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161 Oh! Edo Rocket
162 Ai Yori Aoshi Ai Yori Aoshi Ai Yori Aoshi is a Japanese seinen manga written and illustrated by Kou Fumizuki and serialized from 1998 to 2005 in Hakusensha's Young Animal.

Nice romantic comedy.

163 Special.A

S. A one of the epic anime of all time. Rivals in LOVE. Funny, exciting, drama, love story.. Surely to be enjoyed by everyone!

! This is my most favorite anime since there is love, rivals, and ex factor in this anime. I really like how the characters get involve with each other and how they make me smile by myself. I also like the way they make funny pictures from the characters. Oh, HOW I LOVE THIS SHOW..

I don't think it deserves to be this high. Kill me after I finish explain please fans. I've watched all episodes and I am going to say I enjoyed it. But it doesn't have that much story plot line or whatsoever and some parts is not very good in my opinion.

I love and adored this anime. It brings back memories: Fighting and contest over little things and love in high school. Ohh I miss those days.

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164 Sekirei Sekirei

One of the first anime's that I have seen. I am sad that it only managed to make it through a few seasons and wished it had kept going. The way all the characters have come in their development was astounding.

Loved this Anime. Doubt they'll ever pull off a season 3, but I'm hoping! It had everything that I look for in an anime, and the story was developing into an awesome opus of a showdown...

A ton of hot girls fighting and they tend to have their clothes come off a lot... Who wouldn't want to watch it?

I love this show! So many lovely boobies! My favorite sekirei is the saki chic- wow!

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165 Beelzebub

Beelzebub is actually quite popular and deserves to be on this list because it is probably the weirdest anime I have ever seen. It is so different from other anime but it still has those badass anime moments and it keeps me laughing all day. I love Beelzebub so much and it would be in my top ten anime for sure.

BEST COMEDIC ANIME EVER! At first I thought it was ridiculous but as I continue watching, I can't stop laughing! And even the fillers are so funny that I don't even realise that it's actually a filler... Too bad there's no second season but I still following Beelzebub from the manga :D I hope you guys would consider watching this AWESOME anime

Beelzebub really needs to be on the top 10 list. It is one of those animes that have edge-of-seat action, throws-you-over comedy, the girls are independent from the male characters and are extremely strong (and may I suggest, well dressed) and the plot is really something to put your hands together for. Besides, you doesn't like a bad-ass dad who would go to ends for his cute-demon baby and is friends?

Love this anime! It's so strange - emeraldfennekin

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166 Black Rock Shooter

This anime is the best. It has a very sad story but it is really great well anyway BRS is a really good anime for those who like action (or cute girls). Really great story, great design for the characters and weapons the settings and theme of the anime is great too, the plot from the start to climax is great and the Ending is really awesome.

This is one of the best anime I've ever watched... The concept is original, the story is really moving and the fights in the parallel world are just fantastic... It's definitively one of the greatest anime ever made!

Simply stunning. Two alternative worlds emesh two friends to fight in the corridors and arenas of a barren, apocalyptic world.

best anime

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167 Ladies versus Butlers!

This anime is meant to be really good I still haven't got round to watching it yet though

168 Yumeiro Patissiere

This anime gave hope in my heart.. It removes my bad feelings and gives me hunger inst

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169 Yu-Gi-Oh!: GX

Yu-Oh-GX is by far in my opinion the best Yu-Gi-Oh series so far its awesome even though Jaden goes all emo towards the end of the series.

This should be so much higher! This was absolutely amazing. Every character was so well developed. My heart was just murdered.

I loved this show when I was little. Even more than the original. Jaden was my favorite of course!

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170 Romeo X Juliet Romeo X Juliet Romeo × Juliet is an anime TV series, loosely based on William Shakespeare's classical play, Romeo and Juliet, along with numerous references and characters from other Shakespearean plays.

Had so many tears form this one.. If your think its going to be just like the movie and shows of romeo and juliet than stop it you do not deserve to lay eyes on this master pieces its even better than the real one cus this one makes sense and has a true meaning to it unlike the other one... I love Shakespeare but hate the Shakespeare version of it this one has ture and deeper meaning to it than the other one.

You think you already know the story? Guess again. It has quite the twist from the original Shakespeare play. I love this anime. I would definitely recommend this for those who like the romance and action genre.

My favorite romance anemia best adaption of romeo & Juliet EVER!

This is a romance, this show is amazing! It's not like the original Shakespeare play at all! It made me cry, and feel happy!

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171 Saber Marionette J
172 Descendants of Darkness

It at first did not look that well but when I watched it I really liked but did not love love it like the above it

173 Senran Kagura
174 Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works

Come on. This anime is greater than great. Epic fight scenes between legendary heros while SAO rarely had battles but conversations

Great storyline which is a branching version from the original.. And also many epic fighting scenes

What a fantastic storyline! Amazing graphics, great fights as well. A must see!

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175 Fushigi Yuugi

This is the best anime... Just don't understand y its on 43? There are a very few stories that touch your life and your soul and this is definitely one of them... Watched it 12 yrs back when I was a kid and am still in love with it... If you can't understand this story then sorry dude.. you don't understand life...

Fushigi Yugi or should I say Curious Play or should I call it Mysterious Play? Love it no matter what the name... It deserves to be on top 10, no, top 5... So what if its old... Its story will never ever ever be old enough for us fans... forever

One of the best anime... The story revolves around family, friends and loved ones...

This should be a CLASSIC. I keep watching this over and over again. And get the same feels every time. This was my childhood, is my teenagehood (if there is such a word) and will be my adulthood. I don't know if that makes sense.

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176 Gantz

Gantz! I might have just voted for this because nino is the movie. I am reading the manga right now and it is pretty good so two thumbs up! - aibaka

Better than most that I know of, better than Elfen Lied, and one of my all time favorite animes off all time. The guns look cool, the action is good, the alines are... Odd...

I don't know if this is on already but man this anime is good oh and by the way Nishi is mine! This anime really made me ask myself ask if killing is ever the answer.. Nah I think killing is fine as long as their is a purpose like they just wanted to survive the next day. Why would anyone find that wrong

How do you define cool on multiple levels? Gantz. It's like video game with a great concept, cast of character, action, brutality, mystery, intrigue. A must for Seinen and Shonen fans.

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177 High School DxD High School DxD

Great series based on demons, fallen angels and normal angels. The show is based on issei and goes for 12 episodes. It has a light novel which is a great read but they will be releasing after the 6's ova. It is not for the younger aged and is great for teenagers _(mainly boys)

Why is this so low? I mean how are all the new Yu-Gu-Oh's in front of this. It should be at least top 20. Best anime to watch if you like harem and nudity!

One of the best anime I have ever watched.

This is one of my favorite animes definitely has to be in the top 20. This is the best harem show ever.

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178 Blood Plus

I have'nt watch many anime but this I love. Its sad about riku but I feel in love with the connection between hagi and saya. Has fighting, bit of comedy not much though, love and fantasy (monsters).

Itś amazing. Sad but really addictive. Love everything about it.

This should be in the top 10 along with Wolf's Rain. Unlike a lot of animes, there are way more than 13 episodes. The story is crazy awesome and there's a bunch of awesome gore.

If you haven't watched this yet then you guys aren't real otakus! This is one if the best vampire animes ever! Not to mention the very good story line plus the romance between saya and his chevalier is epic!

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179 Shiki

Cool 26 episode anime and can't figure out why this isn't higher on the list I suggest checking it out if you like horror anime

Best Vampire horror anime ever. A true masterpiece. Will leave you in bitter tears from beg, to end,

Excellent horror anime. The actions starts straight away and doest stop all the way through!

One of my all time favorite animes - emeraldfennekin

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180 Btooom!

Just finished watching this anime and it is awesome and I hope they make a second season

One of the best survival anime I've set my eyes on. Like the soundtrack, the way that it digs into why the characters are stuck on the island, the main characters amnesia at the beginning, and all the plot twist. 10/10 stars hands down.

This anime should be next to sword art online! One of the best anime I have ever seen. This anime is like hunger games, we people work to get food while they risk their life to survive. For me, this is better than sword art online because they really play the game and it is very painful if you hit by a bomb (oouch! ) while the sword art online they just used the machine to play the death game... I wish there would be second season!

This is a pretty good anime I agree with most of the other comments

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