you are already. Out of 10 stars it got 11, even though I would have had Mustang kiss Hawkeye and the Elrich's would have been going off together instead of by themselves in different directions cause that would have been more in keeping with the mythos.

My absolute favorite. Every character serves a purpose and is well-developed, everything is properly paced, the dub is near perfect, the fights are interesting, it cuts out all filler, it's animated beautifully, the villains are all sympathetic to a degree, and the emotional moments hit the exact marks they're supposed to. No scene lingers on too long, the humor is hilarious, it's just great! While there's no such thing as perfection, this is as close as you can get.

I just love this anime to pieces!

This is maybe one of the rare times when I actually like every single character! From the heroes to the villains! Even the characters who were introduces for one episode they left an impact on you.

The music is fantastic. From the openings to the endings, from the action scenes to the emotional scenes.

The animation really shines! But the animation is even better when there are battle scenes. They are choreographed really well.

The story is engaging from beginning to end. And the ending is brilliant!

I love this anime so much! I can't recommend it enough!

FMA:Brotherhood should be at least fourth place, really. This Anime is simply stunning and perfect and I honestly didn't know what to do after I finished it. I still can't get enough of it. The comedy is hilarious, the characters real and unique, the drawing style is realistic (which is very important to me, I just can't watch Code Geass because I think it's drawing style is awful, although everybody says it's great), the storyline is fantastic and everything makes sense (like, everything that is Happening is true to the rules of the alchemistic universe)

Of course all the others on here are great, too but I think it should at least be placed above FMA 2003, because when the first one was produced they were just making stuff up and as I heard from others (yes, I never watched it myself, sorry) these selfmade plot twists don't really make any sense. So, I would recommend everyone to watch this one instead of the 2003 one. (Additionally, the drawing style is much better)

A perfect anime, almost flawless. Great animation, fantastic story telling, amazing characters and character development, bad ass fighting scenes, the best Eng dub of all time and an ending that doesn't fail to impress. There is never a dull moment and all the characters are interesting to the point where I cared about them. Its made me laugh, cry and tense its that emotional. The original was great and I still recommend to watch it but in my opinion the reboot surpasses it in every single way. 10/10 a must see for all anime fans.

Brotherhood has a wonderfully complex plot, inspiring characters, and a world you can just fall into.

It deals with all of these dark, heavy subjects like war and grief and vengeance while still balancing them beautifully with the warmth of human relationships and lighthearted humor.

My favorite aspect of the show is how it's two main characters refuse to be corrupted by the tragedy surrounding them, and how they inspire strength of character in other people, pushing them to be the best version of themselves.

"You've got two good legs! So get up and use them! "

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is by far the best anime I ever have/will watch. It follows the manga much more closely than the original and will lays be my favorite manga and anime. The original Fullmetal Alchemist anime could never do that in a million years. This anime deserves to be number 1 on on every chart there is and anyone who has not seen this yet must or their life will never be complete. That is the true power of this anime.

I don't get why this isn't number one, this is quite possibly the best anime of all time. It has great characters, intimidating antagonists, well thought out story and (unlike the original) an amazing ending. You get Ed and Al's brotherly bond and sometimes they even have fights, sometimes planting seeds of doubt. We even get a few unexpected plot twists regarding Greed, like when he died, came back as Ling, switched sides and nearly sacrificed himself for Ling having the setup for an emotional moment.

Personally, I like this version more since it follows the manga, which I am in the middle of reading. It's not that the original version wasn't better in fact, it was actually one of favorites when my cousins showed it to me in 2009. I'm nitpicky about anime that does have a fantastic manga to follow though, so I prefer this more for people who want to understand the story better. If the manga is already fantastic there's nothing you should change about it when making an anime, especially if it has a dedicated fan base. It's like telling an amateur author to rewrite a Shakespearean play so that it is better than the original.

Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood is a truly amazing anime with wonderful characters, plot, and soundtrack. It's the story of two close brothers setting out on a journey to regain what they've lost committing a taboo. The characters are so amazing and made me cry every time one died, even the villains were so well made that I cried at a few deaths. The story and adventures they shared were incredible to witness, and every episode was meaningful. The ending was the best to ask for, and left me crying for 2 hours both tears of joy (Because it was the ending they all deserved), and sadness(Because it was over). I'd recommend this anime to anyone.

I used to think Naruto was the greatest anime of all time, but then I watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. There's really no other way I can put this than to say it's the real deal. This anime has EVERYTHING you could ask for. The battles are epic (especially towards the end), the animation is gorgeous, the story is emotional, the characters are well-developed, it doesn't really on cheap story devices, and there's no filler (unlike Naruto).

If you haven't seen FMAB and you're reading this list stop what you're doing immediately and watch it. Don't confuse with with the original series... you must watch Brotherhood.

You can thank me later.

It's amazing I'm very picky about anime, and I lose interest quickly, but this anime held me captivated. The characters are all likeable and have beautiful character development, and the plot is so intense. The openings and endings are the coolest songs ever, and the relationships are amazing. The Alchemy is so beautiful, and the world and art, and the humour too. There's a lot of humour that actually managed to make me laugh. Mostly, ROY MUSTANG

This is probably the best anime to ever exist. Never before have I seen such an engaging plot with such fleshed out characters, in any medium of entertainment. Everything I have seen before has at least some pointless episodes, or chapters, or characters, which don't contribute anything to the plot or main character's development. This anime has almost no filler whatsoever, everything contributes to the plot, even side stories end up getting tied in somehow. The plot has many interestomg plot twists that would never be able to be predicted, and one of the best endings in the history of anime. This needs to break the top 3 at least.

Compared to all the Animes above this surpasses them by a landslide. It has absolutely no fillers compared to the anime above which are about 10%+ fillers. The mechanics and Scientology is impeccable. Everything makes sense and there is almost nothing you need to think if you have watched the whole anime as it revealed throughout it. If you do not believe me watch it and then say what you want about this anime.

This anime is incredible. Almost all people who have seen both Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood will agree that Brotherhood is better. This is the very first anime I have watched and it is still the best in my opinion. It brings out your emotions. I cried for Nina, laughed at Ed's short rants and went into fangirl mode for Roy and Riza. This anime follows the manga, though, and is better developed with a good ending (much different from the original). If you haven't watched this, please. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and watch it. - RizaLovato

SERIOUSLY! If you haven't watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, go watch it NOW!
FMAB is just so epic I have no idea where to start! Graphics are awesome! Battles are epic and the story plot BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL! But the characters... The character arcs are simply AWESOME! Unlike most stories that have just two sides, good and evil FMAB has those ULTIMATE evil people who are the main threat to humans but then the humans are at war with each other and it's just so awesome! And then you soon find out that "Hey maybe some of the bad guys aren't that bad at all! " and then you start feeling sorry for them and then you start hating then and it's just... TOO MANY EMOTIONS! Seriously I laughed tons in the FMAB series and I was seriously sad in some of the bits. If you want those mixed feelings when watching an anime I highly recommend Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
You can watch the original series Fullmetal Alchemist before you watch Brotherhood but Brotherhood is THE ...more

I'll have you know I watched Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood and only cried for 20 hours. No but seriously this is hands down my favorite anime, I LOVE the characters and their development through out the story, the mysteries that we are given that keep us on the edge of our seat! The ending was so satisfying (well so was the whole story) it was a perfect mix of comedy, mystery, action, adventure, and sadness! 10/10

Perfect in every possible. It has a perfect balance of a serious plot, with just enough humorous elements that they're welcome and complement the plot well. The cast is filled with variety, and they're actions seem realistic in the way they interact. Even when some characters with completely different philosophies such as the Elrics ans scar must work together they pull through, even if they won't forgive each other. The animation is superb as well. Try and watch this series and find a fault, and you will surely fail

Idiots if you haven't seen this. Oh my this is the REAL fullmetal alchemist it's based off the manga the story was way more progressed I found myself watching ever episode absolutely flawless an if you say the regular version is better you are truly an anime idiot this version explains the story so much better pure and utter masterpiece by the way not bashing the original just pointing out this is the better version

Now THIS is a real anime. Not some plotless show made only to satisfy either a bunch of pairings or overpowered-ness. Follows the manga almost perfectly, has characters that are actually developed, plot twists that you'd never have expected, not to mention the plot itself is amazing in every right. The only anime out there that will make you laugh, cry, and want to throw something at the screen all in one episode.