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261 Welcome to the N.H.K.

Amazing anime! You see yourself in the main character. It makes you think differently about life. Very good if you need some sympathy and you are alone. Also the music in it is very good. It will keep you some good company

Beautiful anime and its really worth your time. Those who can relate to this anime are the ones who will love it the most. The plot is great and anyone could live the alone life like the main character. Or at least can come close to it. Amazing, beautiful anime that everyone should watch

One of the best plots I have ever seen

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262 Kissxsis

I LOVED this anime and the female characters are beautiful

This one is funny

Just watch it. Trust me.

I Love it very much.Exactly on the border,Beautiful characters,Emotional scenes etc.., Honestly I recommend to watch it

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263 Itazura kiss

It really is the funniest anime that I have ever seen trust me I have watched over 40 animes so you really do have to trust me and even now whenever I remember it I just blast laughing I love the idea of its real life romance and comedy :) it should be in the top 5 after clannad which desserves to be the top I cried buckets of tears really and I got really depresses still looking for my true love..

Best romance comedy ever! I can guarantee that it'll send you laughing in your seat at least five times per episode.

264 Little Busters!

Extremely light and fluffy. I was having a down day and let me tell you this lifted me higher then the clouds! What a beautiful story about friendship and taking into account those why fly under the radar. Its worth a watch for sure

Probably one of the nicest anime's I have ever seen. Makes me feel so happy every time.

One of the best, particularly Refrain. I think the best thing about the anime is the cast (my favourite is Kud). It is funny, emotional, mysterious and I would call it a masterpiece. I know a lot of people argue it is rushed compared with the VN, but how they are able to get you so attached to the characters in just 39 episodes (+8 if you count Ecstacy) is something that is more impressive to me. I'd love a third season! - Luke72New

I thought it was some kind of rip off sorry guys...

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265 Chibi Vampire

This show has its ups and downs but I know everyone who are just madly in love with vampires so my friend shown me this and I decide that the characters can be very funny on there side and seeing a lot of surprises.

Vampire stuff funny, but the voice is annoying at first still it was good.

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266 Escaflowne

The story line is just amazing. I enjoy each episodes of it. Unlike most in animes today, where there are so many filler, fan service, beach episodes, each episode in this series is put on purpose and for solid reasons. There is depth in each of it and no dull moments. I personally rank this anime as my top 5, and for me this anime is of Code Geass's caliber.

Dude this is even better then fushigi yugi and anohana put together. I saw this one when I was in elementary this is the one of the best if not the best sci fi, fantasy, love story all time. Should at least be at top 30

This is the best movie of all times

One of my favorite anines

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267 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

You forgot nura the one who is part man and part yokai and he is the 3rd leader of the yokai clan...

Hey... This anime is full of comedy and action... It's the best fer me!

Why is it all the way down here man...

This is the best anime's so entertaining and a well created anime...

268 Tower of Druaga

This show was so confusing at first but once you get into it it was amazing and addictive its really worth checking out

269 Kamichama Karin
270 Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

If this were more popular, it would probably be in the top 20. It has the best visuals of any anime ever made... Unless for some reason the unique art style doesn't agree with you (I hear it makes some people dizzy). The plot is awesome (and ripped off, obviously). The music ranges from good to incredible (Kaishou! ). While most of the women are more 1-dimensional caricatures, the male leads and Peppo are incredibly well done... Characters from other works are just so flat and uninspired compared to the likes of the Count, Franz, Andrea, and Peppo.

Now why isn't this more popular? Well, there's three obvious reasons. No moe, no fanservice (per se), and less than a quarter of the episodes contain any violence. Despite that, this is probably one of the most "adult" and one of the least suitable series for children.

Ah more people need to be exposed to artwork like this, the animation alone is intriguing and the story line is so refreshing than the typical moe or shonen, action packed shows. If you have netflix, please watch this anime


This is an insane anime! The plot is riveting, the characters are intense and the Count himself is just a totoal badass! The complexity of the master plan that Monte Cristo thought out rivals L's and Lelouches but alas this anime isn't as well known. I highly recommend watching it because it will not dissapoint!

271 Code: Breaker

Code breaker is so good! How can no one like it! Watch out and you'll see

272 YuruYuri

0% Rating For YuruYuri? Where Are All The YuruYuri Fans? Oh... I'm The Only One? :(

One of my favourite

cool show

Yuru Yuri y u so low? I love this show it’s the first anime I ever watched...

273 Shigofumi
274 Mega Man

I am probably the biggest Mega Man fangirl on Earth! I seriously recommend to everyone that they play the video games and read the manga!

Mega man is werry big man. He is have to microscope ogranismus an body, blood round, and compare to small animals and micro org is Mega Man still better bigs of planets.

Ok I'm gonna confess that this was a part of my childhood but I didn't get obsessed with it or anything but still reminds me of being a young otaku who doesn't even know he is one.

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275 Rainbow: Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin

Despite it's name, Rainbow is not for the faint-hearted. If you want an anime where the good guys always suceed, look elsewhere. Following the story of the "criminal seven of compound two, cell six", Rainbow tells the story of six boys as they struggle for survival in a reformatory school in post-war Japan, and what happens to them when they leave. Despite the hardships they face, their unbreakable friendship always shines through, and you will laugh, cry, and remain on the edge of your seat non-stop as they make their way through their lives, guided always by their great friend, Anchan. Highly recommended; let's give this anime the recognition it deserves!

Most underrated series of all time!

276 Freezing

Aside from the obvious character appeal, this anime has a great plot. It was one of my first 20 animes, I made the right choice to watch it.

It has one of the most sensational plots and good character design and development

Love this... How can you not.. So many boobs

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277 Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone

It's the Best Anime I had Ever Watch but why it's on 211 on Man! Don't Kidding at me it should be Below that 40!

I love this Anime

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278 Pico x CoCo x Chico

This was a truly great anime, filled with meaning, please come and watch this anime. Boku no pico

I drowned myself in holy water but remained a sinned person.

A story about a beautiful loving relationship of three friends. Truly heart warming

The entire boku no pico franchise is like a must for all otakus, now excuse me while I wash out my eyes with holy water

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279 Texhnolyze

Wow, this is a gem and as long as you're not just a casual you'd vote for it over most of the other stuff, god tier

I saw only the first episode and I say that this is by far the worst anime to be frank. I really mean it. This has no dialogues which makes it almost uninteresting and seemingly boring.

280 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

This anime is also known as "Danmachi", but why is Danmachi ranked in the 700s if it is exactly the same thing?

This anime is amazing. I would highly recommend it to fans of action and adventure.

Oh god! This desperately needs a season 2!

Not the best anime but still! It grasped my heart! And the ending was phenomenal! It is a must see for any otaku

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