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401 Akatsuki no Yona

Why did this anime drop all the way to 705? It has such a great storyline. I just can't believe this! It has a higher rank than this on MAL. - ToukaKirishima

How did this go down from 654 to 690?! The animation, storyline, and characters were beautifully crafted into one of my most favorite anime!

Has everything you would ever want in a show!

Highly recommended! This is my favorite anime of all time. The best!

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402 Yowamushi Pedal

It's hilarious and a great addition in the sports genre. Definitely deserves a lot more attention. I hope this show gets more seasons

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403 Inferno Cop

Hey, that's pretty good.

404 Love Live! Sunshine!! V 1 Comment
405 Amagi Brilliant Park
406 Kinnikuman

If I can update, Kinnikuman, Fist of the North Star and Jojo's Bizarre adventures are the 3 only good cartoons from japan. Hellsing could be next but it can't because of Hellsing Ultimate. Anyway Kinnikuman is just an amazing series

This and Fist of the North Star are the only 2 good japanese cartoons.

Easy one of the best anime of all time

This should be a lot higher!
This series features great characters who devolop and become even greater characters. It's also very funny and has many epic moments throughout the series.

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407 School Days School Days

What?!?!?!? 773?!?!?!? I can't even! School days should be rated MUCH LOWER.. like maybe 9999 or something. The person on top of kendraaatjie who thought the ending was great : what.. school days was TERRIBLE... and so was the ending. The only anime that's worst than school days is probably Boku no Pico.

Not even joking, worst anime ever

Makoto got what he deserved - kendraaatje

A cleverly made anime... They really made you hate the protagonist so badly that you wish him dead... And then your wish is granted... Brilliant... I'm just sad few person only understand...

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408 Last Exile

It definitely isn't critically the best, but it's my personal favorite, from its gorgeous setting to its compelling characters, and most importantly, that disconcertingly unique atmosphere. - kanadesong

Steampunk at its best. Adventure story, light-hearted in a cruel world, great main characters, bit of a pirate theme going on, and not entirely sure if I like the ending or not... but it's a lot better than the "what? " endings that so many series have. - dataless

Best anime series you have never seen.

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409 Initial D

A very good anime for anyone into cars or drifting in general. A watch for any gear head who likes anime

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410 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?

I'm not usually a fan of harem anime, But I think this isn't so bad. It's quite cute and nice. The animation In this is also pretty good. This may not be something, But It Is worth a try - MLPFan

411 To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd

Well it's a very sexual and cool anime La La is my favorite she is cute and creative.

412 Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Because loli dragon


Cute animation style

Decent humour

Despite the characters appearances, there is not much sexual content and when there is, it's usually intended as humour.

Very little violence


Most of the 'emotional' or 'serious' scenes are very cheesy and don't fit into this kind of anime

Uninteresting story

Overall I give it a 3/5. It gives you a very pleasant viewing experience and has plenty of little gags, I enjoyed every episode of it. But if you want a meaningful story and have a more intelligent sense of humour, then I'd recommend looking elsewhere.

413 Gabriel Dropout
414 Gangsta

One of my favorites, gangsta is a must watch 10/10

415 Soul Hunter
416 Magic Knight Rayearth

This one is really cool... I love all the cast and the twist of the story...

This three girls is very brave and they have a very powerful magic to manipulate their enemies.. And every has a good characters. Vote for it. ! Thanxs...

417 Lupin the 3rd

This is an absolute classic without a doubt top ten in my book it has everything you need in a anime sex, money drugs, thieves, and action funny explosive I mean really what more can be said about Lupin this need votes n needs to be higher

This is my all-time favorite anime! Love all 3 series: green jacket, red jacket and the not so loved 1980s pink jacket series. A timeless classic that's nearly 50 years old! Even the revived series and movies are just as awesome, if u haven't seen it yet, what's the matter with you?! Go now! Go see it!

One of the best animes I have ever seen from the animations to the soty line it has a very good cast of characters and it is creative with the story an old anime that is still amazing to watch with a series and movies backing it up this is the best anime and movies I have seen

The only reason I like it is that it has a crossover with Detective conan - SkyFlower

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418 Rozen Maiden

Literally all I know about this anime is the awesome music - Mcgillacuddy

419 Is This a Zombie? Is This a Zombie?

About a necromancer and a zombie

This is an amazing anime with a unique storyline. Not only is it a harem, nor is it a sexy harem. It is the funniest harem that has ever existed and it is hi-lar-i-ous - xXShadowOmega

Kore wa zombie desu ka? Or is this a zombie? Should be in the top 50s. Its awesome! With a necromancer and a zombies love story plus the comedy is just awesome! This deserves more than 2 seasons

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420 Date A Live Date A Live An anime that deals with powerful beings that mysteriously appear on Earth, sometimes creating an explosion that kills many with each visit . The protagonist joins a group to help find another method to help control their powers peacefully, opposed to the organizations keen on destroying them . (Makes more.

Date A Live is one of he most famous anime's of 2013

591?! It was an amazing anime. It should be at least #200.

It's the best anime ever

I love this anime:v

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