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InuYasha is a manga franchise created by Rumiko Takahashi. It was adapted into two anime television series produced by Sunrise. The first was broadcast for 167 episodes on Yomiuri TV in Japan from October 16, 2000 until September 13, 2004. The second series, called Inuyasha: The Final Act, began airing more.


Man. Inuyasha is what got me started with anime. Of course there was Pokemon, and digimon, and dbz. But they weren't what sucked me into the anime world. Now, I may love Naruto, bleach, and one piece but my vote would have to go to this anime. This is the anime of all animes. It makes you laugh, it makes you smile, it makes you cry and it makes you frustrated with characters. But you LOVE it! It's that type of show that makes you wish you were in it, and apart of that little group. I remember crushing on Inuyasha and Koga, and wishing I was Kagome when I was a little girl. This is an anime that warms the heart.

Inuyasha is one of the popular "first anime" that people typically watch, which eventually motivates them to become a full blown anime fan. In this case, I'm not surprised. Inuyasha is a story full of emotion, and is ranked high on my list of favourite anime. It isn't a typical "shounen" anime and it isn't obsessed with having fight scenes that last 5 episodes long.

The characters are human (well, even though some of them are demons) and they aren't heartless moving pictures with voices. Speaking of which, I recommend the dub (I'm typically a sub person though).

All in all, it is a thoroughly enjoyable anime. While some people may not like the somewhat slow pace akin to that of a shounen anime, I recommend Inuyasha wholeheartedly.

This was the show that truly got me into anime. I remember when new episodes used to come out weekly on Adult Swim and though it was Thursday night and a school night, 15 year old me defied my parents by quietly staying up late, turning on the T.V. at the lowest possible volume that I could still hear it at, and watching it. That meant I had to stay up until one, and when I had to get up at six for school, it led to a lot of tired Fridays, but it was worth it.

This show was also a point of commonality between my brother and I, who did not have a lot in common but spent time each day bonding watching the reruns we had taped the night before (this was, of course, before DVRs and TIVO) and even to this day, while we are almost opposites, we can still talk about this show and remember time spent together in our childhood, and watch an episode or two together.

A great anime, although I do wish they had finished it instead of splitting it up and creating another series to wrap ...more

This should be ranked at least at the top 5, it's the only anime series with love, action, perfect plot, humour, characters that you can fall in love with or get obsessed with. The story goes is very simple but compelling because the story can attach you with the real emotion, like a love song and motivate you with its never back down attitude, it can flip your mood with its humour portion and crave for more with its thrilling twists. It's the best anime series for me. It left me heartbroken when it end.

This anime was one of the best animes I've ever watched... I'm the type to never finish animes if I start them and I finished all the episodes of Inuyasha, including the final act and the movies laugh out loud. Inuyasha was an emotional roller coaster, the story line was amazing and the characters were VERY well developed. When I end up finishing this anime I always cry 'cause I don't want it to end ):. All in all I found Inuyasha one of the most captivating animes I've ever seen and I definitely believe that the 14th spot does not do this anime enough justice! Top 10 I say!

I agree with everyone else that this should be #1. Yes, it is long, but holds your interest and the combination and chemistry of the characters is extremely good.

The best reason for this series to be #1 is that it is a Japanese anime about Japanese people in Japanese culture. Why would you try to understand the culture of Japan from something like a Tom Cruise movie ("The Last Samurai") when you can learn a little more about how the Japanese view the world and maybe even their (albeit mythical) past.

This was the best anime ever! A lot of people may argue that the characters are stupid, but every character relates to that one person that we know in real life. I cried, laughed, and held my breath while working my way through the episodes. Does the plot sometimes get repetitive? Yes, but that just means that a twist is coming soon! The music is kick-ass and most melodies very haunting. I also loved the graphics.

Bleach is in no:7 and InuYasha is in no:14. Where is the world coming to?
Bleach is nothing but fights with stupid endings. It doesn't even make sense. It doesn't even have a proper story. Just because it has great characters like Grimmjow, Starrk and Unohana, it doesn't mean it should be in no:7. InuYasha has same amount of great characters but with a better story, better romantic sequences, better comedic sequences, better tragic deaths than Bleach. I mean how can anyone like a anime whose main protagonist is Ichigo and the worst thing of all about the anime is the filler episodes.

As are most commenters I am also female and this was the first anime I ever discovered. I cried and laughed and agonized with the characters and plot. My heart ached and yearned to be in this world. Although, I was never envious of Kagome, I felt very sad for her. I am not approaching 30. A poor move has deprived me from internet and have dug up the anime series from an ancient hard drive. I am very surprised to find that the effect of the anime is the same- still strong, large variety of emotions and thrills. Although I consider death note as 'the best', I would give this anime the number one spot any day. Read the manga people too! Long, but well worth it!

The story touched really deep in my soul. I'm not a fan of many animes... In fact the only ones that got me fascinated are Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin. But Inuyasha became part of my life. I've never stoped watching since I was 13. Now I'm 20 and I'm able to see some aspects of It's deepness that I wasn't when I was younger. I even like to stay without watching it for a long period, so the memories can fade away a little bit of my head and, when I watch it later, It surprises me and bring all those wonderful emotions back

Each aspect of it shows an overwhelming artistic beauty: The graphics that seem to be carefully drawn and painted by a human (not like the HD computerized coldness of today), the natural enviroment of Japan, the characters that seem to be alive, the dilemas, sadness, warmth and romantism and drama of the story, and the soundtrack that amplifies everything in like 10x more. By the way, the OST is the best one ever made for a series, and it features some of the ...more

I would make the argument that the worst part about Inuyasha is how the ended the original series (finishing it off with the Final Act many years later). Everything was done so well though, as this is an absolute must watch show! It is one of my all-time favorites and as a result am a huge Inuyasha fan with a ton of collectibles. I've watched through everything at least twice, characters are fantastic, story is great, very large adventure, and the original series goes nice and slow through everything which ends making it a lot better in the long run I think (compared to most animes that try to mash everything into either 12 or 24 ish episodes). This show deserves to be remembered as one of the best!

In my honest opinion, today I'm watching anime such as Attack on Titan and Noragami. I find them awesome. But I don't think I'll ever be able to forget about Inuyasha because this anime was my entire childhood. I grew up with it.

Words won't describe the greatness of this anime - it was all the rage back in the 2000's. While it might on the surface look like it has nothing about yokai, sword fights and evil villains, it is in fact, a very simple theme.
Love. That's all. Inuyasha is about love, and how it transcends barriers. Barriers as powerful as distance and time. Literally.

For me, this anime is everything. It was my gateway to the world of anime, my weekends spent on forging a Tetsusaiga from thermocol, the friends who I scared away talking about this anime for endless hours... this was and still is everything. Kagura's death made me cry, Miroku's pervertedness made me laugh and Inuyasha's and Kagome's relationship made me realize how precious this thing called ...more

This anime totally should be way more up in this list. Inuyasha is amazingly made. There are fun and crazy characters that all just fit together nicely. The idea behind this story is also amazing. With a splash of romance, humor, suspense, action, and much more, this anime is definitely for just about anyone.

This isn't just one of the best anime of all time, but best shows of all time. The music is perfect, the animation is crisp and fluid, and though the story is repetitive, the characters are absolutely amazing. Witty dialogue and great humor add to the experience. This will always be my favorite anime, just barely above Death Note and I am a guy.

When I saw the first episode, I was already intrigued as to how the story of InuYasha would play out. Oh, and the romance between InuYasha and Kagome is in the big leagues of my favorite anime couples along with Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online. I recommend both these anime series! Especially if you're into romance. Everyone including a male like me needs a little romance story once in a while. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This show literally combines everything! Romance, action, comedy, suspense and tragedy. You name it! The character design is ADORABLE! Its amazing how much this show can make me cry, because it shows what it feels like to be different and bullied for it (Inuyasha), and the soundtrack is really catchy. It should be in the top ten. I love the story line and especially the comedy :')

How on earth is this like not number 1? It was the best anime I'd ever watched, it was literally my childhood. Of all the anime's I'd watched in my life, this is the one that's had the best story line, character development, a mix of happy, sad, betrayel, fighting, and so much more! You just can't disagree with the fact that it was an awesome anime. Everyone I know has seen and heard of it. I just loved watching it, it brought back memories

It's an amazing anime. I love how Kagome use the power of beads to control Inuyasha by just saying 'sit boy'. Although it a story framed around Inuyasha but I must say the Sesshomaru character is my favorite as it's strong and powerful character. I like how Sesshomaru character has been designed and all the other characters too. The story is awesome. A complete package of mixed feelings.

Of all the anime I watched, Inuyasha seemed to be the most serious literary work. I don't mean that it was serious as in dramatic, thougj it was, but that the characters and plot were well-crafted by someone actually telling a story. Manga and anime suffer from the episodic nature of the media. Manga is released a little at a time, and this negatively affects the story when compared to something like a novel. Inuyasha is a real story with a great main character and brilliant least for the first 52 episodes. After, Rumiko Takahashi is known for good beginnings, not endings or development. Still, probably the best anime out there. The manga is about 10 times better, though.

Inuyasha should DEFINITELY be in the TOP 5 It is my favourite anime of all time. The story is amazing, the art is up their, the characters are some of the most unique characters you will ever see. The only problem for the series was that it should have never ended

It's a shame this isn't at least in the top 5, it's a classic! I've been watching anime for years and this will forever have my heart. It is the only anime with a story line containing the right amount of romance, action, angst, and comedy all together balanced. The character development is exceptional and is really what pulls you into the story. Their relatableness makes you root for them and their happiness. All in all, Inuyasha is a masterpiece that I recommend wholeheartedly.

Incredible story that has characters you'll fall in love with. It has everything you'd want in a story with an intriguing combination of folklore and mythology. Set in Feudal era Japan, Inuyasha is a classic and should definitely be in the top 10. A combination of action, comedy and romance I absolutely love it and grew up to it.

No matter how old I get, Inuyasha will never stop being my favorite anime. I can always re-watch episodes and never get tired. The final act is absolutely amazing as well, I found myself crying on countless occasions. Some tears were from sadness and others from joy. It's been eight years of loving that half daemon and I welcome the rest.

Inuyasha is a true masterpiece. The episodes are funny, entertaining, and the story is long, winding and incredible. I enjoyed every second of it. It made me laugh, it made me annoyed, it made me depressed. I read the manga three times over summer, and have watched the anime four times. It is my childhood, and has brought me into the world of anime. I can never thank Rumiko Takahashi enough.

Inuyasha should be much higher! Inuyasha makes me smile, sometimes even cry.. Sometimes even dream of being able to live in their world (sounds dorky but hey, it's true) (: I re-watched the whole series including the final act through-out my whole summer.