Top Ten Animes That Made You Cry

List of the 10 top animes that made you cry (or extremely sad) whilst watching it!

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61 Mirmo!
62 Steins;Gate Steins;Gate

This truly does deserve to be number one. I've cried waterfalls on this. Even when I watch it again, and again. It's just perfectly tailored to hit you right in the feels while having excellent characters and a well designed story.

The most emotional rollercoaster of a show. It starts quite slow, you need to push past about 5-7 episodes. But after that, you'll wish you could re-watch the show for the first time. It's perfectly beautiful.

The first episode pulls you in. One of the best most well written shows that I've watched. The characters are really connect with eachother and have great chemistry. This show might be hard to connect with at first but the main theme is what would you do if you could have a do over?

Best anime ever, I cried throughout the last episodes :'(

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63 Reborn!

Ehh I would say it's pretty emotional it almost got me crying and it's hard to get me to cry out of like the 100 sad anime I've watched this would be like. The 20th only because it ended :( you get rly attached to the characters it develops the characters so much

64 07-Ghost

The twisted feel of friendship and your reality constantly slipping away from you is something most can relate too. Which makes me cry :(

65 Kamisama Kiss
66 Full Moon o Sagashite

I cried. SPOILER ALERT okay so this anime may be for a younger audience, but really, she spends her whole life searching for her long lost best friend and then she's all exited and pumped up and jumps in on echi's funeral?!?! She's only twelve, about to die, has death spirits as the only people helping her reach her dream and echi was killed by a CAR ACCIDENT AND THE MANGA IS EVEN SADDER but it's mostly funny and a wonderful anime. Peace out.

If you can't cry for this show then I salute you.

I didn't cry, but such a beautiful plot!

Wow...I don't have anything to say!

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67 Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

This anime made me cry in most of the episodes, but I cried for a good hour and a half throughout the last two episodes, I spent the entirety of the last episode doing nothing but cry.

First show to ever make me cry, absolutely beautiful all the way through. I very much enjoyed it

The way this makes you cry is a good thing.. sadly there isn't a second season :/

68 Shelter

I'm not sure if this counts as an anime, but who cares? This was beautiful. After I saw the explanation of it, I was literally crying in my sleep, thinking about Rin's miserable life. If you haven't watched this short anime film, then you have to watch it. It has gorgeous animation and the song is beautiful. I still think about it and I don't think I'll ever forget it...

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69 Akame Ga Kill! Akame Ga Kill!

Why? Just why kill of all the characters?

This anime hit me so hard, so much feels! Each death of every character was so painful that it's hard to rewatch the anime because you'll end up crying at all! I just hate how all of them had to die :(. This is a must watch anime guys, I recommend this! :D

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70 Toradora

This one had me crying for 1h straight bur not so much as I did clannad

This anime, as cliche as it is. Tells us the story of an odd tsundere and a supposed 'delinquent'. It's so happy when they run off to get married. Then it frustrated you to tears when the to be bride leaves the groom. It brings you to the point where you want more. And when you figure out there is no more, it makes you sad ;w;

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71 Natsume Yuujinchou

So underrated; so beautiful. Unlike something depressing (in a good way) such as Rainbow, this show was heartwarming. Most of the tears I've shed from this series were of happiness~

So underrated; so beautiful... This series is heartwarming, which most tears I've shed from watching it were of happiness~

Ahhh it's so sad and at the same time beautiful.
Every season there are at least three episodes that are so sad you just have to cry :'(

72 Bokurano: Ours
73 Pandora Hearts Pandora Hearts

This anime mad me cry because it is absolutely flawless and beautiful, yet so sad and lonely. This Is shown by the friendships between characters, and the terrible life they've been through. The music box tune "Lacie" really shows the sorrow, even though the sound that music box makes is already lonely enough...

Made me cry at the second episode too

74 Sunday Without God

In the beginning it may seem a little weird but I had to cry very hard only in the second episode. Its not very populair but you should be watching.

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75 Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance

For those of you who are younger or innocent, I don't recommend this, but past the (cough) intense yaoi, the story is incredible. I cried sooo much and am only half way through! If you are mainly into the story, this heartbreaking, breathtaking anime will surely change your perspective on yaoi, or at least anime

I cried tears of anger and joy this anime ruined me, please make season 4 I demand it

76 X / 1999
77 Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Once upon a time where this group of young hot guys all died. The end.

I don't know why this anime never got popular, but it's in my top 5 ever. The story will make you cry on multiple occasions, and you'll get attachted to Okita, Hijikata, Heisuke, and all the other shinsengumi captains. You will cry. Yes, there's a bunch of death.

78 Utawarerumono
79 H2O: Footprints in the Sand

I like the story so much that moves my heart, I am not into in anime or 2d's nor have an intention to watch this kind of set, I am thinking that a 24 years old guy that could cry into this kind of masterpiece.
I have my wife for 5 years that I am almost blind to see her sacrifices and attention that much for my sake that I take for granted, this anime is a waking up call for a people who is in a relationship that you should have high hopes and love each other and create memories that you shouldn't regret living together and rely on each others back, God bless this master piece as an eye opener for me and now we have a healthy relationship and I admit that I am newly addicted to anime about sentimental romance.

80 Capeta

This is the best racing anime series in my opinion. Especially between episode 28 - 32, there was so much intensity and suspense and at the end you definitely can't stop yourself from shedding tears for capeta for his will-power to win. :'(

I have watch many anime like Naruto, Bleach, Fairytail<dragon ball Z, one piece, Swordartonline, Attack on Titans etc But Capeta is the best of best. t should be in number 1

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