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241 Squid Girl Squid Girl

343? It's awesome! Even though she's a small girl, squid girl constantly shows scenes of thug life!

Why is this all the way back here? Help bring this up the list!

It is fun to watch

I love this want seaon 3

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242 History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

This series is funny and great character development. Not to mention that this anime has a ton of martial arts permeating through every episode of it. It is definitely a must see anime.

This anime is a really good martial arts anime and is perfect for those people that have a sense of humor perfect for those who like weak people beating up the strong in anime as well as having really unusual characters being introduced

I watched this recently and It reminds me of reborn, little short but it has a really good plot and each character has an important roll to play throughout the whole series.

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243 Project K

Guys Guys Guys The best Anime on 149 C'on it deserves on top 10 at least this is the best anime soundtrack Opening theme 13 episodes worth watching VOTE LET'S MAKE IT IN TOP 10 I guess there's an error in making it 149 season two is coming so excited!

By far my favorite anime! Why isn't this top 20 at least?!

Project K can't be #153! Vote it up! It's a brilliant anime! - Animefan12

This is one of my top ten animes! It has a great hook and it has you constantly on edge. Great plot, character development, I can't think of words to describe this truly wonderful anime.

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244 To Love Ru: Darkness

Awesome :D pLEASE watch this ANIME

Boobs, butt, harem.. what more can I say?

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245 Princess Tutu Princess Tutu read more.

This anime is so underrated. If you tell someone to watch Princess Tutu, they'd be like "that name sounds so girlish. I am not interested in watching it." I have met a few people who did not watch this anime because of it's name. People should learn not to judge anime like that. And this is definitely not a kid's show and it's not girlish either. I hardly think that this anime is appropriate for a person who is below the age of 12. It's even rated 13+ on some sites. For me, it was a great anime! Don't let that name fool you! It's get darker and darker after the first few episodes. - ToukaKirishima

This should really be a lot higher... It has nice character development, plot, and music choices. Plus a unique concept and a good length.

What is this anime doing at the bottom while highschool DxD has a higher rank that this? This should be on the top.

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246 School Rumble

Funniest show I've ever seen in my life. It's so random and ridiculously over the top! Perfect school comedy. There's romance comedy some action and even a bit of drama. Two seasons of sheer epic ness.

One of the best romantic comedy anime ever. Rivals Clannad in terms of sadness and in my opinion it's much funnier, crazier, and has better characters

The. Best. Anime. Ever. I'm dead serious. Where the hell is this? Why is this not on the list. This is my all time favorite anime. It has everything you could ask for. A good protagonist, lots of humor, and beautiful girls! Tenma is so hot, like no joke. I wanna see this as number one.

Love this show! Haring should've hooked up with yakimo!

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247 Nabari No Ou

This anime is one of the best for sure a hidden gem anybody that likes anime should watch this not surprised its rank 255 for the people that have watched this anime knows its rank at least top 50 unless your strictly a comedy fan

The best anime you will ever see funny and sad at times at the end you will fall in love with this anime and you will cry

I really enjoyed this anime! It's full of action and drama

This is an amazing manga and anime! Perfect for action and drama!

248 Black Cat

My adolescence will not be complete without this anime well I was in elementary when I first saw this and watched it again like 2 times. But I just don't like the cliffhanger ending which pisses me off. Overall great action, fantasy anime with an awesome storyline and also one of the most awesome, badass protagonist, train.

Guys I know that this show sounds stupid but I loved watching all 23 subbed episodes (24 dubbed) and I recommend this for people who want a good storyline anime

Black Cat Rocks! Meow! If you like Cowboy Bebop and the characters in it, then you'll love these guys. They are very similar in nature. There is even one that looks like VT from BeBop. For cat lovers this is the one. Well there is also Cat Planet Cuties and the cats of Sailor Moon. Train is adorably cute, especially when dressed as a girl. Purrfection with awesome music too boot. Paws Up!

Number 235? The people on here must be high

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249 Trinity Blood

It is very good anime, exciting, if you want to watch some vampire anime better start watching this.

Wish for a second season, it has a lot of potential

The soundtrack,characters,and history arc are well developed,a shame that the final chapter ends on a cliffhanger,and we never see the end that the author would to show us..
Many people believe this is a Tri Gun's clone.

250 Genesis of Aquarion
251 11Eyes V 1 Comment
252 Ninja Scroll V 2 Comments
253 Mobile Suit Gundam V 1 Comment
254 Noragami Noragami

I love Noeagami! I watched all of the episodes within like three days. Then again there are only twelve episodes, but still people! Definitely worth your time and patience! You will fall in love with the characters and I highly doubt just the anime will fulfill your needs, so it's manga time! I'm currently reading the manga and checking everyday to see if new installments have come in because it is just perfection! It actually is very high on the manga list on this website. Noragami is on Netflix and I believe it's on adult swim. You can also watch a few episodes on YouTube maybe. I know there's the first episode, but I'm not sure if there are any others. I cannot tell you how good this anime is. The music is really catchy too. I even downloaded the theme song on iTunes! You should really consider Noragami next time you are bored or looking for a new show.

Noragami is a new, but AMAZING anime, and I personally cannot stress how much you need to watch this anime. I'm reading the manga, as well, and it's safe to say it's one of my favorites! Noragami is a mix of supernatural, action, adventure, and even a little romance. Noragami is about a girl named Hiyori who gets hit by a bus while trying to save a boy, who she finds out is really a not-so-popular God. This anime is by far one you can't miss out and I've already watched the series several times! Please, please, please! This deserves to be up higher!

It may seem weird, but it shocks me that this anime isn't very popular. Sure, they don't have a dub for it and there's only 12 episodes, but it's still an anime I'd suggest to anyone. It's personally on of the most interesting and intriguing animes I've ever seen, and there's not many that are like it. You should definitely watch it!

How isn't this way farther up?! This anime is amazing! - emeraldfennekin

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255 No Game No Life No Game No Life

Great anime! I love the colours and design of this as well as the moving plot and all the great strategies the characters come up with. I wish it could longer, it's only 12 episodes long and it's barely even finished.

I know this is still ongoing but 160?! Are you kidding? This is a fantastic anime! This should really be at least at 50 not at 160!

No Game, No life is a really good anime, I started watching this recently and it is pretty new. Shiro is so cute and the plot is great!

I think the season 2 is delayed cause some idiot accused the artist of tracing.

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256 Green Green

At first I watched this because I was bored but then It really grabbed my attention and I'm just dissapointed that it's not longer because 13 episodes clearly doesn't describe how awesome this anime is

This anime was great.
This was the first anime that I watched I really loved it!

257 Hyouka Hyouka

One of the Best Mystery anime.

Good story and brings you to think of every detail in every episode.
Try to blink once and you'll die.
That's Hyouka's rule.

This is MY best anime!

The story of season 1 is incomplte there will be season 2

258 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

I don't think this anime could match with the animes from the 60's and the 70's, but one of the best in the 2000's. What make this anime amazing is that the laughs doesn't make sense at all. It is hard to make people entertained if there is no reason to get entertained.

I promise u will laugh at some thing in the show its hilarious

Searched all through this list just to find this show so funny.


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259 Welcome to the N.H.K.

Amazing anime! You see yourself in the main character. It makes you think differently about life. Very good if you need some sympathy and you are alone. Also the music in it is very good. It will keep you some good company

Beautiful anime and its really worth your time. Those who can relate to this anime are the ones who will love it the most. The plot is great and anyone could live the alone life like the main character. Or at least can come close to it. Amazing, beautiful anime that everyone should watch

One of the best plots I have ever seen

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260 Kissxsis

I LOVED this anime and the female characters are beautiful

This one is funny

Just watch it. Trust me.

I Love it very much.Exactly on the border,Beautiful characters,Emotional scenes etc.., Honestly I recommend to watch it

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