Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


It's the first anime I watched and it got me hooked to the Japanese culture! I think it's an awesome anime that definitely deserves more votes.
I love the plot, the background and setting, the characters, and the relationships between everyone. It's really sweet and I love how Tsuna became so much more mature than before, he really deserves happiness ;u; After watching other animes and reading many books, I still find that Tsuna is an unique and one of the kind character. Tsuna may seem useless and weak, but he's really kind and nice and treasure his friends a lot. Even if he felt like giving up, he would still do anything for the people around him. I like how his friends are the ones who give him strength to fight on. I think the main theme in this story is friendship (and action, yeah) and we can see all the characters struggling and then succeeding.
And not to forget Reborn, he's a fantastic character too, I love how he can be so sadistic and perfect but in the last arc it ...more

This is the best anime I've ever watch! It includes action, humour, family, adventure and friendship. The story features Sawada Tsunayoshi, a weak and useless-in-everything boy but that changes when a day, a hitman call Reborn appear in his house's doorstep. As time goes by, Tsuna gained friends and more family members. The resolve to protect them grow stronger as the time goes by and he too grows stronger along side with his friends and family. He would do anything to keep his friends and family safe, even risking his life.

I'm surprised that it didn't make the top three, I think that Reborn is very well known yer but when people start reading/watching the series a little more it will for sure be number one. Its just a funny show all together. With its twist and turns it keeps you entertained for hours! I honestly hope that it will reach number 1 soon!

THIS IS HONESTLY THE BEST ANIME OF ALL TIME! It has the most amazing plot twists and from every arc and scenario there are bigger more intense situations. If you don't watch this you are missing on one of the best anime man has ever created out there. The beginning isn't the best but after you pass the Mukuro arc then you shall find that this anime is number 1!

It might be hard for some people to get into the anime because of the first 20 episodes. Even tough quite some of the fillers are enjoyable for me!...But the anime later on gets really COOL! It has the best character development. Good story in my opinion! This is personally my favorite! A Must-Watch for anime fans! You are going to love it trust me!

This is by far the best anime I've watched. The plot is something never done before, you can see the characters bond and develop together, the action is great, the soundtrack exceptional and some of the theories and weapons used are super unique. Definitely my favorite anime and if it has to come second, first should be Naruto.

Best anime ever, great songs, great story, great fights, great emotions. When you are done with this. You will be sad. It may be repetitive, but it is worth a try. It is the best. The reason why is not first, because not everyone watch it.

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Ended.. Too quickly. Had a lot of great moments! Really enjoyed this anime above move of the other ones that have been seen on here! Kept you on the edge of your seat, couldn't stop watching episode after episode.

I love how they make the main character a full wimp from the beginning then turned into a strong badass who's willing to fight for his family and friends. That What I love about the anime

This is the best show ever! The ending impacts you so much because at the end it's a heart stopper. This will never come out of your head when you hear about anime. This is a must watch series!

This anime is the best one for me among all the anime I watched. but it's so sad that its only up to episode 203. :(. I hope that there would be more episode because once I finished it all I'm very eager to watch more. many things could happen after the ending. so please make a continuation plos. I really can't get this anime out of my mind. It's so exciting!

Although the beginning was a bit slow, it soon picked up it's pace and everything about it is just simply awesome. It's funny, has a great storyline, lot's of action and epic characters.

KHR IS AMAZING! It's a mix of all sorts of different genres. It's exciting. There's a lot of suspense, the characters are hot! Laugh out loud and there's just an amazing plot. I mean there's so much that I can't type it all.

I've watched so many different types of animes and I have to say this was my favourite. It was cute, funny and there was a lot of action. Not to mention the story line was amazing. Must see

One of the absolute BEST action anime I have ever watched in my life. It is mixed with some comedy at points and action. I recommend all anime lovers to watch this amazing anime.

Totally amazing! I feel there is a slow start for epicness though, but that's all for character backgrounds, attitudes and stuff like that. The protagonist pissed me off but made me so proud. To me, he is the definition of good character development.

Katekyo hitman reborn is a deserving anime to come in top 10. It has amazing fights and a bit gag. PLEASE give more votes to Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Katekyou Hitman Reborn is an awesome action anime. I must admit that it is really boring in the start but I recommend that you should see it up to at least 20 episodes...

Best anime ever has excellent quality unmatched storyline ones of the best story line ever sen has a good diversity of charaters you understand all their back grounds and struggles overall if you haven't seen it you need to watch it

I love it, it's a mixture of 85% of comedy, 99% adventure and surprises and a little flavor of love...

It was really really awesome. the storyline makes perfect sense and then it always leaves you wondering what is going to happen next

This needs to be higher 19th? Its easily in the top ten for me its 1. Fairy tail 2. Naruto 3. One piece 4. Hitman it really needs to be higher up its has a great story about friendship how he gathers his subordinates for the vongola family

It is an wonderful anime. Undoubtedly it can be within top 15. A great anime with mafia background. I wish Tsuna would marry Haru

I will be upset with anyone who doesn't like this amazing anime it is the best. You must watch it. It's so Gipping. It needs to go much higher on this list.