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I could write a short novel about why I would call Steins;Gate my favorite anime of all time. I think what most got me was the highly unique story line and how the anime is radically different than literally any other anime out there. Steins;Gate is it's own genre. It has drama. It has action. It has comedy. It has suspense. It even has some romance/feels mixed in there. Above all though, the intricacy and complexity of the plot continually drew me in as the topics presented were extremely well researched.

I could go on and on but I will just leave you with this: give it a watch. Don't let the slow start fool you. The second half of the anime is built up to with lots of information from the first half and is executed on a legendary level. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this one.

Dude, seriously, this should be at least in the Top 5. Steins;Gate is one of the best anime that you should be watching right now. The plot is deliciously detailed and mind blowing for a time travel story. The depth in each character is so good that when you're about to tell yourself, "oh, another airhead character", you will be finding yourself riding on the feels train before you know it. Man, those anime with overpowered characters (except hunter x hunter which is very awesomely detailed, and religiously following the rules of their own universe) is all outsmarted by this anime.

Honestly people need to start watching anime. Dragon ball, Naruto, and one piece in top 3? Don't get me wrong I use to love those animes when I was a kid and I still watch them today but there is no way you can take those animes over a master piece called steins;gate! The more I read this list the more depressed I become because it seems as if majority of the people only watched 1 or 2 animes. FMAB, Code Geass, angel beats, and even clannad down in the list? Seriously I always thought this was a TOP TEN anime list not a popularity contest. But I guess that's how life is :(. Anyways Steins;gate may have weird spelling but it has to be the greatest anime because it definitely has the greatest character development. Unlike the overrated SAO (no offense) which rushes the relationship between kirito and asuna but the relationship of okabe and kurisu has to be one of the best. The characters are also great and I didn't like a lot of characters in the beginning but I end up loving all the ...more

Great cast (both the characters and the actors who voiced them), amazingly complex plot, great opening/ending music, great comedy, emotion, suspense, great twists that really do catch you off guard, the fact that it's a spiritual sequel to an otherwise mediocre anime and is still this good (trust me, that's important), romance, tragedy, and a very, very satisfying ending. You name it. This anime was brilliant.

This anime is a masterpiece. It's lacking nothing. Nice animations, a plot that pulls you in, likeable characters, a pervert gentleman, what more do you want? I think this is down here because some people didn't make it through the first 11 episodes, which were relatively boring. But, this show is still leagues ahead of an anime that takes episodes to finish a fight. And those fights are just white lines across the screen and someone shouting when they're nearly defeated and getting more power. You know what I'm talking about.

This anime has one of the best plots if no the best plot in the world. It is an incredible anime no doubts. ALl the characters fit in perfectly and have the perfect role. The only flaw I saw was that it had a slow start but besides that it was the best anime I have ever seen. It had incredible plot (along with amazing plot twists), great character developement (along with a great cast of characters), fairly good soundtrack, and fairly good animation. I highly suggest you watch this anime right now if you haven't already.

The Best Anime in anime history. It has the best time travel story and each character in the story is related to the plot, each character had some significance to the overall story. There was not one character that I thought if I removed, the story could move on. This anime is so interesting and thought provoking, it's an absolute blast! An EPIC MASTERPIECE

In a word, the series was brilliant. The plot is intriguing and complex, the characters are wonderful, and everything about the series is deep and beautiful. In fact it's so complex that it has to be watched all the way through a few times before you can completely grasp what happened. In my opinion, the best drama-centered anime I've ever watched.

This anime starts off slow and only picks up after the first half is over. However, this is THE anime where your patience will pay off, because once the story gets going, it really takes off. This is perhaps one of the most captivating story I've seen in a while. You can't help but fall in love with each character as the story goes on.

Highly underrated, highly recommended.

Steins;Gate is the most amazing anime. It is short, so it doesn't even mean indulging into years of watching it, so no loss. In just 24 episodes, 1 OVA and 1 movie, this is the greatest anime ever of all time just behind Death Note. It has the one thing that Death Note lacks: Emotions. I am a super Death Note fan, and so would say that it is a must watch for anyone who even close to likes Death Note. - dearut

I could explain why Steins;Gate is the best anime of all time, but emotions cannot be accurately conveyed through words, so I will simply put it this way: If you haven't seen it, you're missing out on the most incredible visual masterpiece that I have ever seen and I don't see any show coming close to rivaling it for a very long time.

My #1 anime for sure. A little slow starting out (necessary though to build the emotional connection with the characters) but then it picks up and before you know it you've gone through 25 episodes of the best time travel story ever told in my opinion. Definitely a must watch for any anime/time travel fan!

How is this masterpiece so down in the list? This has to be one of the best if not the best anime of all time! The story is really intriguing the characters are likeable and most of all there's something really fresh and original about this anime that you can't really explain. You have to watch it to understand

I personally regard this as one of the best-- no, it is the best anime of all time. Everything was great, character development, plots and twists, art, music, you name it. Of course, I'm not going to push my opinions so yeah, I totally recommend this to everyone, science dedicated or not.

Stein;Gate is hands down one of the best mind blowing animes out there to date with twists left and right and amazing characters. Although, the plot takes a few episodes to kick in it is worth the wait and you'll be kept at the edge of your seat with each passing episode.

This anime is so well constructed and has a better story/development/characters than you could ever expect to see in an anime which is why for me it doesn't just rank above all animes but all over T.V. shows, nothing compares to the brilliance of this show, also its take on time travel and explanation of how it would work if it were possible is the most plausible, in depth approach on it you could wish for

How is this not first. Everything about the anime is amazing. It was one of the only non violent animes that kept me intrigued with it's excellent plot, interesting characters and brilliant ending. Anybody who hasn't watched Steins Gate should definitely give it a try.

You need to be patient for the first half of the show. If you do that you'll be greatly rewarded and you'll be amazed how the things become. I don't think that there is someone who watched Steins;Gate and didn't go for second time.

Absolutely heart wrenching, especially the last 2/3 or so... I've seen a lot of anime that I loved but so far this one takes the cake as the most rounded and mindfully arousing story; not sure where to look for something better.

Highly recommended. In pure story it is much more well thought out than other popular mainstream anime which just keep on going on and on and on and on until finally finishing with something cool such as Fairy tail. Warning, It's a tear jerker from time to time.

This anime is one of the best I've seen. It has great characters and character development, a plot-driven story, beautiful animation, and good music. Like Death Note, it is filled with twists and turns and is very psychological. If you haven't seen it yet I'd recommend it.

If this list is ranked quality rather than quantity of the viewers, then this should be up there. A slow but yet satisfying and mind blowing series that played with my emotions all throughout the series. Must watch!

Okarin is my Hero! This is an anime that seeks to break boundaries and re-define time and space itself. I'm going to have to agree, the majority of anime fans here, seem to have drifted to the more popular shows. Whilst many of us started watching anime through dbz or one piece. Comparing these long-ass cliche, dull animes to ones with meaningful plots, characters without appealing to traditional genres and gender roles such as this, code geass, psycho-pass, noragami, wolf's rain, Ergo Proxy or Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't really constructive. That being said! I still have a nostalgic affection for one piece and bleach, and my heart does still reside with Shaman King. But objectively, shorter, unorthodox, experimental animes like stein's gate are the nimes that truly deserve acclaim.
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The first five episodes are slow but are not in anyway boring, and by episode 6 I was hooked. A lot of the time an episode will end on a cliffhanger and it's hard to resist watching the next one to see what happens. This anime is definitely worth all the hype it gets.

Absolutely the best, exceedingly well developed characters, fantastic execution in every way possible and in everything the writers tried, amazing plot (best I have seen in a long, long time). Should be #1.