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221 Doraemon Doraemon Doraemon is a fictional character in the Japanese manga and anime series of the same name created by Fujiko Fujio, the pen name of writing team Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

Most Creative anime ever.

Come on is the best anime since ever we all grew up with him he taught us how to solve life problems

I love this cartoon... The best... It should be in the 1st no,

WHAT?! 214?! HOW?! Should be much higher!

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222 Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

It may be a little heavy on the fan service for my tastes, but it has something not enough anime do. Or maybe I am the only one that has a totally overpowered character that wins everything. I grow tired of pansy-ass protagonists losing all the time and needing help or recovery. Despite what may seen like just boobs and action, there is more to it. In fact, the occasional emotional scene holds more power due to its scarcity. The plot itself has an interesting tone. It isn't particularly unique, sort of a cousin concept to HACK or Sword Art Online. It is far more deserving than #214.

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223 Gundam

A guy gets a robot fight for the army 11/10 will watch again

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224 Kuroshitsuji II

I love this series! The only thing I kind of didn't like was the ending (SPOILER ALERT) like when Alois is killed by Claude and when Ciel becomes a demon. Well ok the ciel as demon this is ok, but Alois was my favorite! (SPOILER END) This one is almost as good as the first season, although it's kind of confusing when Claude and Alois are in the picture. Still good! I end up crying whenever I watch this anime. It's so addicting. Deserves to be higher.

This series always has me in awe
Not to brag, but I'm the queen of this entire series.

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225 Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Mobile Suit Gundam 00

I really love love Gundam. Me and my dad used to watch it all the time!

Just amazing! Enough said

Wow! If you liked code geass, evangelion or gundam wing watch this one.
Shoul at least be on the top 20.

226 YuYu Hakusho

I like it when a rascal like yusuke becomes the main character haha.
Ray gun!

I really like this anime.,.,.,. It's really teach how to become a fighter..



227 Sunday Without God

It was an absolutely beautiful anime, the plot and characters are so well developed. Although it is only around 13 episodes, this is a must watch for anyone. I hope they make a second season

This anime is so amazing, but if I'm being honest, I really need to finish it :/

228 Hayate the Combat Butler Hayate the Combat Butler

Lucky is very lucky to be mistress of a butler like Hayate. This show will definitely make anyone smile. The dutiful Hayate and the jealous in love Nagi form one f the cutest anime couple.

I love this anime from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget it as I love the characters so much, go watch for yourself if you have any doubts, a few episodes will clear them. If I got chance to go to anime world then I wont choose Naruto, bleach or one piece but thiz you will see why.

I never really want it to end. It got everything. Its just so awesome. Just watch it you wont be dissapointed for sure. Love it

I was searching for this anime and anew others.All the animes I know should be in the top ten somehow even though they are a lot 😡😛

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229 Tsubasa Chronicle

I'm so surprised that this story is on the low ranks.. This is actually a very amazing story.. It's just that it is so short. You'll wish to see the next episode of what will happen next.

Tsubasa Chronicles is like the epic love story, I mean yeah they fall epically but.. well it was a really really good manga. He goes into different dimensions to get her memory back knowing that if he does get her memory back every piece of him in those memories will be erased. That some serious Romeo Juliette destruction love.

I effing love this anime the action is amazing... Full depth character description that makes you love (almost) every single one of them. Plus MOKONA IS AMAZING

Its kinda cardcaptor sakura rip off and it kinda sucks, sory guys

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230 Psycho-Pass Psycho-Pass Psycho-Pass is an anime television series that was produced by Production I.G, directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani & Katsuyuki Motohiro and written by Gen Urobuchi.

While having enough hot guys to satisfy the needs of a girl, it also boasts of an infinitely cool and badass concept that is just mindblowing. There are many dramatic moments, and the songs can raise your hairs and also help build the suspense of many scenes. The characters are all the clever type, not the kind that you can't bear with, and all of them have different and diverse personalities as well as solid back stories. The actions scenes are amazing, and even when the characters are just sitting around and talking, their conversations hold the audiences' attention well, and do not waste any time getting to the point. Characters are portrayed well in the series, and the character development is good. There is no mushiness, no boringness, and absolutely no stale moments. Every second is used well, and I simply can't wait for a Season 3, if there is one.

An absolutely profound and just plain beautiful anime series, and one which has an ending that made me hug a pillow to my chest and stare teary-eyed at the screen long after the end credits had rolled. I cannot commend this anime enough for the take it took on our future, as well as the not-so-subtle-at-times social critiquing of our current day and age. As go through episode upon episode, you can't help but look around yourself at the end of each one and see the current world in a different light. On top of that, the characters are well-developed and nuanced, the animation is smooth and definitely an asset, and the pacing is done incredibly well. If that doesn't constitute as 'great', then I don't know what does, so come on and lend a hand to bump this anime up to where it should be: no. 1.

It is an amazing anime, it is well animated, clever, well thought out, and doesn't focus on fan service every second. It is philosophical and challenged your view on the world around you and where it is heading.

Amazing - emeraldfennekin

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231 Flame of Recca

I really love this anime because if the characters. I find animes that include fighting and powers very entertaining. If you'll watch it you'll love it too. If the anime is great, I can never forget it because I always get to have a crush on handsome/pretty characters

This show reminds me of yu yu hakusho... Both shows are really good though.

One of the anime that you must watch. Thrilling and somewhat similar to yu yu hakusho and dragon ball Z. Fighting scenes are also great. Overall good anime with good characters

Damn miss this anime

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232 Bakuman

I've literally watched over 200 anime series, but not one among those has ever felt as complete as Bakuman does to me. I've seen the series all the way through multiple times, and my feelings about this have only grown more concrete. At first I was uncertain about the second season, feeling it was somehow weaker than the first and third seasons, but with that as my only complaint, and with that complaint completely overturned after my first re-watch of the series, I can say that Bakuman is (at the very least, in my opinion) the single greatest anime that has ever been created. Never before has any story been able to convey everything to me so perfectly: joy, depression, success, defeat, comedy, pain, anger, frustration, and inspiration. Moreover, ideas of love, friendship, and rivalry have never been laid out to me in such a way as this, wherein I'm left wishing to be a part of it all. In over 200 series I've seen, none yet has raised the bar for me as high as this has.

Not my usual cup of tea but this is one of the best animes I've ever watched! I've learnt so much about manga world and have started to look at anime and manga from a different point of view after watching this.

The story is for dreamers!

Dude, this is made by TAKESHI OBATA, the author of Death Note! - ChocoMint

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233 Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Why is this not in the top ten? Seriously guys, give this show a shot - it's amazing and well written

This anime is all about realistic politics, real world tactics and realistic tactics.

Really really? Dragon ball #1 One piece #2 Maan this anime is another level it's not even comparable it's the best anime in history and I can't imagine something better. This anime must be number #1 on this list and Code geass/Gintama Number 2/3. And monster FMA:brotherhood stiens:gate Baccano! YuYu hakusho HxH 2011 Cowboy bebop rainbow kinshen ova must be in the top 15 at least

248 are the people voting in this site are children this anime is a masterpiece an all time classic. The animation is great, story is top class, characters are superb and the bgm of this is really great and perfect for a space opera anime.

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234 Chrono Crusade

Good series but if you want it to be better read the manga. I like the anime but the manga was way better. I cried at the end of both, so you can tell it's sad. It gets a little complicated to understand in the anime but I found the manga really easy to understand. It's a good series to watch/read but please, read it first.

235 Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series

This is a great series that makes a terrific satire. It is funny and witty and worth watching. But each episode is about 5-10 minutes and it is worth watching it on YouTube.

Why is this even on the list?

Then why not add Dragon Ball Z abridged then? - P-51IsDaBest


236 Gakuen Alice

Most people don't understand that this is the best because they haven't read the manga for it. READ THE MANGA PEOPLE. You will understand then why all of us Gakuen Alice fans are saying this is the best anime we have seen/ mange we have read. The manga brings out the relationship of Natsume and Mikan, you must read it. The manga is better than the anime. If there was a second season you would probably see the romantic aspects, but for now you must find out why this should be #1 and read. It is cute and romantic and comedic and all around the best darn thing I've ever seen or read. - zoeybird2266

The best romantic and cutest relationship. MUST SEE! Gakuen Alice made me think about so many times so that proves to me that it is the best anime that you can never get rid of. It will just make you want to watch animes similar to it!

I love this anime and the manga (MUST READ)
I don't understand why it's in the back, it should be on top ten because it is on my list. So my advice start reading the manga. Its an adorable story you will never forget but seriously READ THE MANGA PEOPLE. Natsume and Mikan have a beautiful, cute and undoubtful relationship. It is better than some crap you see in the front anyway so ENJOY.

My first anime ever...i think it deserves top 10 position,its story has depth and intensity that a anime lover wants and an awesome humor that people can die for...i love it so much...
READ THE MANGA,if you are not satisfied with anime...
if unable to find where-to-read then check out will help you
it helped me greately to continue my favorite manga

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237 Umineko: When They Cry
238 Demon King Daimao

I loved it.. Funny and sexy all at the same time... Yummy is all I can say wish they had session 2 allas they don't so I'm pretty upset about that but overall I loved it.

Super funny the whole plot was actually smart. And also yes the fan service overall one of the best fantasy, ecchi I have ever watched!

239 Please Teacher!

Finally! I was wonder if someone had common sense here. Please Teacher / Onegai Teacher is my favorite anime ever! The story is about a 18 year old boy named Kei (though he says he is 15) who was stargazing one night and all of the sudden a UFO appears from the water and a beautiful woman appears sort of nearby him. She is there to explore Earth because her father was from Earth. Later on, he sees the same woman who appears to be his teacher! All the kids are stunned by her beauty. After school, Kei goes home and sees that the woman lived next door to him. Her name is (forgot her first name) Kazami. Well, skip ahead, Kei is forced to marry her and at first Kei doesn't feel attracted to Kazami, but later on he eventually does. Other characters fall in love with him too (some don't end up with him), and when Kazami sees him with these other girl, she get extremely sad and starts to cry. Kei, being a sweet guy cares for her when she cries and kisses her to show that he truly does. So, ...more - Jetflight

Enjoy watching how hilarious this anime is... Very romantic as well

Why in the hell is this so damn low?! Did u guys even watch this? Or are u guys just plain dumb? This is not just your ordinary romance boy meets girl story, it is very well thought out and has a unique storyline about an alien disguised as a teacher and a boy who has an odd sickness. Truly a classic lovestory, even better than most anime on thid list, please watch this, recommend for everyone who's looking for a great romantic anime.

240 Captain Fatz and the Seamorphs
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