Soul Eater

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Soul Eater is an anime series directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Bones, Aniplex, Dentsu, Media Factory, and TV Tokyo, which adapts the Soul Eater manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Ohkubo.


This anime starts out with a good beginning and a fantastic story line throughout the series. It has a perfect mix of action and comedy. It starts out with a prolog so don't get bored and give up too fast. There are three sets of main characters. It is about three sets of partners. In two cases, one person turns into a weapon and the other controls the weapon. In the other case, there is one person controlling two weapons. It is very interesting and a fantastic series over all until the very last episode which ends the series poorly. PLEASE WATCH! AMAZING!

THIS MUST BE LOWER THAN RANK 20! This show, mixed with drama, action, and funny scenes, made this into (in my opinion) the perfect anime series. I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to watch an anime that involve magical girls and/or high school girls in uniforms. I mean yes this is an academy, but it's a different idea of a school. All the characters have their own diverse personality which makes this anime even better. If you have Netflix, go watch it! The Dub and Sub versions are both there and they're both perfect! (Dub is my favorite)

Agreed. Best anime/manga ever created. I ALSO agree that you have to watch the first three episodes before you judge! They're just introductions people! I just finished this anime some time ago. The ending made me cry. ALL the characters change and become better then they were before... To watch them grow is amazing. There are amazing fight scenes and amazing friendship scenes (episode 33). This anime has friendships, life lessons, self sacrifice, loyalty, secrets, tragedy, magic, technology, and SYMMETRY... But not Uncle Bob's Rumba (soul eater joke) Coffee. I'm talking for Death the Kid when I say, "You better vote for this yourAsymmetrical bastard! " (also soul eater joke).

Soul Eater is amazing and is one of the less recognized anime unfortunately because it's older and anime sites tend to bury it behind some of the bigger ones, such as Naruto and Bleach. It teaches a valuable lesson while also featuring great character development and well rounded characters. It also has it's fair share of comic relief to go along with all the action occurring in the main plot. This 52 episode series is a must watch for any anime fan, devoted or casual.

Soul Eater is pretty amazing... It's my third anime, and so far, my favorite. The characters are all around interesting, and I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone... The story is fantastic as well, it has serious moments coupled in with the hilarious ones that make you fall out of you chair. It doesn't just focus on one character and stick with them, it bounces from three pairs of characters throughout the series... Also, it has something for almost everyone. I absolutely love it.

This was my first favorite anime and it still is and it will always be. The characters are just so beautifully developed and the art is just so unique. I have never seen a show like this and that is what makes it so unique. Sure, the ending is not amazing and really does deserve a reboot but this anime will always have a special place in my heart. Oh and if this show does get a reboot it might be one of the best animes ever created right next to FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Death Note.

I do love this anime, I consider it one of the best I've watched. However, I do believe that its placement is rather fair, as the storyline can get confusing and twisted. I've also noticed a resistance to kill off protagonists, I mean, one character is seriously IMPALED COMPLETELY THROUGH THE STOMACH and its only a minor injury. Regardless of these two aspects, the characters are well thought and developed as well as the idea and animation insanely unique.

Why is this below Pokemon?! Pokemon SUCKS! Soul Eater has done many things in anime better than Pokemon. First, it has better characters, it has better plot, it's not repetitive, it has less filler (granted there is some filler), the soundtrack is more memorable and awesome, and although I hate the ending, AT LEAST SOUL EATER HAD A RESOLUTION UNLIKE HOW ASH HASN'T ONE A SINGLE Pokemon LEAGUE SINCE THE ORANGE LEAGUE! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I actually remember this being the first real anime I'd ever watched. My sister had told me about the main concept, and something about it really caught my interest. I suppose it was the way all the characters' personalities went well together, and just the excitement of it all. I was never really into anime before soul eater, but it definitely opened my eyes.

My sister also introduced me to this awesome anime. Agreed BEST OF ALL TIME! First and best anime ever watched.

An amazing anime with lovable characters, outstanding animation, a great and dark plot and well made fight scenes. Its very addictive, the musical score is nice, the openings and endings are fantastic. The only thing I can say I did not like was the out of place silliness that was displayed in the beginning, however it because a lot more well balanced. Not to mention, the dub is on the same level as the sub.

Yes it is the most EPIC, breath-taking show your ever going to get! The art is so different from other animes and at least in this series they made it to where the girls have the right boob size, unlike in others that make little children have giant tits. It includes a great plot, sexy characters (DTK), great fight scences, a sad story, I mean what more do you want! It even teaches you lessons about friendships and what not. Heck I don't see why DBZ is up at the top when all that show does is talk talk talk and takes 5 dang episodes to power up 1 move! I know I'm a bad explainer but seriously people take my word for it, SOUL EATER IS THE BEST!

BEST ANIME EVER! A hilarious god of death, an OCD Baby god of death who has GUNS and a HOVER-BOARD, a bunch of people who can transform into weapons and eat souls, plus a school called the DWMA where I Say I want to go to high school every time someone asks, then I run off. (Plus an awesome Villian who eats human souls and shoots magic, red, barf bullets which can kill DEATH GODS, -Even though he secretly is one- From his weapon partner which he swallows) and witches, and a crazy doctor with a screw in his head for a teacher. What else do you need? (I don't know? Maybe a self-weilding death scythe who can read lips and has headphones in anywhere he goes? This anime has it! ) Besides being totally cool, and kick butt, all the characters eyes are BEAUTIFUL, they are designed flawlessly, and has relatable personalities. It was my first and favorite anime of all time. It teaches you friendship, love, Sanity, and also how to kick butt with your human friend who your throwing around in ...more

Soul Eater is unlike anything I've seen before. It's so different from your average anime, yet so cool. The art style is over the top, and the characters range from ambitious assassins to amazing annoying holy swords. Soul eater is truly an amazing experience, and I would recommend it for anyone looking for something stylish and far outside the anime box.

This was my first anime and entered me into the genre we all here are hooked. With a fantastic plot, a diverse set of characters, and a grim art style, the show fufills a lot of the things anime fans wish for in a show. Also, I LOVE THE ENDING UNTIL THE VERY END. I know that doesn't make much sense but the ending had a lot of momentum and then just stopped the energy in its tracks in the last two minutes. In the end, it's a great anime and its great to watch in between binge watching another show! Please watch it:)))))))(

That one anime that always can make your day better! Soul Eater was my first anime I've ever watched and I have to say it still remains number 1 on my list of favorite anime shows. Highly recommended as a good watch and interesting story line that always keeps you wanting more!

This anime is definitely for shonen fans. A good mix of action, comedy, and definitely Adventure. The plot is good too, but it may take a bit to get used too. The animation is great, and so is the color. I've watched a lot of anime, but this one rocks better. The characters are great (except for Excalibur), especially Stein and Death the Kid. Please watch it, because it is really good. The fighting scenes rock a lot. Hasta la Pasta!

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best anime, the length of the series is the perfect length reletive to the plot, and the story is dark and creepy, with a lot of stuff from the uncanny valley. And with such a dark series, the show can be hilarious, but it knows when to crack a joke at the right time, and it fits in, since most the humor is surrealistic. Overall, you should all definitely check it out, it's on both hulu and netflix, so it won't be too hard to find

26? PLEASE. This deserves to be at LEAST Number 4. Or above Naruto. Either way, really. From the fantastic characters to the epic fight scenes to the points of pure comedy, there's no reason for this to be as low as Number 26, or below Naruto.

It draws you in because the first season is hilarious and strange and then it just hits you with an awesome adventure with a full helping of feels trips. Very well balanced show. Basically the perfect anime in my opinion, and the dubbing isn't too bad either

Except for Death the kid, I was not really impressed by this anime, while the art style and theme song are fantastic I will admit, it seems to take a while to get started and is not as thrilling as people had hyped it to be. I find that it is lacking in some ways but not bad, but not the best

Very creative in a way where skill is always involved unlike DBZ and Naruto Shippuden where power is key. I highly recommend this anime to MATURE people to watch. Wish it was longer and the ending a little less cheesy. Must watch all episodes to understand the anime :). Great anime

My favorite anime ever! It's full of adventure and it leaves you wanting more at every corner! It's a wonderful anime that everyone should watch, and the style of the art is amazing!

Um why isn't this up higher? Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, Tsubaki... And who can forget Black Star? I fell in love at episode one, and if you haven't seen this you need to!

Why is this so low? It is the best anime and manga ever, and it has great animations. The anime makes you get close to the characters, and it has a great amount of failures and wins. This needs to be higher up.

Life and Death's most complex issues explained profoundly through amazing character development and the story line. Great animation and character designs make the experience all the more transcendent. There was not a single boring episode.