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301 Kino's Journey

There's a small amount of anime out there that doesn't follow the generic good vs evil approach. Kino No Tabi, is one of them, exploring instead humanity and civilization. If I may explain why this is my favorite anime of what I've seen thus far, It would be the incredible amount of meaning to each episode, and the ambiguity by which it expressed it. In only 14 episodes, this show has managed to make me think more than any other anime I've seen.

This is a short anime, but it is more thought provoking than any other anime I have watched. After each of the 14 episodes I sat thinking about the episode for another 10-20 mins. I would highly recommend this anime, but I would not recommend binge watching it. Instead take you're time and enjoy the journey.

This show is so awesome! I love Kino, and this anime is super, super, awesome!

302 Blast of Tempest V 1 Comment
303 Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo V 3 Comments
304 Sound! Euphonium Sound! Euphonium
305 Revolutionary Girl Utena

This is the deepest and most psychological anime ever, it should be more popular, but people aren t very smart this days

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306 B Gata H Kei

I do not like this anime :/ but I ended up watching the whole thing on a dare. So if you need a dare, make them watch this! - FilipinoNyan2004

This anime the most awesome but a little bit sexual

HilariousÓźí show that revolves around the peer pressure of being a virgin thinking that its uncool.

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307 Mars of Destruction

Yes, I recommend this to fans of The Room

It's the most hilarious thing ever

308 Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance

Junjou Romantica made me support gay rights

I absolutely loved this anime! The romance is sooo cute ^ ^ If you like romantic genres of anime then I recommend this anime.

309 Beyblade

Some garbage anime that suppose to be badass, which is isn't and it's for young little children and merchandise is half descent but way better than crappy anime.

Oh, and by the way, it is Digimon rip-off.

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310 Transformers: Victory

This isn't even anime idiots

Is this even anime



311 Now and Then, Here and There
312 Tales of the Abyss

It made me cry in the ending. A very great anime I say.

It should be on the first or second place.

313 Kobato

The best anime ever! It's full of comedy, drama, and romance.

V 2 Comments
314 The Tatami Galaxy

The animation in this show was gorgeous. It's depressing how low this entry is.

V 1 Comment
315 Bakugan

Why did they ended it so early...Drago missing you

Is the cool show I have been watching and when they battle the bakugans look cool is very

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316 The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The main characters of this show are Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The show is about the Professor Utonium creating three little superhero girls that save the day from villains. more.

This anime is underrated and very good. This is too funny, and interesting. This is why I prefer underrated animes over overrated animes. Too bad it's not very popular, this is way better than the overrated animes like Naruto. I also like a few underrated animes, but this is my personal favorite.

You mean Powerpuff Girls Z. Why do many people hate? Because it is different from the original? I love the original and it will always be the best version, but I like the anime version as well. Just because it is different doesn't mean it's bad, and this is coming from someone who grew up with the original. I like the art, the storyline, and it can be sad or funny sometimes. This show is not bad. Bad shows are like the Problem Solverz and Sanjay and craig- AnimeDrawer85

I like this anime, this is way differently from other animes, this needs to be higher, so keep voting

I think you meant Powerpuff Girls Z

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317 Buso Renkin
318 Capeta

I know its underrated people don't know of its existence I have watched all the animes in the top tens and DBZ, Naruto, bleach etc but still it tops them all if you are seeing this I want you to watch just first 4 episodes and iy will be just like a roller coaster till the end on the 52nd episode its worth your time even obama's time.

What about the best racing anime ever created you guys forgot about that, I have watched capeta 7 times and still have not yet gotten bored of it

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319 Ao Haru Ride Ao Haru Ride

I fell for Murao Shuuko! I <3 Yua Shinkawa in Live action! its cool..

320 Dinosaur King

This brings back memories its one of those anime's u watched before u knew what anime was
Its basically digimon but with dinosaurs

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