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301 Nobody's Boy: Remi

Ok I know that you guys know that this is part of everybody's child hood come on its like if u guys haven't watched it yet you'll definitely cry likes little 5 year olds. please. Try this one. Also vote for it

302 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

This anime is also known as "Danmachi", but why is Danmachi ranked in the 700s if it is exactly the same thing?

This anime is amazing. I would highly recommend it to fans of action and adventure.

Oh god! This desperately needs a season 2!

Not the best anime but still! It grasped my heart! And the ending was phenomenal! It is a must see for any otaku

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303 AKB0048

This is the anime bands that call akb48

304 Pokemon Indigo League

My childhood was spent watching this show and it was one of my favorite still is great

It is not only a kids show but also an adults show too!

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305 Shigofumi
306 Kimi Ni Todoke Kimi Ni Todoke

Kimi ni todoke is the BEST ANIME EVER! The plot is really sweet, the drawings are beautiful, the songs are cool, the actors are a perfect fit for the characters, especially the fact that Sawako always tries her hardest at everything.

Great anime! I loved its characters and how they approached the whole story. Different to any other animes or movies I have seen.

My 5th anime to watch ever, I love it, it is a must see!

Awesome Anime

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307 The Familiar of Zero The Familiar of Zero

Been years since I've seen this anime but it's left enough of an impression on me to never forget it. Very funny, cutesy-type anime with quite a bit of risqué behavior. Don't let the animation fool you, this anime has plot along with the cuteness and runs on for multiple seasons. Definitely worth the watch.

It is one of the best anime I have ever seen

It is a Cute and Inspiring Anime Of a great anime couples Louise and Saito

This is good loved the anime hope for sequel

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308 Full Metal Panic Full Metal Panic

Definitely one of the most underrated animes out there. The whole series is a great watch for anyone between the ages of 12-25. Romance, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Love triangles between the main character, Loyalty, Robots, Mystery and grade A villains.

The characters are unique and fresh for a change. The only thing I wish was my High School Life to be like that. Ether Sub or Dub although I have to admit out of all the animes. This one is better Dub because the voices fit the characters perfectly and there might be some voices you recognize.

This Series definitely is a top 10 anime. It shows that people from a different culture or back ground can work together and save the world. Even if they don't know what they are doing in the process. I recommend watching this anime series. (Also Check out Berserk probably a top 5 anime in every die hard anime fans list )

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309 Hyouka Hyouka

One of the Best Mystery anime.

Good story and brings you to think of every detail in every episode.
Try to blink once and you'll die.
That's Hyouka's rule.

This is MY best anime!

The story of season 1 is incomplte there will be season 2

310 Charlotte Charlotte

267? How? This anime was a masterpiece. It's story was absolutely amazing, and it brought tears to my eyes. The characters had amazing development and you get connected and learn to love them. The twist was absolutely amazing and it was unexpected. It also had amazing animation, and a touch of romance. Each episode made you want to watch the next. A truly great anime, as expected from the author of Angel Beats.

The story was fantastic, you slowly grew to care for each of the characters with every episode. There was plot twists everywhere, but that just made it even better. Key never disappoints.

This animation is one of the best I have ever seen with a great story line and an amazing twist that grabs your attention in an instant.

One of my favourite anime that I have ever watched... so GOOD

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311 Detective Conan Detective Conan

Love the cases and especially the subtle relationship between Conan and Ran, of course, how can we forget Mouri San without whom a case cannot be solved, but I think we all know the truth.

It is very logical. It has a lot of twist on the story. And it will enhance your thinking skills.

One of THE BEST when it comes to mystery and thrill

the best

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312 Prison School

A pretty good echhi anime, the anime has a good plot and tons of funny scenes, this has to be the second funniest anime after gintama. I came for the "plot" and stayed for the plot.

The prison guard bimbo with the giant honkers...meeeoooww!

Funniest you'll ever watch lmao

313 Blood

Very violent and adds something new to anime! Not the best, but still a masterpiece!

Awesome! An old show which doesn't lose out in popularity even today!

Blood the last vampire movie top anime 16

Super classic vampire anime really badass

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314 Moribito Gaurdian of the Spirit

This is very good anime! Fantasy and Reality with slight romance at the side! I would consider this anime among the top 20 list. Too under-rated.

Definitely an underrated anime. I heard of it randomly and decided to watch it since I like bo staves... It turned out being a great anime.

Just an excellent story. Worth every minute, you can't stop watching.

315 The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The main characters of this show are Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The show is about the Professor Utonium creating three little superhero girls that save the day from villains. more.

This anime is underrated and very good. This is too funny, and interesting. This is why I prefer underrated animes over overrated animes. Too bad it's not very popular, this is way better than the overrated animes like Naruto. I also like a few underrated animes, but this is my personal favorite.

You mean Powerpuff Girls Z. Why do many people hate? Because it is different from the original? I love the original and it will always be the best version, but I like the anime version as well. Just because it is different doesn't mean it's bad, and this is coming from someone who grew up with the original. I like the art, the storyline, and it can be sad or funny sometimes. This show is not bad. Bad shows are like the Problem Solverz and Sanjay and craig- AnimeDrawer85

I like this anime, this is way differently from other animes, this needs to be higher, so keep voting

I think you meant Powerpuff Girls Z

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316 Girls Bravo Girls Bravo V 2 Comments
317 Nichijou Nichijou

One Of The Funniest Shows Of All Time. This Might Just Be My Number 1 Comedy Anime Of ALL TIME!

Why is this SO low? This has got to be the cutest and funniest anime ever!

It's the best anime ever ok


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318 Transformers: Victory

This isn't even anime idiots

Is this even anime



319 Jigoku Shojo: Girl from Hell

Very dark, consuming story. I love the pure hatred in this! Very disturbing at times, but overall, a fantastic anime with a wonderful storyline.

I really like this one if you like dead and a story go watch it!
And if you don't like dead of revenge things don't watch it ooh one thing in a episode is it very sad with little doggies look out if you like animals I cried on that part

Yes - emeraldfennekin

320 Toriko

What IT'S really NICE ANIME... Not very hard core but very nice, it makes you hungry every time you watch an episode... Thrust me guys you will love it...

So much interesting how much toriko will get stronger.. So good you crave what those guys are eating..

Food, food and more food. One the most awesome anime I have ever seen and it makes me hungry all the time.

It get's me to keep watching. And not many animes get do that.

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