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481 Bakugan Battle Brawlers

I really loved the series when I was young. I obviously don't remember the storyline yet I still had some bakugan toys that made me like this cool anime

The Anime is ok, not as good as POKéMON but still ok, the plot however is more confusing every season but there is continuity of course.

482 Shonen Hollywood
483 Gatchaman
484 Star Blazers
485 Cyborg 009
486 Yuuki Yuuna Wa Yuusha De Aru

Some may say it sucks because they thi k it's a Madoka Magica ripoff. Yes, it does share a lot of elements from this series and they are indeed easy to spot. HOWEVER, Yuki Yuna is a Hero did unique things that made it stand out. To name one example, it incorporated Slice of life aspects that made the characters more realistic and likeable. As for example in the storyline, Instead of death, the characters got a punishment that is possibly worse than death. So yeah, it has some differences that makes this show stand out, and thus, made it very good. Plus, it looks AMAZING, along with a really competent dub!
This one is definitively underrated!

Actually, I just can't enjoy It because not only It's some Madoka Magica wannabe, but also because out of all episodes, I found 7 to be really terrible, the slice of life was kind of boring, the pacing sucks, and the whole sad thing in this show Isn't worth it. Also most of the fans of this anime are immature, hypocrites when you tell them that It's a Madoka rip off or you simply said you hate It. Can't believe the creators of this anime are planning to do a second season. I wish that the creators of Madoka would make more episodes of Madoka instead of doing that Prism Nana project. And no, I'm not bashing your opinion. Just saying - MLPFan

487 Kiznaiver Kiznaiver

A beautiful teen drama about kids sharing pain through the kizuna system. It has a very cool concept with colorful and loveable characters and is all in all just a blast to watch. This needs to be in the top 100, at least. - Lollipopz

So good... it sows the pain and suffering that's been shared between friends

818? Oh come on! This anime is a masterpiece! - SkyFlower

488 Re: Hamatora
489 Big Order

Keep in mind I had quite low expectations before watching it after what I heard from BlackCriticGuy and Chibi Reviews, but it wasn't so terrible in the end. Granted it's not extremely amazing, it was fairly good and massive destroys Re:Zero in my book. - SelfDestruct

490 Re:Creators
491 Flip Flappers
492 Bastard!!


493 Shingu
494 Xam'd Lost Memories
495 B't X V 1 Comment
496 Natsume Yuujinchou

Unique, groundbreaking, touching, personal, magical, interesting, intelligent, meaningful, and by all means worthy of a watching, analyzing, and sharing

A must watch for anime lover. Slow start. Heart warming with a little bit of action. The music is great. Overall it should be in the top 20.

Masterpiece - emeraldfennekin

It's the most lovable anime I've ever seen yet. Yes, I admit that I'm not yet that experienced in the field of anime, but Natsume Yuujinchou's one of the best in one of the most underrated anime genres. The beauty of each episode and the insight each episode and arc provides is something one can easily appreciate. Almost each episode brings in at least one new character, with pasts that could hurt, and the understanding the MC provides for them is something very few can manage, even though the same creatures had caused much hurt in his childhood, causing him to have an introverted personality.


And not just that. To season 1 ep1 to season 5 ep11 (ep 12 and 13 are in the making), they have included really well-meaning character development that is quite realistic and satisfying. Natsume Takashi, the MC, slowly had his reason change as to why he didn't want to tell anyone of his 'yokai sight' (at first he didn't want to lose his ...more

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497 Duel Masters
498 Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor

It saddens me that this wasn't on the list at all it's amazing follow show a boy who finds a rod strange metal thing on the ground then wham he turn int this super strong guy with a a symbiotic robo suit he fought zoanoids they were genetically altered humans turned monsters it had epic fight scenes like when hen he rips open his chest cavity it was like a solar beam came out of his chest and great detail done on his face and suit stunning really 9 out of 10

499 UFO Baby
500 Saint Beast

It's true that there isn't really that much to this Anime but even so, I personally love the characters, the story plot and the shounen-ai - Sephirotha

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