Tokyo Ghoul

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All the anime above Tokyo ghoul except Attack On Titan don't even compare to the story of Tokyo ghoul. Really? Naruto or DBZ are better than Tokyo ghoul in terms of story, characters and animation? Lmao this is an insult to Tokyo Ghoul to be placed lower than shows that don't get you involved in the story as tokyo ghoul does. The atmosphere of Tokyo ghoul, the characters, everything in it is miles ahead of all the crappy Shounen anime mentioned above.

I can't even bring myself to explain how powerful the story is in this show. The amount of subtle details that are important are so numerous that, if you don't play good attention, you might miss some of the best parts of the show. I keep finding little things that foreshadow as I continue to watch, and it is one of the most emotional rollercoasters I have ever seen. (P.S. The music is absolutely marvelous. The theme song is simply stunning.) On top of that, each character has so much "character", if you catch my drift. There aren't any braindead uninteresting characters throughout the entire series, and I never thought I would enjoy a short series like this as much as I did. The transformation of Ken throughout the series is marvelous, while at the same time, heartbreaking. A ride from start to finish, and arguably the best anime I have ever watched.

I've seen Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail and much more and this seems to be unpredictable and epic, this shows us how the nicest person can be become evil. Simply great, can't wait too Season 3!

Tokyo Ghoul isn't your typical anime. it forces you to look at the bigger picture. there isn't all there is to what you see and if you look at things from a different perspective, only then will you understand. the way everyone fights for their own salvation and justice with neither sides at wrong is heartbreaking yet beautiful. I was torn and kinda depressed after watching this anime but it's still the best. it can affect you so much.

Why is this this at number 50? It has great characters and when my sister showed me the ending I cried and then when I watched the anime I cried even though I knew the ending! This anime is great and it deserves to be in the top 10

Come on Tokyo Ghoul 100th even thought it's new I would expect it to be in the top the in Japan in 2014 this was the 4th most popular anime. So I would like to recommend this to all anime lovers

What the hell! what is it doing down here so much below! this ought to be one of the best anime ever! the story, the animations, the everything os epic! and if u hate fillers then this is for u! straight 2 seasons with 12 episodes each and a nice pace moving story, overall a MUST watch

It has a great story line. The anime is well dubbed and keeps up the place. Compared to the Manga though the anime is child's play. I'd give the anime an easy 8 out of 10 while the manga a 100 out of 10. It's just very well done. So don't just think since you've watched the anime that's all their is. Read the Manga too.

I love it, I really wish it was much higher ranked... Both the anime and manga were incredible! (I personally like the manga more though ^) It was a really unpredictable series. The plot, characters, fights they were awesome! Season 3 will be so exciting, it surprised me a lot in what happened in Tokyo Ghoul :re, a very unpredictable storyline. I was looking at the scene going what?!

First of all, it is ranked way below than what it actually deserves. The anime has a great plot, great badass characters, and appropriate number of episodes. Although, the season 2 finale will leave you a bit confused if you don't read the manga but wait till season 3 gets here!

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best anime and it should be in at least top 20, not number 40! I was wondering where this was on this list or whether I had missed it. Why do people hate this anime, it to me is better than Attack on Titan. If you have not seen this anime I am ashamed of you!

How is this not higher?! This is my all time favourite anime, everything about it is gorgeous, I love the storyline, and all the characters are great. It makes me sad how underrated this is. I cried through every episode.

Highly addictive anime - the first episode hooks you onto the rest of the season. Very fast paced and is an amazing anime. The characters and storyline is amazing. I highly recommend this anime - especially if you love fighting scenes.

I love this anime half human half ghoul, and even though it is ongoing it is worth at least a little wait. Ghouls can't eat human food except for coffee and humans? No complete explanation but cool either way.

" I can't believe this is not in the top twenty; it is one of my favorites. It's amazing in every single way. It is very scary though but that is what I love about it! It has an amazing plot, and grate characters, I LOVE IT! It also keeps you on your toes the entire time!

One of the best anime I've ever seen, beautiful designs, intense story, and epic fights. When I watched the first ever episode I got hooked up to it, there is two seasons so far and more to come, so don't give up on this anime yet.

Its amazing it may not be the "Best" but it sure is good especially the season one opening it is so catchy the plot is also pretty good. But wouldn't recommend for the people who are scared of blood because there are a "lot" of blood and gore there.

Best by far should be #1 at the most it has suspense it also has lots of gore beyond a doubt very unpredictable but most of all the animation is off the charts amazing! If you're smart check it out you won't regret it at all!

An anime with a great thought out plot. I don't know why it is 49th because I just love this anime. I don't see why but many manga readers hate it which I find stupid. I believe that Tokyo ghoul deserves a place in top ten

How Tokyo Ghoul is at 49 is beyond me. This deserves to AT LEAST be in the top 20. The plot and storyline is amazing and honestly it keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire show.

I've watched a lot of anime, but for some reason I keep coming back to Tokyo Ghoul. It's an awesome world which I love to dream about. The anime style is very pretty, the characters are great.

When it first came out I was not interested at all because I thought, " Oh, it's a scary weird anime " but then in a year or so I had nothing to watch. So I thought I should try this anime at least. I literally Finished the entire anime in one day because I couldn't stop watching! It's my favorite anime of all time cx So a hint of advice, don't judge something by its cover

He eat people so it be pretty good in my opinion, but that is just my opinion and not fact so scientists try to disprove my authority with bible black references and force child ice cream into my man bag.

Tokyo Ghoul is honestly the best anime I have have ever watched AND the best manga I have ever read. When I was going through depression it helped by watching it. It's my number one anime/manga.

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime which is very unique from the story line, to the incredible art and graphics, to the characters. It's an anime which make you want to scream, laugh and cry at the same time, and don't even get me started on the soundtrack. Unravel will forever be stuck in my head. OSHIETE