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Hunter × Hunter is a manga franchise created by Yoshihiro Togashi. In 1999, Hunter × Hunter was adapted into a 62-episode anime television series produced by Nippon Animation and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The show premiered on Japan's Fuji TV and ran until 2001. Three separate original video more.


Hunter x Hunter is a spectacular anime and manga, it has spiritual powers, an amazing story line and incident after incident is basically just meant to happen, the start of the story features an exam based way of getting what you want, and it presents an inspiring and interesting goal which follows on, it is adventurous, the main character is honest and the fighting scenes are amazing. It is by far my favourite anime. Inspiring and motivational, with a hint of horror and overpowering atmosphere that got me sucked in from the very start.

I honestly don't believe which version we are talking about here. The 2011 one or the 1999 version? But you know what, I've only watched the 2011 version. And this is far by the most impressive anime in the anime universe. More than that, you're rarely going to find an anime that has beautiful animation and a wonderful storyline. Each arc (or whatever you call it) finishes nicely and goes into the next one with a great blend. It also has a power, much more creative and the most interesting one. A lot of narration and fights, and also, not even one battle is just about exchanging useless amounts of pouches and kicks, it uses STRATEGY. The protagonists aren't the old type of ones, and what I mean is, that most anime has the mature and cool one, the clumsy one, and then the main one. Nope. You won't find THAT in this anime. Each character is loved equally and have their own qualities, some with which we can relate to, too. There is one character that you simply will love, and we HxH fans ...more

Hunter x Hunter does everything right. Great, unique and interesting characters, fantastic pacing, some of the best animation ever (Even by today's standards), fantastic soundtrack, amazingly captivating and well-done story line with great writing with each story arc having it's own tone and style to it, great fight scenes, very smart and reasonable (for anime) with almost no random plot points or power-ups, it's totally epic (Especially in the Phantom Troupe and Chimera Ant arcs), very dark and gritty (Especially in the Phantom Troupe and Chimera Ant arcs), has great world building, touches on a lot of themes like Human Nature, revenge, family issues, the duality of humanity (Especially in terms of certain characters like Killua and Gon), anger and hatred, unity in a group, friendship, and plenty more. Hunter x Hunter exceeds anime expectations and blows it out of the water. Hunter x Hunter is extremely underrated and I'm honestly sad it's not higher on this list. I'm trying not to ...more

I don't think you get as much character development from any other anime as you do in Hunter x Hunter. Each one that you meet is unique and well written. Even the side characters are given some amazing roles to play.

The main character is a delight to watch grow throughout the various arcs. I have experienced a major sociological slap from watching some truly heart breaking and exhilarating scenes.

When the bad guys do good and the good guys do bad. You're twisted with who to root for, who to hate and who to fear.

The characters, the emotions, the adventure, the puzzles, the battles, the animation, the feels.

This anime honestly deserves more attention as it is seriously underrated. It's pretty unsetting to see over hyped mainstream animes take the spot of ones that really deserve being higher.

Hunter x Hunter is truly a king of an anime, amongst the best.

Honestly hunter x hunter should of made top 10. It's an old school anime that got reintroduced to the new school. What makes hunter x hunter so great is the characters. You love everyone from the lovable killed and gone to that creepy weirdo hisoka to the crazy but real af phantom troupe to the deadbeat lovable gin to the powerful but honest king. Everyone. That's hard to do and the writing is fantastic. The fight scenes are narrated but you don't mind because the concept ren and en gyo etc get confusing. What also makes hunter x hunter great is the philosophy and ideological concepts that are arise in the series. Like trying to understand the mentality of the phantom troupe to the king trying to learn his place as an ant in the world of humans and coming out as a transcendent of both species. This anime is almost flawless. It would be perfect if it's creator Togashi wasn't so damn lazy and would hurry up and finish the series. Like you through the dark continent in our faces and then ...more

I love this show! It is definitely not the typical show I would watch... But after giving it a try it blew my mind! I thought no anime was in the same ball park as one piece or Naruto until I watched this! It starts of light hearted and pure making it seem like a happy go lucky show... So I was not expecting it to go dark on me... It blew my mind! Very unique story and characters with intense action! I can not call my self a hard core fan because I have really just started the series compared to the people who have been with it for years! I have only watched hunter x hunter 2011, but as a life long anime lover I can saw GIVE IT A TRY! You won't regret it!

For the longest time, this show has been grossly underrated. Unfortunately many people, including myself at one point, put the show off for it's childish looking artstyle and Gon's preference of way-too-short shorts. However, if one looks beyond the surface, they will see a true masterpiece, with 3-dimensional characters and a fantastic story. Fights rarely last longer than 15 minutes and are expertly animated, with a lack of unrealistic dialog. Also, the show follows a very unpredictable route, and can sometimes end in an anti-climactic way, which only adds to it's credibility. Each arc smoothly transitions onto the next, and no arc feels unnecessary. Also, all of the villains are extremely well developed, and almost never feel like they exist solely to be an obstacle for the protagonists. Nen, which is Hunter x HunterHunter's magic system, is very complicated, and also closed-ended, so it can't be abused in any ways for plot-armor. If someone wins a fight, they do it with strategy, ...more

Honestly this was the manga that got me into anime and manga and all that, and after watching over 200 anime, this is still my favourite of all time, although it's probably more of a reminiscent connection type thing. Either way, the anime itself is still so unique in a way that explores its story and characters with connections far more complex than the typical good guy- bad guy type. In most cases, the characters introduced as antagonists aren't just another obstacle for the main characters to fight and beat in the arc they were introduced, but important characters with a presence felt throughout the story. Togashi paints humanity into every character, no matter their origins, and no matter the purpose they serve. Honestly, I find the moral ambiguity in the resultant universe to be one of the most beautiful fictional worlds ever created. It's a popular anime, but I feel like if Togashi didn't have that 2 year hiatus, it could be a lot more popular.

The first 2 episodes are alright but the majority of viewers looking for something special or unique might drop this show because they think its too cliche or boring when in reality they couldn't be farther from the truth. Hunter x Hunter is one of the most unique and well written animes ever created. The story is centered around a boy named Gon who is attempting to find his father and in doing so follows in his footsteps becoming a hunter and making life long friends and deadly enemies along the way. These friends takes the form of the rest of the main cast; Gon's best friend and former assassin Killua of the infamous Zoldyck family, Kurapika the last survivor of his clan and Leorio an old looking teen seemingly only out for himself as he attempts to become fabulously wealthy. Without going to much into it and spoiling the plot Hunter x Hunter is an anime with a rich and diverse world that takes the time to develop all of its characters, especially its villains something that is not ...more

This should be number 1 which the nominees given in this list. Its story and characters actually has depth and it has great themes. Multiple essays can just be written on the Phantom Troupe Arc and Chimera Ant Arc itself. I am really disappointed that this its not higher on the list while shows like DBZ, Naruto, and Sword Art Online are there. I'm sorry to say to those fans, but those shows shouldn't even be in a Top 300 list, let alone a top 20. They surely belong in a top 20 or so influential iconic list, but on a greatest list, no way.

An anime in which each and every character have their own subtle strengths and flaws, which are tested within the progressively trying circumstances that the characters face. Gon is brilliantly selfish in a way that both saves or destroys the ones around him, Killua is willing to sacrifice everything for the ones that were first kind to him, Leorio is blunt, brash, yet caring, with a goal that is not immediately obvious and Kurapika is intelligent, a strategic thinker, but more than a little obsessed with revenge. Each character is unique, and the story progresses in a way leaving you constantly wondering if the characters will leave their battles alive; it's not one of those happy worlds where the enemies just progressively gets stronger as you grow stronger. It's not safe. Sometimes the enemy is far beyond your reach, sacrifices must be made, and people die.

The 2011 anime for Hunter X Hunter is easily my favourite anime. It is the perfect shonen battle anime in my opinion, as it takes all the regular shonen tropes, such as tournaments and hard training sequences, as well as great fight scenes and interesting abilities, and makes them fun and enjoyable, coupling them with great animation by madhouse. The characters are a very good match to the world and each have varying personalities ranging from Gon's straightforward, friendly, hard working personality to his counterpart, Killua's, confident yet unsure, defiant and dominant personality. The series has such a wide ever-changing world that brings so much variety to each arc and sometimes each episode. Overall I believe what makes this series great is that every element of it has variety to it especially the characters and I believe its only flaw to be that the manga author, Yoshihiro Togashi, has put it on hiatus frequently, leaving it with far fewer episodes than it deserves.

Really this should be number two. Everything about this anime is just simply amazing. The characters themselves aren't good just because they want to be good. They are interested in powering up themselves and do what they want to do. With that being said sometimes Gon the main character makes very selfish decisions one which will shock everyone when they get to the ant arc. Every single character introduced in this story gets development. Heck they get so much development it is insane! The fights are amazing, well played, and involve strategy. The powers ups make sense and not just handed down like little popsicles. So much death happens in this show as well including deaths of a few minor characters. Unique story, unique characters, unique everything. Best shonen? More like best anime!

I've seen most of the anime on this list and this is by far the best, yes, THE BEST, every single anime I've seen had to have negative qualities about it but this one apparently doesn't, but make sure you watch THE 2011 VERSION as the animation, plot, characters everything is on point, this by far beats the top 3 and if your reading this watch it now although it may seem slow at first but trust me this is the BEST.

Hunter x Hunter is one of, what I think, few anime/manga that actually have an character development. All of the characters have good and bad sides and strive to always make themselves better while thinking about their bad sides too.
Not to forget the REAL amazing thing about HxH the plot is great, and since there is the old one (from 1999, which I watched first) and the new one that started airing 2012, there is a lot to see. And since the newer one is continuing with the arc that the old one never did, its absolutely an improvement!

I would rate this anime my absolute favorite!

Undoubtedly the greatest Shounen battle anime of all time. Simply unmatched in quality. The 2011 remake is a true modern masterpiece. 148 episodes of pure bliss. Although it starts off slow and albeit, cliche, it quickly evolves into a whole other beast and takes the genre to the limit. The Chimera Ant Arc is quite simply the most endearing part of the show and contains the highest level of writing in Shounen history. No other Shounen can come close to this save for Fullmetal Alchemist and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Amazing anime, it's filled with brilliant characters that you get attached to because they're honest, amazing and unique story line. It makes you want to go an adventure with them, teaches you to never give up and to believe in yourself and that you can always count on your friends. It develops beautifully, and the fighting scenes are legendary, it also has comedic moments. It's just GREAT.

The greatest anime, no, the greatest show of all time. Period. The character development is amazing, and the suspense carries from episode to episode flawlessly. You become attached to the characters and you feel the raw emotion generated each episode. Hunter x Hunter truly creates a world you can get lost in and it feels as if you the viewer are a part of their amazing adventure.

It deserves much more recognition. I have been waiting for the second each episode comes out weekly. The story plot is so enticing and its filled with so much action. Its really cool when there are stronger and stronger people as the anime progresses. My number one anime really

A lot of this list reads more like a Top 10 Well-known Anime rather than the best. I have liked anime like One Piece and Naruto but they slow down and trail off. Hunter x Hunter does not.

The story progresses nice and quickly, at the right pace to get really into the brilliant story and characters. It's the anime that gives me chills the most frequently and definitely the best thing I've seen.

Best anime ever created and only 35! Come on it has the most epic fight scenes, creative and original story plus to top it off the characters are interesting and completely awesome. A MUST SEE for the biggest anime fans out there.

The characters and plot are the most amazing and unique. Almost every character has a unique back story.. The plot never ceases to amaze me. And the characters are awesome! Hell, even a grunt that got killed has an interesting twist. (Spoilers: Its "changed" into something important"). Watch this you will not be disappointing.

Absolutely loved everything about this show! All the characters are unique, well made, and progress throughout the show (sometimes becoming more dark). Gon and Killua make the ultimate team - Gon is strong, positive and determined yet can be selfish and naive at times, wheras Killua is more reserved, cunning, and keeps Gon in check. Both of them are seriously inspiring in their own ways. The story lines are amazing, the fight scenes are always engrosing, and the soundtrack is extremely varied and well made. Best anime I've ever seen but up there with my favorite shows of all time as well. Think I'm going to watch it all again once I finish this last Arc.

Hunter x Hunter is the closest to perfect I think any anime has come. It's characters are easy to empathize with and relate to, it's story is endlessly interesting and fun, the animation quality just gets better and better as the show progresses, and the writing is amazing. - Suzu-kun22

The level of detail in this anime is astounding, and it's not just the complex things sometimes simplistic truths can be earth shattering.

Also this has to be the only anime I have watched that has a narrator, and that's a very good thing. Without him it would be so hard to tell you that all these events happened in less then a minute :).