Future Diary

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No words to express the epicness of this show - its like a survival game, who win will become the new god of time and space, each one receives diaries which can predict the future in different ways... And each players backstory is great, its pretty much like death note - in fact is the anime you are looking for if you are trying to watch something like death note... 1000000000 out of 10

This is my favourite anime... Ever...

By episode 3 you'll have your eyes glued to the screen whilst slipping off the edge of your seat. Great suspense! Like, I couldn't even guess what was to happen next. You've got to love Yuno. The BEST yandere ever. Not to mention, the other characters are brilliant too, with characters I didn't think much of to begin with became really interesting after their own personal backstories or motives were discovered. Adds a whole lot of depth to the series. By the way, the climax skyrockets! No joke, there is no point in even trying to guess the ending because it is unpredictable! Overall, I can't think of any downsides to future diary altho my friend says there's quite a bit of plot holes (it's his gave anime too though! ) but to be honest I can't really think of any big ones and the tiny ones don't bother me. If you are interested in the theme of 'time' and mystery, this will be a must watch. In my opinion, Future Diary a rollercoaster that is ...more

I'm gonna level with you guys here, I started watching this anime thinking it was kind of stupid. Looking back on it, yeah it is a little dumb from time to time, but the amount of heart poured into this show and the believable characters really took me by surprise. I always use to think anime was just cartoons for man-children, but this was the show that really turned my previous opinion on its head. Hell, I cried at the ending of this show. I can't recommend this show enough to people willing to give anime a shot.

This deserves higher. I just finished watching it and I have to say it blew me away. Never have I ever seen such original work. Sure some may say it's just another run-of-the-mill Hunger Games ripoff, but believe me, it is so much more.
Future Diary is about Yukiteru Amano, a 14 year old loner who has only imaginary friends called Deus Ex Machina, God of space and time, and Murmur, his assistant. But these friend turn out to be not so imaginary, and give Yuki's phone the ability to predict the future. From there Yuki learns that he is not alone and he has been thrown into a survival game with 12 future diary holders, where the award for victory is the throne of God.
From there he teams up with an obsessive, insane, stalker by the name of Yuno Gasai, who helps him along the way. And once he teams up with her, it's a heck of a ride, with an ever twisting plot, likable characters, and a beautiful love story.
Be warned though, Future Diary is for mature audiences ONLY due to it's ...more

This should be number 1. This show took risks. Some haters may say this was the shows downfall but if you ask me and the other fans of this show it made this anime so much better than it already was in the first few episodes. Also the amount of crazy that happened in this show compared to shows that are higher on this list like death note was far superior. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 10/10 great show

My history with anime runs almost too deep to fathom, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this anime on YouTube. It pulled me in from the first episode and kept me glued to my tablet screen through all 26 episodes in a two-day period. Fantastic story line, unforgettable characters and twists that will keep you awake at night. Mirai Nikki goes to the very top of my seemingly neverending list.

If you are reading this then listen to these wise words. If you get the opportunity to watch an anime called "Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)", take it and love it because this is literally the best made, written and animated anime you will ever see. I wish this masterpiece could be higher but it appears we have 10 year olds voting -_-. But seriously watch and you will see why this is amazing.

My favorite anime so far. One reason is because it's not easy to make a good anime including nearly all (or many) genres and mixtures between Horror/Psycho/Romance/Action. It was extremly exciting to watch the series and the idea of using an ability or a gift from god himself as a weapon against others who are capable of their own special so-called future diaries which are able to predict the future in a unique way.. is in other words incredible. It's worth watching it.

I have watched this anime when I was younger, and it is now become a part of me. Yuno is my favourite anime character. It is unpredictable, unless you have read spoilers. (which I am fine with for some fandoms, but not this one) laugh out loud I finished this anime when my age was well below the age rating. I loved it then, too. There are some flaws, but who cares?

I feel sick how low this show is on this list! From the sick fake love dynamic going both ways as Yuki and Yuno mutually use one another (that eventually becomes real love, or does it? ), to the various powers of the diaries and how their (mostly insane) users exploit them in their bids for Godhood (or just desperate survival, not everyone wants to win! ), to the alliances that form and break up, to that sick twist towards the end! This anime blew me away and everyone needs to at least give this anime a chance. The main character (Yukitero) is a massive wimp at the start, which can be infurirating. However, this is half the point of his broken relationship with Yuno and he eventually grows a spine.

Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) is simply amazing, it's not my favorite anime but it's in my personal top 10! The plot is well written and the characters are lovely especially Yuno, she is insane and twisted making her different then most characters in anime. Also the way Yuki progresses within episodes is awesome and stunning. This anime should be higher on the list...

This is an absolutely gorgeous work of art. It makes me happy to be alive in a world where people are so creative and able to create something that is horrible, beautiful, disturbing, melancholy, and heart wrenching all at the same time. Beautiful artwork and fine fine storytelling I can wait to watch the whole series again.

AMAZING anime.. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I love the action and the romance. They could have never picked any better characters for this anime.. Yuno has to be the most unique girls of all time! Everyone's role in this anime was phenomenal. This one deserves to be in a higher rank.

It's sad cause a lot of people hate it because they think it's only popular because of Yuno, but a lot of people don't even know where Yuno is actually from.

I have no words to express my love for this anime, the ending of what is shown in most of the dubbed seasons isn't one of the bests, the real ending made me cry if you have never watched this give it a chance, watch 2-3 episodes then decide if you like it or not.

Future diary is an amazing anime. It's plot is intricate, with both plot twists and suspense, and it is really great! If you haven't already seen this, you should probably see this, as it is sad, funny, happy, exciting, and overall, amazing!

I LOVED FUTURE DIARY SO MUCH AAH The combination of romance and violence made me wants to watch more and more I found myself watching these episodes all day. It was amazing!

The best of the latest animes I've ever watched... You should try it too

It's another anime which has great plot like death note you can't predict what's going to happen & keeps you guessing guys I recommend you must watch it

Honestly and to be far I've watched a lot of animes.. But this anime should prolly be number in my opinion. This is the best one ever. The story of this manga is so great and could suck you in and even after it's over it still has that long lasting effect of "is it over? Is it really over? " I personally recommend this to anyone cause it has everything in it

The best survival game anime out there. Looks etchy at first sight, but watch just a couple of episodes and experience a roller coaster ride full of action, fare share of gore, strategies, alliances, and the most important thing this anime is totally unpredictable from minute to minute. Ranks second to death note in my list of favorite anime

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) is the very best anime I've ever seen and it probably will stay the best! The story is awesome, it deserves to be higher up on the list, definitely!

Honestly, I'm way too picky on which anime I like and which anime I'll even watch. And yet Future Diary is my favorite anime. Why? becase of it's amazing characters, well done plot twists with the fact that it is unpredictable a lot of the time, and it sets the mood of scenes very well. From the reviews, I can tell I'm not the only one who cried a lot at the end. Future Diary is a roller coaster of events and emotions that will always be one of my favorites, and one that I'd highly recommend.

This is the best for me. The twists (take note of the "s") are amazing. Though some say, that the ending is not so good like "what now? ", I think it justifies everything and it's the best ending if you think of it thoroughly. Plus, I like the fact that it's open-ended, it gives us the 'you decide' feeling.
The character development of the protagonist are also something to look up to.

It's been years since I watched it but, it remains in my system. It's definitely something worth suggesting.

This anime deserves to be not less than #10, that's because of the plot and the characters, I've never seen any anime that connects the characters in an amazing way such as this!