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121 Accel World Accel World

I recommend this to everyone who is remotely interested in anime. Written by the same people who wrote Sword Art Online. I personally think this should be higher on the list.

This is personally one of the top anime I have gotten the chance to watch. It should be up a lot higher on this list.

Accel World, what to say is brilliant funny and very interesting from the start I hope for seasons 2

Starts out a Little retarded But gets amazing

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122 Nana

Nana is the best anime love story for me. The story is a little bit of complicated, tragic and heart warming at the same time.

I love the show Nana. It should have been in the top 30.

Why didn't you include this mater piece?


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123 IS: Infinite Stratos

Good fights, very funny situations. Only 12 episodes, but well rounded plot. I wounder if there will be a second season?

There is a second season now and it's very enjoyable

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124 Uta no Prince-sama

Full of vibrant colours to leave you addicted visually. A set of handsome characters with interesting and unique back-stories vying for the attention of a girl (since this show is based of a dating sim, the girl is virtually YOU) make for a light-hearted plot. Add in some mysterious magic and it being set at an academy for idols-to-be, and you have: Princes of Song (or Uta no Prince-sama).

My favourite anime of all time! Huge fan of the anime, characters and songs! I never get sick of the songs and the guys are also so handsome! I really love this anime! I can't wait for season 4! I love their voice actors too! Basically everything about this anime is perfect!

Hmm, this is pretty legit noting I'm a guy, the music is fantastic, I hope they would make an original English with those tune though


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125 Hajime No Ippo V 2 Comments
126 Gundam Wing

Oh, man really? No comments? I watched this series a dozen times between T.V. and DVD before the obsession wore off. It's a classic with the traditional Gundam philosophical and emotional depth. Good guys and bad are both strong, and the bad aren't necessarily bad... Which is realistic for a war anime. Good intensity on and off the battlefield. Gundam at it's finest.

Already commented but just goes to show that overall popularity does not necessarily determine how good something is. That why anime like Pokemon, digimon and Beyblades will seem better than anime like steins gate, death note and neon genesis evangelion. It all depends on what scale you measure on. In my opinion Gundam Wing has the best of both worlds and if it came a few decades later would destroy mecha anime like code geass and would be up their with titles like attack on titan, cowboy bebop etc. (Hard choice though because the voice actors for main cast was pretty good! ) - BigDaddyJ

I was in high school when I first watch this anime. What draws me at first is the bad-ass graphics at that time. But as the story progresses, you will be really amazed at how the storyline reflects the physical, psychological, and political effects of warfare. Told through the eyes of five teenagers, caught in a battle created by the old geezers hunger for power, this anime is a must see for all ages.

Was a good show definitely deserves to be a lot higher up.

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127 Lovely Complex

Oh come on guys! 57? It is not the right place! The plot is so cute and the characters are so lovable I laughed so hard that my parents asked me if I was feeling sick! It is a distinctive love story of a really tall girl who falls for a really short guy... Give it a chance it is truly sweat!
And the feelings are drawn so well he came up with some totaly hilarious faces! It really is a light and truly funny anime!

I agree with everyone, this anime is hilarious, good characters, funny, romantic, drama I think was a great story, you don't have to miss it.

Ohh come'on this one of the best anime I have watch you guys should give it a try, personally this is one of my favorite, this anime is more realistic, it's funny, romantic, drama, insipirational and many more... Give it a try, don't hesitate...

Truly HILARIOUS! If you like this, watch "Hana Yori Dango"

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128 Eureka 7

How! HOW DARE THEY NOT SET THIS AS NUMBER 1! This anime, is like no other, is has no equal, NOT 1 can express the emotion shown in this anime. It shows the story of a boy, named rin, who dreamed of something big. But what showed up on his door step? His match, the container which will hold every fiber of his being in the form called love. Her name is Eureka. She didn't even bat an eye at him at first. But love, it found a way to brake her shell and pierce into her heart. It gave them hope to strive for big things. Every character in this anime changed. Most for good, and went through hardships. This anime made me WISH for what they had. Dream for it, and move towards is with leaps and bounds. What the writers where able to put into this anime is amazing. It can NEVER be copied for what it has is unique. It's impossible. This anime deserves, no needs to be number 1. The whole world needs to found out what drives this anime. It is love. And love, it finds a way.

Eureka Seven is an anime capable of purest brilliance, proferring scenes of immaculate beauty, fantastical wonder or eye-widening perfection. However, these sublime moments are not peaks in an otherwise even landscape so much as they are truffles in mud and it often feels as though you are expected to sit through the duller moments, and put up with the ubiquitous inanity in order to be worthy of such a prize. Just a perfect anime to follow watch and let yourself cry over it for such a great creation unfortunately the end is too fast and fail in explanation

Greatest anime ever it should have been ranked #1 I love this anime it goes right into your heart making you feel all worm and fuzzy inside ranked 81 that's a shame I and probably many other think this should be ranked a lot higher maybe not 1# one but at least in the top 10 it really is a great anime series and should be ranked higher then 81 this is one of may favorite anime series of all time. Eureka 7 is Romeo and Juliet without the sad ending it should be ranked higher in the top 10

Very beautiful story, but packed with action, adventure, and romance as well. Worth every minute to watch.

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129 Outlaw Star Outlaw Star

One of my favorite animes of all time. What I really enjoyed the most about this anime was Gene's (main character) character and personality. I liked his bad-ass persona and I liked how at times where he experienced defeat he needed someone to pick him up. He is definitely one of my favorite anime characters of all time. The action scenes were great in my opinion also.

Very underrated very cool anime its pretty entertaining it was one of the early shows from the once great Toonami on Cartoon Network I really recomended.

@ 129?!? Man, besides DBZ this was the show that got me hooked on anime. Seriously underrated. I would put it in the top 20 easily.

When I needed money and sold off all my anime boxed sets I allowed myself to pick one to keep and I chose Outlaw Star.

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130 Sonic X Sonic X Sonic X is a Japanese anime television series created by TMS Entertainment and based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega.

My favourite show of all time. The Japanese was way better than the English. It also has parts from the sonic games. There's so many awesome characters in this show. Especially Knuckles because he's just a badass. I miss this show and hope they make a season 4. Now that Chris is gone, it'll be much better with a new season (Chris is annoying, he never leaves sonic alone)

This is absolute crap (Chris' fault) but I love season 3! Tails found the love of his life... Then lost her :'( - Pikachulover1

Some cool classic sonic anime

Sonic is hot

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131 Rave Master

Way cool, the plots really interesting and it makes you want more. It has comedy, action and even a bit of romance, though what happens to Haru (main protaganist) is so sad.

It's cool I love that dog thing (Plue) - xxxgoodgurlxxx

Best anime ever it makes you want it more! It funny action romance great friendship... And even weird animals and powers you would never think of! I have finish it and now reading manga too it has scenes that will make you cry and laugh... It is great and any kind of people would love it! I wished the anime continued... (Cries) well but the manga I think its completed? (Yeah I was right juz go to some website and look it was completed or not)
It original run is 1999-2005 (manga wikipedia it haha) but anime is 2001-2002 also it has a lot of great fighthing scenes too and when you watch it you would want the romance even more! (Not going too say the name or else would ruin it) plus it also has games for it ( if you really like it like me but I don't have the game... ) juz wikipedia if need more information
WELL please RATE IT AND MAKE IT TO THE TOP 10 please please please please... I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!

Love the manga and show its really awesome

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132 Tokyo Mew Mew Tokyo Mew Mew

This is one of the first anime I watched and I loved it I was only 6 or 7 at the time and I loved how zoey was a cat and how she had magical powers it was just so cool! Also I love the love relationship with her and mark and it has a really good story line and just you just need to watch it!

LOve it, love it, love

You mean Inchio? Is that the English dub? Only one thing that bugs me about this: The outfits. Not ALL magical girl having to have shirt dresses.

Mint's dress is. About as long a my uniform shirt. It's THAT short. But other than that I like!

This was an awesome series! My favorite character was Bridget (I also like how each are different animals! So kawaii! - OtakuKat

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133 Dance in the Vampire Bund

This is the first and one of the greatest anime's I watched I can't believe its not even in the top 20's well if only it was more popular but I don't usually watch vampire shows or animes but this one was just great and I heard they got it on netflix

Absolutely amazing! Just pissed because it only had 12 episodes, they should've made a season 2. Vampires rock!

If you love Vampires then you'll love this anime. If you love love triangle this anime is perfect. This anime has love, suspence, romance, love triangles, werewolves, fighting, and many more. This anime should be somewhere in the top 100s

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134 Kekkaishi

Kekkaishi is a wonderful action, comedy with romance anime. Here you can see the improved quality of the characters even though the sketch is a bit different.

It should be up in the top 10 this is a bad ass anime to me but not a lot of people like it the story line is awesome the ending is not so good but a lot of good things come in this anime I can't believe its 74 in the top anime list that's just not right

It's the plot that sets out the action of two teenagers who's power is to seal away demons (spirits) Along the story the boy gets stronger and saves the day

Who the heck is rating this stuff? kekkaishi deserves at least 25

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135 Pandora Hearts Pandora Hearts

"By far one of the best manga I've read, period. The characters are all three-dimensional and flawed and the plot is masterfully woven and the twists are amazing. It is an excellent Alice in Wonderland allusion where nothing is as it seems, every character isn't who they appear to be and they all have lost memories that they wish to regain. There is not a single character I hate. They are all likable in their own way. Warning: this manga will make you feel, will make you cry buckets, will make you laugh... If you're afraid of that, you have nothing to fear.

A fantastic anime with a more than compelling story and brilliant characters and atmosphere.

Only anime that I even considered reading the manga. Not disappointed! And this is coming from a person that doesn't like to read.

Great anime series. It had great characters and a very original and compelling story.

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136 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

I totally agree. Code Geass was one of the best anime I ever watch. I did know what was going to happen at the end but to think that they will stop the anime at season was just unforgivable. I so want to keep watching this anime. But of course there is no more season to watch. So sad!

Best anime I never saw like this

This is just sad... like what? This should be much higher!

KIDS! just go to google and type anime recommendation and the first anime you would see would be this.

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137 Log Horizon Log Horizon

This was the first anime I really got into. Honestly, I got hooked instantly. A few months after I finished I tried SAO, and compared to Log Horizon, SAO was terrible. Shows like Log Horizon don't come around every day. It's truly an amazing experience. Shiroe is a genius, Naotsugu is hilarious, Akatsuki is purely epic, and everyone else is just cool. Also, this is one of those anime where the dub is pretty good (which isn't common). The novels are great too, read them sometime. Log Horizon is on a level of its own (haha, lame video game joke).

This anime approaches the subject much differently then Sword Art Online. It is its own entity. This is more about the politics and how to live in the game than it is on romance or escape like SAO. Don't look at it as an SAO rip, since it is quite different.

Log Horizon shouldn't be this far down on the list. Sure it's a bit complex, especially in the political affairs but this is by far one of my top 5 animes.

If SAO was smarter and had much MUCH better characters but still LH and SAO have different takes on the concept of being trapped in a game

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138 Mirai Nikki Mirai Nikki Future Diary is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. It depicts a battle royale in which each combatant has a diary with entries from the future.

This is future diary which is a lot higher in the list

I watched it but after that it really wasn't that good. But still, it should be higher.

This should be at the top 20 at least

This is a good romance anime

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139 Ayashi no Ceres

A great series! - Weasltown

140 Shin Chan Shin Chan

Best cartoon ever I have seen... So funny... Its one of the manga series... With top class jokes.. Its in the top of all manga series comics...

Everything else fades in shame when Shin Chan enters the room. This anime is the meaning of life itself. Watch and become enlightened.

Shin chan is love, shin chan is life.

The best anime ever

To be a man you must honor! Honor and a PENIS! Love shin chin! Laura bailey is a hottie(shins american voice)

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