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Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.


What on earth is Pokemon doing in 15th place?! Pokemon has had something to capture generation after generation. Pokemon should be coming first! When I came to look at this site, I could have bet my life that Pokemon would be first. I believe this happened due to the fact that the people who enjoyed the earlier generations of became haters of the newer generations of Pokemon. Its because they feel as if they are being left behind by Pokemon; I know this because I was one of them. Despite this, I still agree that Pokemon should be up there!

I've watched around 300 episodes of Pokemon. After a while a found myself getting bored with the story line. Collecting badges happens quite slowly. Most episodes have basically the same story: fellowship helps someone out, ash improves and learns thing along the way. Team rocket tries to steal pikachu or steal something else, they fail. end of episode. I enjoyed watching the first league ash participated in, I felt after that they could have stopped producing the Pokemon series. But maybe I've just outgrown Pokemon.

The number of Pokemon Anime lovers IS TOO DAMN HIGH! Seriously has anyone watched any of the anime before this entry. Compare them to Pokemon. At least the entries above had a story. Pokemon lacks that so bad. The goals in the anime are to either catch all the Pokemon or become the Pokemon champion. This NEVER happens in the anime. Most of the time its about a bratty kid who never ages and his Pikachu who gets constantly stalked down by the most idiotic crime group: Team Rocket. This anime made me convert from Pokemon to Digimon (The anime is better for Digimon) for a few years. I would not recommend watching this "anime" anytime soon. The only things I think are worth watching in the Anime are: Pokemon Origins, Pokemon Generations, Pokemon Chronicles, pretty much any spin-off of this anime. They are the only things I can stand. - shawnmccaul22

The only thing origins did better, in my opinion, was the Protagonist winning the league. - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's worth watching this anime every region was fun at start and at end its full of sad when in group all splits up. Problem is people think ash should age or he should win a league that is sure what all wants but its showing one lesson that losing is not bad in life and its showing people to go adventure with friends and all. Its just many people many people stopped watching it cause of not only ash losing the league its just people start fighting with each other which group is best and which girl deserve ash its stupid this anime became more of shipping then adventure sorry to say but 1st I would like to see ash win a league rather than getting a girl, in my view all group were great stop comparing 1st was the best and rest all will be bad, for all Pokemon fans all group are great cause every group had fun side and Pokemon sure are improving a lot Pokemon xyz was so great, Pokemon origin and generation it's so exciting plus they improved a lot ash getting a kiss and each character ...more

As far as I know it's the most well known anime in Sweden, at least in my generation and if it is still going strong I think it should be higher ranked. I know about all of the above mentioned but I'm certain that the average Swede does not, not like Pokemon. Big applause for Pokemon!

The heck?! Why's Pokemon so low on this list? Get it up there people! Pokemon's been running longer than Dragon Ball Z and it's still going! With over 900 episodes already and countless more Pokemon sure to be coming, it's no wonder how this universe has survived for this long!

Pokemon is one of - if not the - most diverse franchise out there. Not only does it have an anime, but a card game, video game, movie, and numerous spin off franchises.

The anime itself is great (except for the stupid filler episodes) and the story is great as well. Although I'm still waiting for Ash to WIN THE POKEMON LEAGUE, I'm not going lose interest in this ever.

It's so good a show yeah very good my friend. I love so very much. It so better then DBZ. Why it in 12 place it better then 0 place. The best show ever in hole world.

The series that got me into anime in the first place.

Quality wise, it may not be as good as most others out there but on an international level it has been the most consistently popular one. I mean, one movie a year with Ash and Pikachu still as the main characters in tandem with the fact that each new game release they have has different protagonists.

It's my childhood. - zachhontiverospagkalinawan

Pokemon. It's the best show, like, EVER. The only thing that could make this even more awesome: MISTY! TELL ASH HOW YOU REALLY FEEL!

Misty only had feelings for Ash in the English dub. And the dub isn't cannon - Jackster

Pokemon should have like 50% of the votes! In the late 90s Pokemon was top notch and I mean it! Ash and Charizard for the win! It does bring back memories

Besides, who doesn't love to watch a show were strange creatures fight and whatnot?

I'm in my mid-twenties and still think the friendships and adventures of Ash Ketchum should be observed by all. Pokemon took McDonald's by storm with those collections of pokeballs and each time a new game is released. Granted, I'm fond of the original 151, but there are a few new favorite Pokemon too. I suppose the show was predictable during the first season because you knew each episode would end with "TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN! " and a pokerap, but it's like eating your favorite food everyday--you still like it every time you take a bite.

My childhood memories involve Pokemon because they were only thing really good in my bad life. Love them forever and I wish that in realty friendships exist like in Pokemon.

Pokemon is the best anime of all time. Look how long it has been running and now rebooted, and the games are the top selling anime games by a landslide. Not so great for older people but as a kid this was the number one T.V. show

It is the best franchise in the world it has done over five hundred Pokemon and loads of games

The original series featuring Ash, Misty and Brock were great, the stuff of my childhood. From the first episode right up until the end of the Orange Islands were really enjoyable. That being said, the seasons in Johto, Hoenn and I'm towards the start of Sinnoh now, seem to be mostly filler-like episodes excluding pokemon catching/evolving episodes, move learning episodes and important battle/contest episodes. Aside from that it seems to me like they meet a random person with a pokemon they haven't seen much and they never see said person again. I hear that the newer seasons are really good and I'm excited to see if they improve upon the middle seasons. - jacko_coates

Really people really? This was before on 15 now its 21... Come one people if you hate the new anime then watch the old Watch the kanto johto and hoenn seasons they are good Besides Pokemon is an RPG who doesn't like rpg?

Whoever did not place Pokemon on top is crazy! I have grown up watching this anime and trust me it is the BEST anime EVER! Hope that it gradually becomes the top anime. Simply AWESOME. Please vote for it.

Pokemon is the best. It taught us so much about the harmony we need between us and nature. The concept is so intriguing and appeals to all people, it deserves a spot in the top ten

Pokemon has more than 816 episodes and 16 movies. It is 10 times better than one piece and Naruto. Plus Pokemon is very educative and successful. Love Pokemon

Pokemon has maximum number of legends than any other anime. It suits those who wanted to go about many mysteries and explore many many things.

I mean come on! No one that has ever been a Pokemon fan can't forget when misty kissed ash! Not only that but it is full of battle's, emotions, &action! Who can't agree with that?

Pokemon is a anime unique in comparison to any other it entices every generation of children that watches it and it stays with them forever! Not many other anime do this and for this reason it is the greatest anime of all time or at least 2 or 3

Pokemon is my life, Pokemon is the best anime ever. Its really shameful its at 17th place here, please vote for Pokemon

Best anime ever. It will age like wine STILL favorite of many children and even youth. beautiful more than 800 episodes,15 movies and really full of everything that is enough to rejoice anyone.