Gin Tama


Why is this in the hundredths? Are you kidding me? Most people don't give this anime a chance because they dismiss it as some silly, vulgar Japanese comedy anime. And that just makes me want to pull my hair out. Gintama IS comedy, and sure it can be crude at times, but it's raw and real. The characters are unlike any other you'll remember all of them by name and by heart. They are so unique and wonderfully written and surpass the typical anime traits, and their hearts and bonds with the other characters have made me cry more than once.

Yes. Gintama has made me cry, it has made me laugh, and it has left me yelling at the screen in frustration, sometimes all in one episode! Gintama's action is hardcore, bloody, beautifully animated and devastating. Don't believe me? Search up "Gintoki vs. Jirocho" on YouTube, and watch the minute long video. Then tell me if you still think Gintama is some silly little samurai comedy.

For the avid anime fans, this is especially for you. ...more

Gintama tells the quest of Gintoki Sakata to become the King of Samurai. Oops, wrong anime. Anyways, Gin Tama is anime you'll definitely love. It never gets boring. With a pseudo-historical, sci-fi setting, samurai premise and an episodic plot filled with random elements of supernatural, mystery, mecha, fantasy and adventure, Gin Tama never fails to bring the laughter with its dirty jokes, character quirkiness and parodies of other anime, Japanese culture and sometimes, Western culture and Star Wars. Some story arcs are even seasoned with drama that can bring you to tears. But don't worry, every arc has a good ending (that can also make you cry).

Plus, the opening and ending theme songs are "hair-raisingly" awesome.

Gintama is one of the best anime I've ever watched, along side with some others. (It should be in around 50-ish at least). It's constant breaking of the fourth wall, comedy, parodies and many more parts to it is what makes it pretty unique and stand-out. While the first 30-ish episode were... I'll agree, slow-paced, it is definitely an overall good series. When Gintama goes serious, it's action, heart-warming, sad moments and plot lines (it's very slow but lot's of things foreshadows each other it's actually amazing! ) can beat many of the other anime I've watched. The characters are pretty damn awesome, they're all trolls and so weird and most of them have good character developments and as the series goes on, you really see what defines the characters they are today and out of the big amounts of characters there are, I only dislike 2 just a bit. The good things is that a character doesn't just get used once and that's it, it appears in other occasions too. It's mainly episodic but ...more

In Japan... Gin Tama is in the top ten best selling... It's not famous because its not licensed outside of Japan, but if it was... I could see this being top ten material. Extremely funny, great anime and manga. I'm glad I found it.

Seriously people. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS? How can a show like Gintama be at a lowly 110? This show undoubtedly has the best comedy of all, besides intense action, brilliantly developed characters, amazing voice-acting and some damn good inspirational dialogues. I have no clue how it's not at least in the Top 5. And I have no idea how DBZ even makes it to the Top 10. - GinSan

Gintama is easily in my top three list. It's hilarious and will give you a great laugh however towards specific arcs and towards the ending it gets serious, and honestly that's what makes it an amazing anime. It's unique and the suspense/ action aspect of the show is wonderful. Honestly I never got bored watching Gintama and you can't even tell when you're watching a filler episode. Definitely a must watch if you haven't seen it already.

I am surprised that no one mentioned Gintama yet.. Gintama is the only modern anime that I've watched due to the fact that being episodic, every episodes being very funny at the same time it has many story arcs that really built up all the characters in the anime.. Gintoki to me is one of the most likeable 'samurai' that ever been in anime for all time.. He doesn't take life seriously most of the time, but at the time that he need to take it seriously, he will.. And in the most elegant way one can imagine..

If I could only live with one anime to watch, it would be Gintama. Gintama is not only the funniest anime of all time, but also the most awesome! This website's list is hilarious, anime like SAO get in the first page, shows that aren't even anime like Avatar are quite high on the list but Gintama took me 6 pages to find. This is why MAL is the website I use.

This should be way higher on the list. Honestly, this is the funniest Anime I have ever watched. It's sort of strange in comparison to others though because it is mostly "Filler" with chunks of story or "arcs" thrown in here and there. Its basically the seinfeld of Anime but with swords and guns and a neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon.

I mean really? 129! The hell!? This is Gintama people, best piece of work ever done in all of human kind history! All characters are awesome, comedy that will make you blast out of your chair (even better than family guy and stuff.. ) and the action at serious arcs gets is a top first class! A must seen one!

A unique anime that will make you roll around with laughter one minute and tearbend the next minute, filled with the most badass, crazy characters, there is never a boring moment, In the middle of this is, Sakata Gintoki, the jack of all trades, master of the sword, go with the flow, major sugar addict, who will protect the people he loves, and gives his enemies a good thrashing,

Funniest anime in the world. Before watching it, I was like this is going to be so boring, but it wasn't! It's hilarious. I wish I could forget about it just to rewatch it again.

This Anime has no plot. The main character is old, diabetic, useless and can't pay his rent. He also likes to pick his nose. Basically, it's not like any of the Anime you have ever watch. So if you haven't seen it, GO DO IT NOW!

Gintama is that thing you need in your life. Either you're dumb or smart, cool or lame.. It will make your day better at the very least. I think it does not need to be put in competition at all because Gintama is as it is. It's just different.

You don't need to use a paragraph to describe this anime just watch from the beginning to the end and you will see the THE BEST ANIME, well almost... It has its uniqueness that you can't keep your self away from watching it.

This is seriously one of the best out there and absolute best in the comedy genre. It doesn't has a great storyline by comedy animes don't necessarily need one. It has some of the best and most realistic character ever created. You can relate to each character, even the villains. It starts out slow and doesn't picks up till episode 58 (Benizakura arc). But when it does, it'll probably be the best thing you have stumbled upon. Try not to die due to laughter though. - raquiza9

For me gintama is he best anime ever... It made laugh like nothing else when I needed to smile, gintoki and everybody in this anime really saved me :')

This should be one of the best anime ever, not only because of its humour, but it's storyline is awesome with also sad moments. - Jinki

I remember an episode of Gintama, where some of the characters were fussing about how it was "One Piece 1/4." The fact of the matter, however, is that ONE PIECE IS GINTAMA 1/4.

Funnies anime I ever seen and it just so stupid how gintama lost in this polling. How can I say but this anime absolutely great thought didn't has any plot at all.

Gintama is a really good anime full of comedy and action with some romance and mysteries that faces the Odd jobs' every day life

This is what serious humor means. Don't miss it and you will like it. Just watch one episode every day and you won't have a boring day.

Come on you guys! We need to bring Gintama back to 50th again because it's not good when it's at the 100 something!

Oh come on! How can Gintama in Rank 59? Whats wrong with you all? If you haven't watch this anime, how bout go and die? I'm joking about that. But seriously this anime is the best anime I've ever watch! Its anime has action ( especially Benizakura arc and Yoshiwara arc! ) funny ( the word funny always appear on Shogun ), dirty jokes ( The yorozuya trio will make you laugh to death! ) parody ( only this anime can pull this off! ) etc...

So in my opinion this anime has got to be in the Top 10! So you gotta watch it, that's all I have to say. If you haven't watch it. Go watch it please!

This anime needs to be at LEAST in the top 20 it's one of the funniest animes of all time with great fighting and somewhat storyline