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361 Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

A light hearted plot with cute characters

Cool Anime If You like Cute Characters

Cool I guess

362 Death Parade Death Parade Death Parade is a 2015 Japanese anime television series created, written, and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and produced by Madhouse.

Why is this anime in such a low spot? It is basically one of the most interesting and deep animes I've ever watched. Everything about this anime is perfect - the characters, the plot, the animation, the soundtrack, the theme song. This show have taken my otaku experience to a different level.

Best anime out there.

Masterpiece - TopiTaupe

Amazing - emeraldfennekin

363 Ah! My Goddess

If your depressed or just want to see a warm happy light and romantic anime this is it. Really makes your day. This anime made my life more brighter, and really make me appreciate life and what I have.

One the best all time classics must watch

Amazing series and cute romance and adventure.

Totaly agree amazing serise love it really makes you feel all warm and happy

364 And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online

A new and refreshing story.And also who said that girls don't game?

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365 Akira

Compared to some masterpieces today, I wouldn't say that this one of the absolute best anime ever created but the catch is that if this film was never created then we wouldn't have had those masterpieces. This film not only made what anime means to us today but it also became an inspiration for many American films, which is good enough reason for this to be at least top 30. - Mcgillacuddy

One of the best anime films out there not much can compete with anime like maybe Ghost in the shell or some others but this is a great show and if you haven't watched you should watch now go do it well what are you waiting for.

What the hell this is an all time classic should be in the top 10

Really cool

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366 Shinmai Maou no Testament

Probably the only and best action anime I watched with romance with yet lacking of development but barely at the limit of the love meter

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367 Arslan Senki / Heroic Legend of Arslan

It is a brilliant anime, that can compete with the very best. Fast paced with exhilarating animation, and fluid battle scenes. The way Arslan has to deal with 'Silver masked Hermes', is intriguing. Hermes drives the show forward, and inspires brash and cool energy.

What about Erased?

368 Snow White with the Red Hair

This is the best anime I have ever seen... I just can't stop thinking about it every time... This anime should goes on forever...i wish it can make its way to the top. My favorite character is shirayuki, but I love zen...

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369 Food Wars!

Food Wars! Also know as shokugeki no soma. This anime will take you on a roller coaster. The art style is clean and the animation is smooth. There's not doubt about this being one of the best anime out there. It starts out with a young boy who seeks to surpass his father in cooking and take over the family restaurant. But then his fathers shuts down the restaurant and sends him to an internationally famous culinary school. There, he express his creativity in cooking. This anime will make you laugh while keeping you on the edge of you seat as you want to know what kinds of food they will put out next. Enjoy!

Doesn't sound all that interesting, but somehow I can't stop watching it... and then going to pick up some Japanese food.

Souma is so cute

Dude, those foodgasms though

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370 Mononoke


371 Initial D Stage 4

Come on, how is this not in (at least) the top 50? Great anime from 1998 (yeah, when Pokemon was starting, too) and starting their sixth and final season in 2014 as a movie. Watch it, love it, watch it again, it's a guaranteed hit~

372 21 Clannad

Watch and you'll know and if you think the art is off putting, so is your face but no one complains

373 Chivalry of a Failed Knight

I haven't watched Chivalry of A Failed Knight yet, but I think more people have seen it than The Asterisk War. Especially if you like romance in anime and can withstand the ecchi scenes and cliches, you can go for this anime series.

374 Little Witch Academia

It's like amazing bruh.

375 Digimon Tamers
376 Made in Abyss

Love it


377 Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

I'm not a big fan of anime, in fact I downright despise it most of the time... But man Hungry Heart is insanely good! It's not boring even for a second, not repetitive, fast paced, doesn't deviate from the main storyline (with a few exceptions), shows amazing character development for the main and supporting characters and keeps you captivated till the end. The ending is a little abrupt but the series is definitely more than worth watching!

Should be one of the best soccer animes in the whole wide world

If you like football then this anime is sure to make you fall completly in love with football... highly recommended if you want to see a good football realated anime really worth spending time watching this

378 GetBackers

Well I just loved Get Backers.. The series is pretty damm amazing.. The charachters are just great with their special abilities and all.. totally awesome..

This is perhps one of my most favorite animes of all time. I just love the wonderful storyline, the awesome charcaters and the underlying theme of enigma rooted deep within the personality of everything. Sinmply amazing - sapphirewhirlwind

A true classic, wtched this one when I was in elementary, recommended for everybody especially for new otakus

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379 Yo-Kai Watch

I actually like it.

I hate Yo-Kai Watch. It is nothing compared to Pokemon - rochelle56564



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380 Plastic Memories Plastic Memories

This is just the best Anime I've ever seen! It makes you think, cry, and can go past your expectations. It's an A+ In my book and deserves to be loved more!

This anime will make you cry all the time if you watch this

Get ready for the feels

Oh COME ON! this anime is more sadder than any other anime on the LIST!

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