Hetalia plays a major role in my newfound love for history and current world affairs. I learned so much in just a span of 5 minutes, about random little facts and events, as well as relationships between the countries themselves. Watching Hetalia gives you a whole new perspective on the world you will literally walk away from a single episode with a new pair of eyes. Having countries personified sounds quite surreal, but you'll find that you're able to connect with them better that way. You can imagine all the fun, all the pain they've ever experienced. The heartache and the laughter will go hand in hand. You'll be appreciating little things, those little details that you've never noticed before. You may even find yourself to be a tad more patriotic than you've ever been before. And I have to admit, it's one of the greatest feelings I've ever felt. In my own personal opinion, I applaud Hidekaz Himaruya, the author of this wonderful series, for making this anime as funny and cracky as ...more

The only thing I can say about Hetalia is that it is one of the best and funniest animes I've ever watched out of all time. Honestly, not only has it taught me history like boring old teachers do, but it has taught me in a very fun way. And thanks to hetalia, my perspective of the world has completely changed. I can no longer see the world the way it's supposed to be anymore, making my learning a lot more fun. My love for world history has grown massively, thanks to hetalia. That is all.

Best comedy anime I have ever seen in my life. This anime is COMPLETELY unique, absolutely hilarious, but actually very informative as well. All the characters are lovable, and I just love how the countries' personalities are based on stereotypes from their country, for example:
Italy - Slightly weaker, great art, loves pasta
Germany - Dutiful and logical, strict
Japan - Serious, quieter and traditional
America - Loud, obnoxious, loves hamburgers, a bit chubby
England - More common sense and proper
France - Cares a lot about love and wine
Russia - Quiet, wants to conquer everything
China - Old but acts cheerful, loves pandas
This anime will always be in my top 5. ALWAYS.

It's amazing, and funny. I usually don't laugh or smile much, at all, but Hetalia forced me to. Now, I can't get through an episode with out biting my lip hard enough that it goes numb. Many times I had to give in to laughter at this. Not only that, but studying for history has never been more easier, and enjoyable. It can give you mood swings, too. After one hilarious episode, if you stumble across the next one, it could bring you to tears, even if that's rare. And the manga is unpredictable and just as good as the anime. History class will also by funny, sad, and easy now. All of the characters are amazing and need more attention! This anime deserves to be on top, for sure. This needs more love!

Hetalia is one of those anime which is purely there to make you laugh your head off, but I'm not saying it can't get serious. At moments, it is quite heart-warming and the stereotypes are ON POINT! I have completed all the seasons and I could never be HAPPIER! Not to mention, it's the first anime I watched, and it set a very good example of what a good-quality anime should be. The new look introduced in Beautiful World (season 5) was just plain incredible, the graphics were improved a lot and it made me love the anime a whole more.

If you think that's it, the fan-base is just... wow. There are SO many doujinshis and fan-fictions, too many ships, and countless fan-made artworks!
I highly recommend this anime as you will be simply ADDICTED! This should at least be in the top 15!

Words cannot simply describe how much I love Hetalia. Not only did it make me laugh, but it also thaught me history! The characters are awesome, the animation is awesome, every little thing about it is awesome! After you watch it, you will see the world in a completely different way! And it's very addicting, too... All that goes through my head after watching it, is HETALIA! If you haven't watched it yet, go watch it now! It can't be compared to any other anime. It's funny, sad, teaching and so on. This awesome anime really deserves 1st place.

I have to say, this anime show should be at least in the top 20's! It is so funny that every time when I watch it I die inside of laughter. Also before I watched the show, I used to hate hate hate HATE history. Then after watching it, I absolutely loved my history class and I was getting better grades. So it's basically like a win win situation! Love the characters, WISH the episodes were longer, AND I can go on and on about how much I love this show!

I really don't get why this isn't higher up. This anime has a great concept and art style and is great for laughs! The episodes could be longer, but they're basically comedy only, so I guess the short length makes sense. But the characters are so well done and when there is a serious moment, it's really moving, actually. Also, this fandom has so many possibilities and is easy to write for. Hetalia's awesome, and I really think it should be doing better. I feel more connected to the countries and my own home country now, due to this anime.

This has to be 1#, I mean, your grade in world study is 16% higher! It makes it funny to learn and it has a twist of romance and humor. Anyone could relate to this and it is such a awesome series! I really wish they could make a 6th season, but over all, this could be the best show ever. I could just sit in this car, ranting about hetalia all day and not be bored. It's just like reading Harry Potter!

Hetalia was the first anime (that I was aware of as an anime) that I was introduced to.

Yes, I may be biased because of this, but I like it. Hetalia is ridiculous to the point of funny and has colorful, bright art. It somehow manages to make history seem more bearable and has caused me to become more interested in social studies. Also, it is possible to go through the whole show without shipping any of the countries with each other. Just so you know that Hetalia isn't only for shipping.

I really enjoyed this.

This show is amazing and it made me laugh countless of times! I can't believe it's not higher on this list. Each of the characters taught me different things, not just about history, but about life and it's made such an impact on me. Within all of Hetalia comes one message I couldn't help but notice, and it's that we're all different and unique no matter where we live, but at our cores we're all the same. We all have hopes, dreams, and fears, and we all have those we love and we want the best for them.

Why is this not number one? I'm usually never in a fandom for more than a year, yet I've been in the Hetalia fandom ever since the anime came out! This is honestly my favorite anime ever! It's go great characters, comedy, awesome plots (as awesome as Prussia), and hot guys! What else could you want in an anime?

Hetalia has impressed me totally so much, I could laugh all day if I can! It's characters are identified as the countries... Such as Italy, the pasta boy It has always cheered me up when I'm bored. And it could also help with Geography and History lessons, so it taught me some lectures about other countries' cultures... And if you're pretty sure to watch Hetalia, enjoy laughing and learning from it! XDD

I find Hetalia to be the most interesting anime I have watched. It made me more interested into world affairs and international relations. Also, you can make it into any genre, or story, and still seems like Hetalia. It can be serious, or humorous, or magical, for that matter. It never gets old. The fandom makes it seem a bit iffy, but other than that, it is ammazing!

How is Hetalia not higher? It may get a lot of hate, but I challenge you to name ONE anime that is more unique. Or one anime that is funnier. Or ' promotes learning for god's sake. Hetalia stands out from everything on this list for good reason. You will never see the world in the same way! Hetalia is forever my favorite anime. And to that, let's toast with a boot!
Hasta la pasta!

I love this anime every thing is so funny and its really good for learning about history. I really love all characters and there based on how the real country acts. If you don't want to sit in history class bored out of your mind this is really an anime that you should watch.

This amine is so hilarious, I am really surprised that it isn't in the top... This anime teaches you when you don't even know it. And it has made many people want to learn geography and history.

This has to be the funniest anime ever. The characters are awesome, the art is colorful, the humor can be, well, dirty, and while watching it, your history grade could easily be taken up a few notches. (Seriously, I make references in my projects for class. )

Hetalia is my favorite anime. It teaches history and makes you laugh at the same time. Before Hetalia I was completely uninterested in history, but now it's my favorite class. My teacher always thinks I'm crazy when I giggle during the lesson. It made me view the world in a completely different way. The characters are all so kawaii (cute) too.

Hetalia is the most amazing anime ever. Even though history is taught in school, this anime has taught me more than school has ever taught me about history. Another amazing thing is that it is a super fun and addictive while teaching you things all at the same time!

Hetalia is awesome, not only does it make social studies,ore bearable it's funny and can be sad sometimes. It's really awesome how they can make everything so funny yet of you think about it more it gets kinda sad. For example Austria and Switzerland used to be such good friends right? But how bout now? See if you think about the other characters even the minor ones things can be kinda sad. It's just amazing how a anime can be so funny yet kinda sad at the same time.

Hetalia is by far the best anime I've seen. I thought this was amazing... A lot of other people may agree. My 1st reason why is because it makes you proud of your nationality because that's who your race is and it adds pretty funny stereotypes to other nationalitys as well. Sometimes I even laugh at Germany because of his seriousness!

My absolute favorite anime! It was my first one too! I'm so glad my friend told me about it. I can't live without it now... Can't wait until the third season comes out in English!

I can never spend a whole episode without laughing till I cry. Well, except on the sad ones. I die a little inside when I see those. Also, this show is probably the main reason while most of us pass history in secondary school. It's a win win situation. I really believe it should be in the top 20!

Only just found this anime a few weeks ago laugh out loud but it turned out to be AWESOME! I love the Chibitalia parts and the different stories within the anime :) I was so happy to find out that there was two seasons but I prefer the Axis Powers season! This is definitely an anime worth watching. It's very funny but sweet at times :) This should definitely be higher in the chart