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381 Ah! My Goddess

If your depressed or just want to see a warm happy light and romantic anime this is it. Really makes your day. This anime made my life more brighter, and really make me appreciate life and what I have.

One the best all time classics must watch

Amazing series and cute romance and adventure.

Totaly agree amazing serise love it really makes you feel all warm and happy

382 Initial D Stage 4

Come on, how is this not in (at least) the top 50? Great anime from 1998 (yeah, when Pokemon was starting, too) and starting their sixth and final season in 2014 as a movie. Watch it, love it, watch it again, it's a guaranteed hit~

383 Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

I'm not a big fan of anime, in fact I downright despise it most of the time... But man Hungry Heart is insanely good! It's not boring even for a second, not repetitive, fast paced, doesn't deviate from the main storyline (with a few exceptions), shows amazing character development for the main and supporting characters and keeps you captivated till the end. The ending is a little abrupt but the series is definitely more than worth watching!

Should be one of the best soccer animes in the whole wide world

If you like football then this anime is sure to make you fall completly in love with football... highly recommended if you want to see a good football realated anime really worth spending time watching this

384 Evangelion

Love this one beyond all others

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385 GetBackers

Well I just loved Get Backers.. The series is pretty damm amazing.. The charachters are just great with their special abilities and all.. totally awesome..

This is perhps one of my most favorite animes of all time. I just love the wonderful storyline, the awesome charcaters and the underlying theme of enigma rooted deep within the personality of everything. Sinmply amazing - sapphirewhirlwind

A true classic, wtched this one when I was in elementary, recommended for everybody especially for new otakus

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386 Magic Knight Rayearth

This one is really cool... I love all the cast and the twist of the story...

This three girls is very brave and they have a very powerful magic to manipulate their enemies.. And every has a good characters. Vote for it. ! Thanxs...

387 .Hack//Sign.

Just Watched the show again. It is really amazing, how so little action can lead up to such a great plot and bases of the story.

Slow pacing lack of action complete and utter lack of action souns like a recipie for disastor but in this case it woorks making this in my opiion the greatest anime of all time. - alucard

388 Lupin the 3rd

This is an absolute classic without a doubt top ten in my book it has everything you need in a anime sex, money drugs, thieves, and action funny explosive I mean really what more can be said about Lupin this need votes n needs to be higher

This is my all-time favorite anime! Love all 3 series: green jacket, red jacket and the not so loved 1980s pink jacket series. A timeless classic that's nearly 50 years old! Even the revived series and movies are just as awesome, if u haven't seen it yet, what's the matter with you?! Go now! Go see it!

One of the best animes I have ever seen from the animations to the soty line it has a very good cast of characters and it is creative with the story an old anime that is still amazing to watch with a series and movies backing it up this is the best anime and movies I have seen

The only reason I like it is that it has a crossover with Detective conan - SkyFlower

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389 Rozen Maiden

Literally all I know about this anime is the awesome music - Mcgillacuddy

390 Fist of the North Star Fist of the North Star

I feel like it should be noted that, at the time I sent this message, Monopoly was only 60 ranks behind...

This is probably the best laugh I've had in ages.

Oh my god just oh my god it is a shame we have all these 2 year old narutards going sasuke is a boss oh yeah not bashing Naruto it's my 3rd favorite series but fist of the North Star is a masterpiece and should be higher

The original is a timeless classic

A man punches a tank until it explodes.

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391 Shuffle! Shuffle!

Great show it should be way up there

Why pick one girl? Have a harem!

392 Akira

Compared to some masterpieces today, I wouldn't say that this one of the absolute best anime ever created but the catch is that if this film was never created then we wouldn't have had those masterpieces. This film not only made what anime means to us today but it also became an inspiration for many American films, which is good enough reason for this to be at least top 30. - Mcgillacuddy

One of the best anime films out there not much can compete with anime like maybe Ghost in the shell or some others but this is a great show and if you haven't watched you should watch now go do it well what are you waiting for.

What the hell this is an all time classic should be in the top 10

Really cool

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393 Last Exile

It definitely isn't critically the best, but it's my personal favorite, from its gorgeous setting to its compelling characters, and most importantly, that disconcertingly unique atmosphere. - kanadesong

Steampunk at its best. Adventure story, light-hearted in a cruel world, great main characters, bit of a pirate theme going on, and not entirely sure if I like the ending or not... but it's a lot better than the "what? " endings that so many series have. - dataless

Best anime series you have never seen.

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394 Initial D

A very good anime for anyone into cars or drifting in general. A watch for any gear head who likes anime

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395 Kamisama Hajimemashita

Fave and deserves better!

I love this series!

I really enjoyed this anime and the ovas

I think this anme is so cute Tomoe and Nanami should be a couple. They are so adorable together. I hope you can watch this Anime.

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396 Yugioh Zexal Yugioh Zexal Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal is a Japanese manga and anime series and the the fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series, as well as the third main spin-off series of the franchise. The manga began serialization in Shueisha's V-Jump magazine from December 2010 and is licensed in North America by Viz Media.

Best series of the yugioh franchise, last 20 episodes ALONE are the best of the franchise

I liked the original yugioh - trainerd6


397 Akatsuki no Yona

Why did this anime drop all the way to 705? It has such a great storyline. I just can't believe this! It has a higher rank than this on MAL. - ToukaKirishima

How did this go down from 654 to 690?! The animation, storyline, and characters were beautifully crafted into one of my most favorite anime!

Has everything you would ever want in a show!

Highly recommended! This is my favorite anime of all time. The best!

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398 21 Clannad

Watch and you'll know and if you think the art is off putting, so is your face but no one complains

399 Yowamushi Pedal

It's hilarious and a great addition in the sports genre. Definitely deserves a lot more attention. I hope this show gets more seasons

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400 Overlord

If you love fantasy into another world anime how can you not love this easily in my top 50 out of the uncountable amount of anime I've seen

Can't say the best of all. But definitely is AWESOME. You will be eagerly waiting for the next episodes. Absolute dominance, sense of superiority,full on entertainment and lots more. Must watch animes to those who always wanted to be Gods or Kings.

Oh come on, 160 is way too low for such a Madhouse masterpiece like this! With great animation, good MMO storyline, almost perfect cast of characters (except Clementine and Albedo), this deserves a mention in top 50 at least. - SelfDestruct

Desperately needs a season 2

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