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Naruto is an anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series more.


How could this not be number one. Naruto is the best of best, the most exhilarating anime of all time. Naruto has it all, little romance, lots of action, martial arts, suspense, and etc. Why wasn't this number one I don't know, but I do know you guys should reconsider your choice of number one. This is an outrage to every Naruto fan out there. There's not an anime created that's better than Naruto. By the way people say Naruto doesn't have enough episodes but go to Naruto Shippuden which is also breath taking you would see the anime and the manga are still being created. They have new episodes and manga chapters. No disrespect because these 2 animes still deserve to be in the top 5, but they can't compare to Naruto. Also there are no new manga or episodes out for dragon ball Z and OnePiece. This anime has a tremendous plot, storyline, and very organized characters. They also always leave you wanting to see the next episode immediately. No questions about it Naruto is #1 the best anime ...more

Naruto is the most amazing anime. The plot is so good and the characters are so well developed. I hope they make a new Naruto series maybe called Bolt Shippuden. I don't want this amazing anime to end. Naruto is love, Naruto is life!

I didn't like it at first, but then I was almost forced to love Naruto: you can't find an other anime/manga as complete and balanced as this one.
All the characters have their own personality and even the most stereotyped is totally new and original; the only thing I regret now is that I can't find another series as wonderful as this. I used to prefer One Piece but the difference is unbridgeable: the plot, the characters, the balance between funny and sad moments of Naruto is just... Perfect. And with Naruto Shippuden everything has become even better (if it was possible). Someone says that Dragonball is the father of all shonen. Well, fathers are made to be surpassed by their own children one day, aren't they?

But you can't understand by just reading comments under a title; if anyone will ever read these lines, listen to me: go and read/watch it!


Naruto isn't a copy of DBZ. I watched DBZ when I were young and it was too boring, its all about a man that saves Earth. And The-Nine Tailed- Fox isn't a copy of that Mega Monkey. The Mega Monkey's job is to make your wishes come true, so how is Kurama supposed to be a copy of it. And for the people who say Naruto is a copy of DBZ I say:Well how is it supposed to be a copy just for both of them wearing orange, these are ninjas these are sayans I were watching it since I were 4 and I never enjoyed it because of its poor artwork and there is a lot of exaggeration in their powers like just using that Kamehameha will lead into the explosion of a planet. What makes Naruto better is the artwork, music, plot, and the fights which exaggeration is limited in the worst thing that can happen in Naruto is a whole village destroyed but in DBZ all the universe can get destroyed within 10 minutes. The cool thing about Naruto is everything but the most important of all is that if you want you can ...more

I saw Naruto but didn't get to watch every episode of it.. Then I read the manga for the Naruto shipuden.. And now I'm still watching the anime.. Don't get me wrong, bleach and one piece and the others on the list are all epic.. But there is something about Naruto that will make you want to love the anime and watch each episode of it.. The story was great.. Only a genius can think something like that.. Each character has an interesting story and didn't just focus on the main but also on the supporting character which make you love each and every character in the anime.. You can sympathize, you can get mad, you can laugh, you can cry.. All those emotions put in that anime just make it so epic! Everything has an explanation that it was almost possible and close to reality.. You wouldn't just love the protagonist but also the antagonist.. You feel bad when someone die.. You feel relieve when someone was save.. Naruto is the best anime there is.. I doubt it but then I gave it a try.. Read ...more

Naruto has done something no anime before it has ever done, make an absolutely unprecedented inspiring story that people of all ages can watch and appreciate. At the begging when I first watched this show I thought it would be a kids show, which at the beginning it was, but after the first episode I was completely invested in Naruto's journey to become Hokage. Naruto might have many similarities to Goku, but Naruto's personality goes through much more character development throughout the series then Goku ever did. The show evolved over time though which no anime I've ever seen has done and episodes of Naruto today I would have to say are pretty mature both in violence, profanity and storyline, truly coming a long way since its own origins. The universe almost has a realistic feel to it as well not completely realistic, but much more believable than one piece, dbz, or bleach ever were. The fight scenes are all on point always having you on the edge of your seat, because you never ...more

I always say Naruto will be my favorite anime simply because it was the first anime I ever fell in love with. But that's not the only reason I think it's the best anime out there! Anyone who says Naruto is boring, long, too complicated, stupid or not worth watching obviously hasn't seen enough of it to actually make a legit judgement. Nobody can watch Naruto without relating to a character's feelings or getting tied into the emotional experiences. Naruto touches on key subjects like friendship, enduring loneliness and pain, teamwork and the will to never give up. The storyline is brilliantly thought up and has everything an anime needs. Its comedy and silliness brings laughter, but its sad, emotional scenes when the time is right can bring tears. Naruto truly is an amazing anime in itself.

The legend of Naruto is a great one, that's on par with the Greek gods and other myths. I say this cause towards the end of the series, Naruto literally becomes a god in a sense. But before you get there you get the story of Naruto, a boy who had it rough for a reason that probably could have been avoided. He links up with his team Kakashi sensei, the most overrated underrated character that turns out to be the best character that outshines Naruto himself. , Sakura the pretty annoying female lead we love to hate that ultimately becomes likable but gets outshines by another female lead named Hinata's, and Sasuke, the brooding unlovable by real people but loved by everyone in the anime even after he committed multiple crimes, who hates his most beloved brother that everyone loves real and fictional, who also outshines Naruto. They fight bad guys and win until they start fighting each other for reasons that probably rationally could have been avoided. But I'm just being cynical. Like one ...more

Naruto IS THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST!... Proof?... Its got action, humour, emotion, inspiration, the best story ever, the best hero ever and everything about it is simply the best... I don't know how dbz got more votes... I mean seriously every guy who has seen both Naruto and dbz knows which anime is better and its OBVIOUSLY Naruto!... Naruto is also more popular than dbz... Yeah dbz used to be popular but Naruto has taken over the crown now and everyone knows that... It might be the most watched anime of all time but so will Naruto become and I bet will become even more... Just wait and watch... Its also a 1000000000 times more interesting

I always hoping that many people well vote for Naruto because Naruto is not only just an anime but it is also about friendship, helping, and also teamwork. Because of this show I realize the friendship and teamwork. Since I was grade 1 I didn't know the real values of life this anime teach me to be responsible, independent and being loyal to all of your friends. For me Naruto is the best among the rest please vote Naruto. I know you can also learn the values that I'm talking. And I also hope maid same will get on the top always... Thank you for reading...

Why I think Naruto is better than bleach
. Better story line
. Is not all about
The main character
. Cool villains yet smarter
. Cool fighting scenes
. Never runs out of ideas
. Tells you the reasons of character has his powers
. You relay to one of the character sooner or later
. The main character doesn't waste time speaking while fighting nor is bi polar like Ichigo
. Characters die unlike bleach
. Is funny, cool, and sad all the good characteristics of a good anime
. All the characters have a good history background,
. Naruto has a reason to fight and become some one in the future, becoming hokage and saving a friend
. To finalized this I hate bleach

The first major anime I watched was dbz and I really fell in love with it... in fact for a time I thought that dbz was the epitome of all anime and an anime just could not be better... just goes to show how naive I was... Naruto and one piece are both miles ahead of dbz, even fairy tail and death note are (bleach I didn't like much)... but Naruto is just so much more than a simple anime... I m not talking about the awesome cast of heroes and villains, the mind-blowing music, and all the action scenes and blah blah.. its just that it's so much more logical... I mean in almost every other anime, at the end of the day, each fight is settled by pure brute power, but in Naruto in just two minutes of a fight, so much brain and thinking is evolved that its just mind-boggling... I mean it's the only anime where anyone can beat anyone just by out-thinking that person no matter how strong the other is (like Naruto did with zabuza, konohamaru with painnaruto with 3rd raikage and tons more)... ...more

-Naruto taught us to never give up, and live life without regrets.

-Sasuke taught us that sometimes we fall deep into the darkness, and need a real friend to pull us back.

-Kakashi taught us that teamwork is important.

-Sakura taught us that even if we are not as strong as other people, we can still be supportive.

-Neji taught us that we have the power to change our destiny.

-Hinata taught us that we can become stronger if we idolize someone strong.

-Asuma taught us that children are the king and the future, and worth protecting with our lives.

-The 4th Hokage taught us parents would die for their kids.

-Nagato taught us that pain forces kids to grow up fast, and that war has the worst effect on kids.

-Pervy Sage taught us to continue to find a way for people to fully understand each other peacefully.

-Shikamaru taught us that power and strength isn't everything, and sometimes smartness and wit can defeat someone ...more

I feel like this manga is inspirational because it helps you to have more faith in yourself and to not look down on others. To never go back on your word is a very hard promise but still, he tries his very best to achieve his goals in life and by the way, how in the world is Naruto not inspiring? How would you feel if you are not accepted by anyone? Not knowing why but still, he tries to get people's hope, faith and love just to be accepted. Even if it means death, he would do anything just to fulfill his promises. That's his ninja way... And even a! # year old like me knows that this manga is worth reading and is inspiring. What do you have to say about that?

Why is this #2!? This anime has no flaws! It's perfect in every imaginable way! I don't give a damn about fillers! It's a great show with great characters and a great story! It's just wonderful! Screw you Naruto haters! One piece is undeniably awesome and so is bleach but Naruto has outlived both of them and for good reason! I need to make up a new word to describe how amazing this anime is! It's a masterpiece! I am a proud narutard and will gladly admit that this anime is and always will be number 1! GO Naruto! I don't care what anyone says! Naruto is without doubt the best anime in the world

Naruto has to be my favorite anime ever it has great fight scenes amazing story line great writer ever character is explained and all of the have good back story us its more appropriate like one peace is good but it's weird in my opinion and the fight scenes are really stupid and they have weird powers. now in Naruto there are characters that are weird mostly that snake guy I forgot his name but great fight scenes and its not like dragon ball zee were the fight scenes are like 8 episodes ling witch is like 3 months but there boring and everybody are just stupidly strong they look like midgets on steroids. plus in dragon ball zee the story line is pore non of the characters really have a back story. and the fight scenes are so one sided Goku gets the crap beaten out of him and then Goku goes super sain and beats the crap out of the other person but the other person goes super sain also and beats the heck out of Goku and then Goku gets courage from training for 16 episodes and goes even ...more - gummysniper

Naruto is an anime that simply gets exciting and better from every episode. Naruto is not a copy of Dbz. So what if they are wearing orange? Naruto only wanted to wear a very bright color so he would get a bit of attention. There are so many reasons why I love this anime. Not because of blood and gore, but because of how awesome it is and how deep it really goes into emotion. I love the plot,ideas,emotions. When I first saw Naruto, I really didn't think much of him. Why? Because of his orange suit and his loud mouth. But I was judgmental back then, so now I'm really ashamed. It's weird because I'm the complete polar opposite of Naruto. But as I began to love and admire Naruto Uzumaki, he slowly but surely pulled me into his world. I began to love other characters and learn to hate some. But Naruto doesn't just make you feel but it also makes you think. Why? Why is Naruto's life like this? Why did it have to end this way? Why? The suspense and plot pulls you in as you ask more and more ...more

This is by far the greatest anime I have ever come across. The storyline is amazing and it brings out so much aspects of life I never knew. I used to think differently before Naruto. I don't even get into these types of animes at all but this one is just magnificent. I cried and laughed and had the best time with this series. It's not like those that have a lot of fighting or very little fighting. It's a about bonds and I think that the creator really wanted to send out a message to those that read it instead of delivering just another story. I will always love Naruto until the end.

How in the world did DBZ beat this for number one? This anime is what I like to think of as the next generations version of DBZ. And the next generation always surpasses the previous one. Naruto has rich plot, well developed characters that are all unique, amazingly constructed fighting scenes, and my favorite is the pace of the main characters growth. Naruto beats dragon ball z in all these aspects. Not saying DBZ is bad just saying Naruto is BETTER!

Naruto simply has everything:
Characters have more depth than in most other anime
The storyline isn't realistic, but is presented so well it's as close to believable as you can get in it's genre of anime
The fights. Watch them they speak for themselves

All in all it provides a great comedy alongside a tense storyline to present an intelligent well thought out anime.

When you compare it to other anime of it's genre, Naruto is the most multilayered story. All at the same time so many things happen and all in such quick succession but it all feels so easy going, not rushed at all.

It's amazingly smart, so I personally think it's best.

I grew up with Naruto! Yeah, okay it has been shamed for its fillers and long conversations in fights but those are totally overshadowed by the awesomeness of characters, storyline, great soundtracks, fantastic art, spiritual core, surprisingly fillers (some were good) and did I mention CHARACTERS! I AM SO SAD IT IS OVER. I had to put close following on halt due to work stuff. When I learned it was over I think I was in shock and despair for... I still AM and it has been well over 3 months now. When I think about not being able to see any more of Naruto's adventures I start to feel a massive hole forming inside me, which can never be filled. I don't know what would I choose: Never seeing Naruto and thus never knowing this desperate feeling or Never seeing Naruto and never knowing something could be so amazing, inspirational, entertaining and uplifting and much more. That series is what got me through my toughest moments in life. No joke, you might think a strong independent adult does ...more

Naruto is by far the greatest anime ever, why? Because The character of Naruto starts out as a very weak main character. Like seriously, he didn't even graduate from the ninja academy at first when everyone else did already, and he is dead set on being the best. Through out the story he becomes stronger and stronger and he never gives up, even if it means he could possibly die. The reason he is able to become stronger is due to the fact that all of the characters around Naruto are also not overly strong. So as he becomes stronger, so do his enemies. The strength of the characters at the start of the show are very weak compared to other starts of animes, making it so that the characters can become stronger. The characters all have deep backstories that are not forced onto you as soon as you start. Little things are revealed every time an important event occurs that opens up new storylines for other characters.

Naruto is one of the greatest franchises I've ever seen. It has memorable characters, awesome action, good humor, and a great story. What makes Naruto so great is that while he wants to achieve his dream of becoming Hokage, he must focus on what happens in from, which is trying to save Sasuke from manipulation and hatred. Naruto is also a much more relatable and identifiable character than characters like Luffy from One Piece and Goku from Dragon Ball which keeps the fans more interested in the series.

Naruto easily trumps the others due to its relevance to real life situations and occurrences. It features the perfect blend of fantasy/fiction and reality.

The main character goes from feeding his natural need to fit in and find acceptance (many can relate to this) through the discovery of bonds and to becoming an evangelist of peace.

This show is much deeper than many others that are based around simple plots such as defending the world or being the best at something.

This is one of the best anime, how is this not Number 1. Naruto has so much to it, little romance, epic and action scenes, really emotional scenes and the suspense. Naruto is not all amazing epic fighting scenes, its also a anime where people can relate to a character, it show us how cruel life is and you mustn't give up no matter what. It also relates to real life, it talks about peace like what we want in the real world. Some people say that Naruto is stupid and child's anime, but No! Its not this anime teaches you many valuable things for life, it changes you and makes you become a better person. that's why Naruto should be at the top.

And this my other opinion/review...
Naruto was one of those moments you get once in a lifetime. You didn't watch it, you lived it. You were right there in the Hidden Leaf... Training with Kakashi, laughing with Iruka, fighting with Sasuke and walking alongside Jiraiya. Some days you were happy, other days you couldn't help but cry. You ...more

Naruto has set the new standard for Manga and Anime just like DBZ did years ago. Making fights less about powering up and insane strength and more about a battle of wills or minds or even ideals. A perfect example would be Naruto vs Pain. During which there are 2 confrontations going on, a physical fight between Naruto and the 7 pains and a philosophical one between him and Yagito (forgive my spelling) about the price of peace, themes are present like the nature of war, a students loyalty to his master, a fathers love for his son and it all being resolved with trusting the future generation. Which reflects the authors worries and revelations as a new father. Don't think I'm saying DBZ is bad because it's not, but it's style is a bit dated and Manga is expected as an art form to be more than a simple battle between good and evil.