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Yu-Gi-Oh! was aired from 2000 to 2004 in Japan, and 2002 to 2006 in the US. It continues where the Toei Anime Left off. When 10th grader Yugi Muto solves the Millenium Puzzle, Yami Yugi emerges, taking control of him to help his friends. In Duel Monsters, they mostly played children's card games because ...read more.


I still love Yu-Gi-Oh! After all these years. I remember waking up every Saturday morning at ungodly hours just to watch it. My cousin and I used to camp out in the living room and sit up all night watching reruns. When the last episode came, I remember I cried! Everyone thought I was so dorky for liking it, but Yu-Gi-Oh! Is really making its turns nowadays. It seems like everyone who once thought it was a lame show is now watching it. It's so much more than a card game in an anime. I grew up with this show! It's a part of my childhood!

Oh boy, Yu-Gi-Oh at number 17, you gotta be kidding me... This anime list is a joke. It definitely deserves the top 10 list if not the number one spot. It may seem as repeated action for some time but watch the anime completely and it is guaranteed that every body will love it.. I particularly loved the series from the time when the characters do not duel anymore for points but for pride. I love both the Japanese version and the English version.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Is one of the BEST Animes all all time the entire series is so much more than just a simple card game! The character are so cool and smart. It's not just some kiddies show its much more than that because the English language they speak is much too complexed for young kids. Eg The word perceptive is used throughout the entire series as if any young kid is going to know what that word really means and that just one of the 2000 words they say that are complexed. IT's very addictive to watch if you watch the series make sure you watch the entire series ep 1- 224.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! series has come along way since the original series. With 4 spin off/sequel series, it's still going strong after nearly 20 years of being on T.V.. Though each series (Including the original) have their strengths and weakness I still love them. The stories have gotten bigger and the stakes of losing get larger and larger the more it goes on from the world to multiple universes. It's quite the ride and I can't wait to see where it goes. I've loved it since my childhood. Whether it be dubbed or subbed (Though for the recent series I only watched subbed) I love the series.

The whole dueling thing aside, the characters were amazing. The villains were awesome, everyone had a good story arc. And I'm sorry, even though you knew (more times then not) the outcomes of every duel, and even though one event would go on for multiple episodes, you still wanted to see it to the end. If that's not the mark of a great anime then I don't know what is

I personally love the story arc of yugioh! I think every series is unique in some way! Plus, we've Got the abridged series, which always made me laugh with the memes! And no, it's not a rip off of any anime! Some say that it's a rip off of Pokemon, but Pokemon has noting to do with playing card games! I think they should do something to change Pokemon, maybe like the protagonist. Give them different personalities or something! I also like the fact that yugioh is more dark and mature, although people who haven't watched it kept saying it's childish.

An other reason for like it is that I like the character designs. Although you can see that they can get quite crazy sometimes (the protagonist's hair and the rival's coat -- specifically kaiba, chazz, jack and kite's coat, doesn't have gravity! although that's what makes them look cool...) they still look good.

Yu-Gi-Oh isn't like any anime other. It feel so live and awesome. It has made in 5 season and I'm looking forward for next season and more episodes. Yeah, the game is also pretty. I like both the game and the anime so much. Special thanks for Kazuki Takahashi and Konami because they make my childhood very awesome.

My first anime! And I still have all my cards. Honestly, as far as anime character development goes, Yugioh is in the top 5. I haven't even seen the whole Japanese version and I still love it. Yugioh will always have a place in my heart

Yugioh is my number one and will always be, it has to be even better than what I saw in my Pokémon years, They only have Ash in partly EVERY season as the main character in Pokemon, but in yugioh you have Yugi, Judai, Yusei and Yuma, and it should be like at least 11 or even ten I mean you have 2 Naruto up there, I've never seen Naruto but it doesn't even look that good, more interesting stuff happens in yugioh, PLUS you get the yugioh abridged SO WHATS NOT TO LOVE! You morons make yugioh higher (p.S. if you have never seen yugioh abridged you better stop what you're doing and go check it out on YouTube now it is so funny) YUGIOH FOREVER

Great show. Better than it gets credit for. Awesome character development, with very relatable characters. The voice work was great, as well. It got me into anime and I haven't looked back.

I grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh, and to this day its still one of my favorites, if not my favorite anime.
Having seen some of the Japanese version, I do like it; I wouldn't say more than the English version, but it is true that some things were lost - and gained - in translation.
Definitely has great story depth without overdoing it, which is something I've always appreciated.

This made my childhood awesome because I buy decks of this and I even play them at my PSP. Also, in Anime this was awesome way back 2000. I love this Anime

Yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh gx and yu-gi-oh 5d's are very good and can be on the top 10 (in my opinion). But ZeXal is not very good... The English version of yu-gi-oh is very bad and the English version of 5d's is the owrst of all because all the actions scenes that was on the original has been cut. But the original is very WONDERFUL!

Easily one of my favorite games and Anime with Awesome battles and Powerful Cards such as the three God cards, The Forbidden One, and more.

Why is this 32nd place this should at least be in the top twenty with all the sick duel and all the experiences yu-gi had to go through

Yu-gi-oh is and epic anime unlike no other making cards seem cool and kick ass seem nothing compared to the battles in the anime

No, the animation is jacked, the plot is wired, the character designs ar confused, and the dub just got worse and worse, also I'm not in to shows for the younger demographic

These will always have a special place in my heart... Never forget Yugioh. And no anime will take the yugioh glory.

Boring stupidity! The most crazy anime I've seen. Is the pain going to end? It's made only to sell those damn demonic cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! deserves to be #2 it's a really awesome show but DBZ is better.

I love it why do people hate it it's weird

Kaiba sounds like Brock from Pokemon. And my favorite card is Slifer the Sky Dragon!

I honestly think DBZ deserves, because it's my favorite anime. But I'm surprised Yu-Gi-Oh is in the top 15 at least

Yu-gi-oh is number 32? It's time to duel!

I love the subbed version (4kids kinda ruins a lot of shows). I cannot get over Yami