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221 Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Why is this not in the top ten? Seriously guys, give this show a shot - it's amazing and well written

This anime is all about realistic politics, real world tactics and realistic tactics.

I prefer dub over sub but this anime is so good you will not mind subtitles._ number one anime of all time I say._ top 10 at least. People watch this please, you will not regret it..

248 are the people voting in this site are children this anime is a masterpiece an all time classic. The animation is great, story is top class, characters are superb and the bgm of this is really great and perfect for a space opera anime.

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222 Bakuman

I've literally watched over 200 anime series, but not one among those has ever felt as complete as Bakuman does to me. I've seen the series all the way through multiple times, and my feelings about this have only grown more concrete. At first I was uncertain about the second season, feeling it was somehow weaker than the first and third seasons, but with that as my only complaint, and with that complaint completely overturned after my first re-watch of the series, I can say that Bakuman is (at the very least, in my opinion) the single greatest anime that has ever been created. Never before has any story been able to convey everything to me so perfectly: joy, depression, success, defeat, comedy, pain, anger, frustration, and inspiration. Moreover, ideas of love, friendship, and rivalry have never been laid out to me in such a way as this, wherein I'm left wishing to be a part of it all. In over 200 series I've seen, none yet has raised the bar for me as high as this has.

Not my usual cup of tea but this is one of the best animes I've ever watched! I've learnt so much about manga world and have started to look at anime and manga from a different point of view after watching this.

The story is for dreamers!

Dude, this is made by TAKESHI OBATA, the author of Death Note! - ChocoMint

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223 Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series

This is a great series that makes a terrific satire. It is funny and witty and worth watching. But each episode is about 5-10 minutes and it is worth watching it on YouTube.

Why is this even on the list?

Then why not add Dragon Ball Z abridged then? - P-51IsDaBest


224 Chrono Crusade

Good series but if you want it to be better read the manga. I like the anime but the manga was way better. I cried at the end of both, so you can tell it's sad. It gets a little complicated to understand in the anime but I found the manga really easy to understand. It's a good series to watch/read but please, read it first.

225 Serial Experiments Lain Serial Experiments Lain Serial Experiments Lain is an avant-garde anime series directed by Ryutaro Nakamura, with character design by Yoshitoshi ABe, screenplay written by Chiaki J. Konaka, and produced by Yasuyuki Ueda for Triangle Staff. It was broadcast on TV Tokyo from July to September 1998. The series is influenced by more.

I'm actually quite surprised this isn't higher. This anime is amazing! From it's amazing background and setting to its unique character design, this anime is deserving of a higher place. It's none that I've ever seen before, and have you heard Lain's theme yet? It's outstanding and badass! - NerdyPweeps

Can't believe I had to add this...

This is one of the best animes I watched I remember watching it as a kid

How is this so low? - izayaorihara

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226 Hell Girl

In my honest opinion hell girl was a good anime. They focus on drama that some unfortunate people do face and they believe that the only way out is to send that person to hell. And plus hell girl has great dub. - Ruthanime0

The best anime ever

Such a creepy anime! The concept of Enma Ai is disturbing yet oddly intruiging, and the story is fascinating! - emeraldfennekin

227 Golden Time

Best romance/drama anime I've ever seen, don't have a clue why this is rated so low. I cried throughout the last 3 episodes. Definitely a must watch.

It is great anime very funny but also sad at the same time it is worth watching.

Best romantic comedy ever! Ending is a little sad... But the whole anime is cheerful and hilarious!

Golden time is best forever

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228 Please Teacher!

Finally! I was wonder if someone had common sense here. Please Teacher / Onegai Teacher is my favorite anime ever! The story is about a 18 year old boy named Kei (though he says he is 15) who was stargazing one night and all of the sudden a UFO appears from the water and a beautiful woman appears sort of nearby him. She is there to explore Earth because her father was from Earth. Later on, he sees the same woman who appears to be his teacher! All the kids are stunned by her beauty. After school, Kei goes home and sees that the woman lived next door to him. Her name is (forgot her first name) Kazami. Well, skip ahead, Kei is forced to marry her and at first Kei doesn't feel attracted to Kazami, but later on he eventually does. Other characters fall in love with him too (some don't end up with him), and when Kazami sees him with these other girl, she get extremely sad and starts to cry. Kei, being a sweet guy cares for her when she cries and kisses her to show that he truly does. So, ...more - Jetflight

Enjoy watching how hilarious this anime is... Very romantic as well

Why in the hell is this so damn low?! Did u guys even watch this? Or are u guys just plain dumb? This is not just your ordinary romance boy meets girl story, it is very well thought out and has a unique storyline about an alien disguised as a teacher and a boy who has an odd sickness. Truly a classic lovestory, even better than most anime on thid list, please watch this, recommend for everyone who's looking for a great romantic anime.

229 Basilisk

I love basilisk it is one of my favorite the main character

230 Umineko: When They Cry
231 WataMote

I finished it some weeks ago. I died of embarrassment on episode 4. Tomoko is so shy. I have social problems, but I feel good after watching other characters being worse than me. I mean, she didn't even know how to communicate. You MUST watch it. But it's not for children because of language and a few sex references (mostly made for fun)

Finally! After FOREVER I find this anime here!

So unappreciated, despite it have relatable characters and awesome art quality in the anime.

I was searching for his anime, AND FINALLY I FOUND IT! its is the best anime and the art is amazing! The opening of the song is amazing, and I can't stop listening to the song at the end. I honestly can't stop watching this anime

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232 Captain Fatz and the Seamorphs
233 Mob Psycho 100 Mob Psycho 100

So I just finished 9 episodes of this anime... just 9... and I have to say that this anime is FANTASTIC. It's from the creators of One Punch Man and its story is so damn good! This very well may end up being my favorite new anime of 2016. Hear me out: this anime is actually BETTER than One Punch Man in terms of story and characters. The action scenes are still magnificent, though, so don't be afraid to check this one out. - Mcgillacuddy

Really I would go for fairy tail but I have to vote for this to gwt it on the list. There are 10 episodes of this anime and it by far surpasses almost all anime I have ever seen in my life in just 10 episodes. (My opinion) mob is such a likeable character who expiriences emotional containment and when he gets mad Ior sad or courageous he always pushes himself beyond his limit. And I love that about him. The animation is very fluid however the graphics are quite dodgy but the fightscenes are awesome and intense. Not to mention this anime has amazing support characters such as ritsu, dimple, teru, and my favourite, reigan. This anime is bound to get you to pick up the manga and keep going. Not to mention this anime had one of the greatest anime moments I have ever seen in my life when he was sad. (Mob psycho fans will know what I am talking about)

This anime is amazing. The way that the anime is made is very cool.It's probably in my top ten anime list. No dought this anime is made by one punch man creators. It's actually even better than one punch man. I hope they make at least 200 episodes.


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234 Sket Dance

Well, I read the manga first, and I was hooked to it! When I discovered that there is an anime for this, I watched it directly! Really funny anime and very original. It captures the essences of Japanese culture. ITS DARN HILARIOUS!

This anime is awesome. It's about a boy starting a high school club which helps people. Okay, if any of you feel that there is no romance in Episode 77, there couldn't be any way to improve it. I tried to daydream my own last episode but I just couldn't. If you still feel that the last episode sucks, watch the OVA. It's great! - Animefan12

I love this anime! My guts can't take it anymore because its too hilarious!
I would so recommend this anime! This is my is my second favourite anime!
Sket dance is a club with 3 members helping people even if the situation is big or small, sket dance would help them... So funny

SKET means support kindness encouragement troubleshoot. They named their club after the very aspects of helping. Sorry if my English is wrong. Not an native speaker.

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235 Flame of Recca

I really love this anime because if the characters. I find animes that include fighting and powers very entertaining. If you'll watch it you'll love it too. If the anime is great, I can never forget it because I always get to have a crush on handsome/pretty characters

This show reminds me of yu yu hakusho... Both shows are really good though.

One of the anime that you must watch. Thrilling and somewhat similar to yu yu hakusho and dragon ball Z. Fighting scenes are also great. Overall good anime with good characters

Damn miss this anime

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236 Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell!

The best anime ever... It's sad that they only made 150 episodes! I wanted more!

It is the best anime ever always it's the best. Go zatchbell ya

They really should dub episodes 105-150. This show was my childhood!

So good I love it - emeraldfennekin

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237 Project K

Guys Guys Guys The best Anime on 149 C'on it deserves on top 10 at least this is the best anime soundtrack Opening theme 13 episodes worth watching VOTE LET'S MAKE IT IN TOP 10 I guess there's an error in making it 149 season two is coming so excited!

By far my favorite anime! Why isn't this top 20 at least?!

Project K can't be #153! Vote it up! It's a brilliant anime! - Animefan12

This is one of my top ten animes! It has a great hook and it has you constantly on edge. Great plot, character development, I can't think of words to describe this truly wonderful anime.

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238 Fist of the North Star Fist of the North Star

I feel like it should be noted that, at the time I sent this message, Monopoly was only 60 ranks behind...

This is probably the best laugh I've had in ages.

Oh my god just oh my god it is a shame we have all these 2 year old narutards going sasuke is a boss oh yeah not bashing Naruto it's my 3rd favorite series but fist of the North Star is a masterpiece and should be higher

The original is a timeless classic

A man punches a tank until it explodes.

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239 Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, known in Japan as Hoshi no Kirby, is a Japanese anime series created by Warpstar, Inc.

I don't really like Anime anymore but Kirby is really funny and I like it because of the computer game that I really enjoyed back in the day and because of Meta Knight, King Dedede, Nightmare and of course Kirby himself - all of them are really cool characters. - IronMaidenFan666

My friend says that this sucks, he is an idiot.
My other friend says he is bad-ass, the beast! And I agree with him.

I love this anime!

It's swag

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240 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

It is the super best high school drama I have ever seen + read

One of the best anime I ever watched and they have to make season 2

This Anime is amazing it DESERVES MORE at least MAKE IT TO 20

This anime deserve at least top 20

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