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One Piece is a manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. The manga has been adapted into an original video animation (OVA) produced by Production I.G in 1998, and an anime series produced by Toei Animation, which began broadcasting in Japan in 1999 and has aired 842 episodes to date.


One piece is the only anime till now, and I've watched a lot! , that can and will make you shed tears of joy and sadness. When you watch one piece you get a sense of adventure that no other manga/anime delivers quite as well.
You will always find yourself wanting more.
One piece is at his 547 episode in the anime and 666 chapter in the manga, for the people who have not watched it or have watched only a few episodes you may think that with that many episodes there gotta be a lot of time wasting, well guess what in the whole 547 episodes you will find less then 50 filler episodes and even those will crack you up.
The amazing thing about one piece is that its writer found a way to tell a HUGE story that got twist plots and so much glamor while giving the audience a feeling of adventure that will never make you lose interest in the characters or the story.
For every episode you will watch you will be wondering what kind of adventure will be waiting for them next. You will be ...more

It's the best just as simple as that. I know why people started hating all suddenly, it was 4Kids! I hope they bankrupt and feel what it's like to ruin an amazing anime and make the anime's fan mad! And also some people just don't try One Piece because they think it's too long. When I first started the show, I didn't even know there were so many episodes, but I kept going and didn't notice it until later. People also stop watching when they start because I admit, the first few episodes weren't that good, because you know why? The show started in 1998 so the animation is poor compared to now. But if you keep going, man will it get real good. And also one of the things I like the most is that the show is original, unlike some of the other shows I have seen so far. Only Oda can make you cry, happy, and get excited! The theme of the show is deep also, friendship and following dreams than just epic fights and action scenes. One Piece should be number 2 at least, 'cause I disagree with ...more

Haters can suck it cause no other anime can hold a candle to one piece

I've seen a lot of anime, and it was impossible to decide which one I liked the most... Until I watched One Piece. It's still extremely difficult to decide my second favorite, but OP tops the list. The main idea may sound stupid and childish, (you know, a boy who ate a fruit that turned him into rubber and he becomes a pirate and is searching the world for the treasure that will make him the pirate king) but OP is more than that. As you go on into the anime, it gets better and better. It is very emotional at times, and extremely funny at others. The characters and, well, everything is just so unique about this anime! This anime changed my life. It taught me the true value of friendship and having the will to never give up. There is a lot of suspense (especially after you get to Water 7) and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat all night long. You never know what'll happen next! Do you absolutely hate it when you know who's gonna win? Well, OP is not like that. You'll ...more

One Piece is Just Amazing, The Story Of Three Brothers Setting Sail For Their Own Separate Adventures, And All Hoping To Become The Pirate King. Shows The Passion and Ambition You Need To Have To Achieve Your Dream, Also About The Friends That Are Precious To You. This Anime Should Have The Number 1 Spot On The List. This Is My Finishing Sentence "One Piece Is The Best"

I started with "Naruto" I liked it. Then went for "Death Note" I loved it. Then went for "Bleach" it captured me though after the death of aizen it started down hill. Then I started to looking for some new anime and came across a snip story of One Piece of some rubber guy, I thought what good it could be of. I hesitated to start it.! When I did, I was speech less how can some think a story like that. I laughed with it, I got inspired by it, I CRIED WITH IT!... Now Luffy never leaves my mind. I started with English dubs till the last of that and was not able to wait for next dub started sub and watched to the last of that still not able to wait went for Manga read till date. Now at the end of every Wednesday I impatiently waits for next Wednesday for next Manga. After that I started many anime like "Code Geass", "Full Metal Alchemist", "soul eater" etc. They all look good but One piece sets a bar so high that no one came close to it... And I think no one ever will be...

You can't beat this. Not even the granddaddy of Shonen anime can match what Oda has done with One Piece. The characters are all extremely unique and have traits that allow them to stand out. That's the big thing that is so great about this anime. It stands out. Naruto and Bleach are too typical. Naruto, ninjas, oh like that hasn't been done before. Sure they added their twist, but Ninjas are already extremely generic since they're part of actual Japanese history. Japan and Pirates however, go together like peas and cannonballs. The other thing is that OP gives the viewer variety in fights. You have precision sword fights, grind it out punch them until they stay down brawls, clashing of elements, unique powers going up against eachother. Finally, the comedy. No other anime times their comedy better, because you can't go wrong. The artwork is so cartoonish that it excuses any comic relief and makes it easy to work into a scene, even if it's intense. But Oda knows when to add comic ...more

Where do I start. I watch anime my whole life, a little bit of every type. In terms of what greatest really means I understand DBZ being over one piece, however, one piece is hands down the best anime I've seen. I'm a huge Naruto fan everything from ep.1 until now, the 4th ninjas war, sasuke and itachi fighting kabuto, but I got annoyed with filler and it's starting to take a turn away from one of the most interesting aspects the whole ninja tactics and planned strategy. I looked around and one piece was heavily suggested to me. I didn't want to watch it because I didn't like it when it originally aired on toonami years ago. I decided to give it a shot from ep. 1... My mind is blown! I'm much other then I was when the DBZ was my favorite and it manages to hook me in much stronger. I watched every episode and made the always rough transition from dubbed to subbed and now I'm completely caught up. (Franky shotgun is currently fighting baby 5 on punk hazard which Monet has just ...more

The characters are so well developed and the story itself is amazing. I love it. Absolutely adore One piece. Through the story you fin yourself cheering for the bad guys (the pirates) and wanting the good guys (the navy) to just go to hell. The mains are awesome and their personalities are so incredible. The humor is really fun too. I found myself laughing A LOT. But I also cried during the sad episode, example Marinefors War Arc, you just get so into the anime. And even though it can get kind of slow sometimes I still enjoy every second, even the fillers are awesome. One Piece really deserves first place, and I understand that Dragon Ball Z is awesome, I too love it. But it's time for another anime to be at the top. Things can't always stay the same, otherwise things would get boring. Dragon Ball Z will forever be a master piece. But now it's time for One Piece! (see what I did there? That was pretty clever if I must say so myself) But just trust me, you won't regret watching One ...more

One Piece changed my life for the better. I have to deal with depression, migraines and gender dysphoria. One Piece made me forget all of that. It brought be an would of adventure, friendship and magic. I can't thank the series enough for helping me find the beauty in life and for teaching me be grateful for the people around me and the things that I have. I can't claim to have half of the problems of the characters in One Piece. They went through a series of heartache but they pulled through and that is what I love about them. One Piece brings back all the basic lessons that we often miss out on: be loyal to your friends, keep moving more despite the pain, don't give up especially not on yourself, and much more. Not only that, but I find myself caring for the characters as though they were my flesh and blood. I cried for Going Merry, a ship, which goes to show you how powerful the story is. For some One Piece may be a great series, but for me it was miracle.

I really enjoyed Naruto and Bleach, but One Piece is a whole new level, One Piece made me realize that the Plots in Naruto and Bleach were quite small and frankly a bit boring. In fact now that I think about it I never stopped watching One Piece like I did with Naruto and Bleach mainly because of the deep connections you can have with the characters. I mean look at Naruto, every episode I watched is always about Naruto, even the Title is Naruto, It gives less time to other characters to makes bonds with the audience. Bleach really disappointed me when it ended. Everybody looks so awesome with their new look and boom show is over. One Piece's characters never fall off ever, their all so memorable and so unique (non-pants wearing cyborg, talking singing skeleton, talking transforming reindeer).

Many would not want to watch this anime just for the reason that the characters doesn't look quite nice compare to other animes, I would admit that I was one of them. However, I tried watching the first episode just to give it a try because there were some friends who bugged me to watch it, and I must say, I was hooked immediately! Storyline was by far, the greatest amongst all the anime I've watched... And then eventually, you'll also realize that the character design doesn't bother you anymore, in fact, you'll realized that there's a reason why the characters looked like that, and for me I thought, yeah! The character design suited their personality. Now I understand the creator why he designed the characters to look like that.

I'm so amaze with the writer's imagination. He was able to keep me interested and amaze since the first episode, and I'm still waiting for more episodes and will definitely wait until its end. It made me laugh, cry, angry, there are lots of things this ...more

One piece is the most awesome and epic anime I've ever seen. Personally, it's my favorite considering that I have watched a bunch of anime's already. The story is unique. Seriously oda-sensei is great. The way he connects the story is way too awesome that it sometimes leaves you in shock and just say to your self "wow". You really can't hate any of the characters that is shown in one piece. As a matter of fact, you grow to love all of them specially luffy. The development of the characters are awesome too from the strawhat crew, their allies and all their enemies. You really can't help but have fun, laugh and giggle on your seat while watching and reading. Seriously, One Piece should be ranked number 1. It's way too awesome.

There really aren't enough words to explain how amazing one piece is maybe because my education is still in middle school almost in high school but one piece is a true work of art I just wish I had as much creativity and sheer ingenuity and epic way of storytelling as oda does sure when I saw the first episode the first thing I thought was what did I convince my self into watching but as I progressed along through the anime I learned to love it without really knowing it I was crunching in like 10 to 15 episodes a day that's how much I loved it, the characters are so epic and many people can understand their struggles and connect on an emotional level there are almost non stop laughs until like luffy gets so damn serious you just wanna hug him for the things he says to his enemies. the characters are just so well developed the backstories are just heart warming and heart wrenching you fall in love with the whole straw hat crew including their boat going merry I literally shed a tear ...more

One piece is so much more than just your average shonen!
Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Sanji, Robin, Franky and Usopp are more than just ficitional characters!

You can create an anime where the characters constantly talk about their dreams and how much they want to accomplish them. In some they might succeed, in others they might not. But one piece is not about reaching a goal, one piece is about the journey to get there, about the importance of friends and that you should never, I repeat NEVER give up. Wheather it's becoming the worlds greatest swordsman, finding places no one thought existed. Or even something as crazy as being the pirate king. If you don't follow your dreams, there's no way you can ever even hope to reach them. Search for what you believe in, and bet your life on it! That's what One piece taught me. And that is so much more than just a lesson.

Naruto, one piece, bleach.. They all have something good about each other. But one of them has more good stuff and is closest to being at the same level of greatness than dragon ball. That is one piece. This anime was meant for only 120 episodes but th story was so damn great they already have over 500 episodes and that's just half way through. If you haven't seen this show your not a real anime fan, cause this is exceptionally the best anime can get. You might not like how it is drawn, you might say it is childish and doesn't get serious and stuff but that's just why it is so dam epic geniously well made. Seriously if you say Naruto or bleach or even death note are awesome you first have to watch one piece. you wont find out how good it is until you see the whole series and you wont regret it

Although as a child I remember watching Dragonball and being completely washed away by it, I honestly think it stands ABSOLUTELY no chance against One Piece!
I find it genius how an anime almost 10 years old still perfectly sticks to the storyline that started in the first episodes. You get covered hints in the first episodes that unveiled 6 years later. Most anime series that are this long, if not all, get their plots and characters lost somewhere on the way, Bleach being the worst at that.
One Piece is all about simple feelings taken to an extreme, to the point of making you cry like a baby or laugh like an idiot. It's the best anime ever and I advise everyone to endure the first episodes and watch it, it's really worth it!

(Robin and the 100 year void, along with the One Piece, the biggest achievement in plot complexity in my opinion, still itching :P)

One Piece is the anime that I consider to be the best anime of all times. Why? This amazing anime (which has a unique and specific storyline, a lot of characters with own, sad stories which had a extremely hard life) is set in the 15th, 16th century but it exists in its own unique and amazing world) includes humor, drama, action... The whole story is made up in a chaotic world which shows us-the observer who have a feeling of beeing involved into the story and not just wathcing it, the reality in a sarcastic and ironic way-Drugs, child abuse, wars, homicides, racism, revenge, friendship, love, dreams, hatred, lies, truth which is in the end a lie too and last but not at least hope!... Maybe One Piece has a "long" and "complex" storyline, but I prefer rather a "long" and "complex" story and characters than a boring imitation of One Piece. I just love the way how this great anime shows everything what our world offers today-bad and good things. Its just overwhelming how a world which is ...more

I love one piece!. At first one piece didn't really grab me but then once it got up to the ennis lobby arc I fell in love with it!. The character development is fantastic! And cried at robins past. One piece is my favrite because the story is not repetitive at all. You can't say that you hate one piece if you not up to date with it. Those who are patient end up with a new Favorite anime!. It's the one anime that still suprises me and makes me laugh every episode. The story starts simple but then becomes a unique and detailed story with events that happen around episode 20 that connect up to events 200 episodes later. One piece becomes pure genius and develops a in depth story with characters who you love. Luffy is no as happy-go-lucky as he first seems. With plot twist and fantastic funny arcs and 8 completly different people who have their own dreams, sad pasts and goals they aspire to. People who discard one piece because they don't like pirates don't have to worry as the charaters ...more

One Piece is the best shounen anime of all time! It has such an epic and perfectly written story, powerful emotional scenes that make even a grown 30 year old man like me cry, and fights that are hilarious or incredibly epic. The characters are very charming and have unique traits, after a while you don�'t want to miss ANY of them. Oh, and One Piece has the best comedy by far. I always laugh, I always cry, I always get blown away by the action. I watch / read One Piece since over 10 years and it NEVER bored me even for a single moment. It really is that awesome and in my opinion millions of miles better than DBZ, Naruto and Bleach. Give it a try and don�'t judge it by the art style. For me it seemed weird as well at first but you will grow to love it. Today I can�'t imagine One Piece in any other style! Thank you Eiichiro Oda for this masterpiece!

Honestly speaking I think One Piece is simply amazing (absolutely love it), people who hesitate to watch it please Don't, please just watch it I promise you that you won't regret it. The story its self is most impressive (incredible to say the least), comedy is on point (you will laugh #fact), fight scene really good (kick ass), the emotion One Piece brings forth you can't explain its just special and you have to see it for yourself.. over all more then exceptional anime and top of my list definitely my favorite.. I'll give it 9 out of 10, it is so catchy once you get properly into it 600 episodes will fly like its nothing and just leave you wanting more, every true anime lover or even if just like a damn good show you should definitely watch One Piece, entertainment at its best-posted by-Immortal Evans

One piece is just awesome. The plot is so intense, so complicated. There are no nonsense episodes that have no meaning. The imagination of the writer is amazing, the map, the creatures, the powers. It really is epic, you can see the whole world of one piece, unlike many anime's of today that only occur within a small time scale or a limited world. One piece is a window into the world of the Straw Hats. I just can applaud it enough. I could grow old watching this anime.

One piece has to be the only anime where I actually like ALL of the main characters. They are all so different and unique and yet I love them all. The fights are brilliant and it's the only anime which I can stand to watch in English subbed. There's nothing quite like it and it really touches your heart. Every character has been through so much and you're there through it all. Luffy is always so funny and he's not too strong like some of the other main characters in other animes. Its like one punch and the fight is over. But he does have his cool moments where he sweeps away his opponents from time to time. Even though the anime is long there isn't a single part of it in which I got bored watching it, like Bleach and the bounts. (you know what I'm talking about because most people stopped watching bleach at this point) If you haven't seen One Piece than please do your self a favor and start watching it. You will forever be in love with the Straw Hat Crew.

Maintaining such impeccable quality for such a long period is the best thing about Onepiece. It has a great plot that keeps every viewer guessing and probing for little details to uncover some hidden meaning. The characters are all well thought out and there's a sense of connection between each and every one of them (Not just Luffy's crew). One can also understand where a character's coming from, why he's behaving in such a way, his motives, powers etc. Humour is another strong point of this series, it's just so natural rather than a gag type of humour. It does lack a bit of strong emotion and some things are unexplainable but hey, it's an anime!

This show should be #1 because it's amazing! What I really like about it is each character has their own characteristics if that makes any sense. Like mostly all of them are unique in their own way. Like Luffy being the careless captain who does whatever he wants without thinking ahead; not to mention his unrelenting confindence in everything he does. And how he's stays true to his goals, morals, and friends. And then there's Zoro who is forever getting lost, but he's so serious sometimes. And Nami who is the brains in the group who steals stuff (cat burgular). And Usopp the lying coward. I mean, the way you can just easily identify the characters amazes me! Its hard not to like any of them! OH and don't even GET me started on the storyline!...

This anime should be only behind dragon ball Z. Dragon Ball z is number because it changed the way anime should be and opened the doors to One Piece itself. One Piece on the other hand took over from Dragon Ball Z and removed all the negatives of DBZ. There is no other anime that has a better story line, character development, story pregression logical progression and no inconsistencies in the story. Anybody who rate OP behind Naruto certainly has not seen OP in its entirety, yes it starts slow but damn it gets better and better, the most amazing thing about it is that the best is yet to come. Unlike anime that starts hot but fade as the author has ran out ideas trying to prolong the story resulting in diminished quality.