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81 Kobato.

The events that follow Kobato are so sad but the love connection is not one to be missed this anime has one of the most memorable endings!

82 Natsume Yuujinchou

So underrated; so beautiful. Unlike something depressing (in a good way) such as Rainbow, this show was heartwarming. Most of the tears I've shed from this series were of happiness~

So underrated; so beautiful... This series is heartwarming, which most tears I've shed from watching it were of happiness~

83 Tokyo Ghoul: Root A

This. Anime. Is.. Amazing.

Gore it is. But what lies behind the ghouls and the gore and blood and cannibalistic pleasure that we (or some of us) seek, you'll see something more in there.

I'm weird because I cried at the first series' ending. BUT AT THE SECOND. You'll cry. Really. It's a very heartbreaking end.

This anime has everything. Gore, romance, action, laughter, and lots of tears. I cried when both seasons ended, because they were beautifully awful ending and just because the anime itself was ending.

This needs to be in the top ten because I cried so hard/ much I don't even know where to begin

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84 Parasyte Parasyte

Right now this anime is ranked at 95. It has ton of feels/ slice of life. You will get very attached to the characters no doubt and you may shed a tear or two near the end of the series. This is a must watch espically if you like sci-fi and slice of life

85 Shakugan no Shana

Come on. It went on for 3 whole seasons, allowing plenty of time for character development, character relationships and character/audience bonds to grow. Which just made the finale that much more heartbreaking to watch. Shana trying desperately to convince Yuji to let her be with him. Yuji pushing Shana away because "it's not a punishment if I'm happy". All he wanted to do was be with her, but because of everything he'd had to do to make things better for all involved he wouldn't allow himself to be happy. It was truly beautiful and tear-inducing to watch it work out.

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86 Sonic X Sonic X Sonic X is a Japanese anime television series created by TMS Entertainment and based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega.

Episodes 77 and 78. End of story. - TwitchandVinegar

87 Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

This anime is really heart felt with a slight undertone of horror. It is 12 episodes long with one OVA. It is about a ghost who has lost her memories of before she died. Only one boy can see her for who she is everyone else either sees a grotesque evil spirit or not at all. The boy accepts her and they seek out to find out what happened to her before she died and also help solve the many ghost stories around the school.

It really is a good anime but does have many moments that cater to fan service quite heavily but also can leave you cowering in the corner at times. But the last few episode will weigh heavily on you heart, first with immense fear then slowly leak into great sadness only to force you to cry and eventually continue to cry with relief and happiness.

Keep in mind I am one of the most cold and detached person when it comes to my emotions, so when an anime makes me cry, you know it is good.

88 Zatch Bell Zatch Bell

They do have strong emotions being shoved at audiences faces for no reason just to add power to the series, but the real reason the anime deserved to be on the list is because the main characters have suffered a terrible past and must struggle to get over it.

Zatch bell although is not emotional at all times, but it has got strong emotions indeed. From the first episode a strong bond of friendship is shown in the series. The main characters have a very harsh past and I don't know why it is not there in the list.

89 Sket Dance

This anime is like the whole package! Action, comedy, parodies, and lots of feels. Well, what do you expect in a campus support club? Of course lots of heart warming scenes where they help fix problems in different ways. It also has some serious parts in it as well. The main characters have very sad back stories. This anime also teaches you a lot in life. I'll admit that SKET dance truly changed me.

90 Waiting in the Summer

Might sound weird weird at first but once you get to know the characters its pretty hard to let this one go. Each character grew a lot throughout every episode. Highly recomended

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91 Gakuen Alice

It's a mystery how this isn't higher on the list. The manga is way better than the anime, so I guess I understand since most people don't read the manga. But this is one of my favorites, and I recommend it to any anime fan, because there's a bit of everything involved.

Want romance? Decide if you're team Ruka or team Natsume in the fight for whose best suited for Mikan.

Want action? Join Mikan and her friends as they battle against enemies and even the people they think are their allies.

Want comedy? Watch Natsume humiliate and embarrass Mikan with his perverted ways and Mikan unsuccessfully attempt to gain the attention of her too-cool-for-you best friend.

Want fantasy? Well that's what Alice Academy is! A school for children with a magic power.

92 From the New World From the New World
93 Peach Girl Peach Girl

This anime is very dramatic and so heartbreaking. Some characters get very sick, close to death, beat up, etc. many parts of this anime can be really sad, but it's also really adorable! One of my favorites!

Cried in this it was sad at some parts but happy at others!

94 Aquarion Evol

I wasn't expecting this show to make me cry, but dammit it did... A few times.

95 Dengeki Daisy
96 Chrono Crusade

If you watch to the end it so sad but very heartwaming but there was only one grave wheres Chrono's graave...

97 Boku No Pico Boku No Pico Boku no Pico is an anime series of three OVA episodes created by Katsuhiko Takayama. It was released to DVD on September 17, 2006.

Are you real!? Don't watch this until you know what it his its child porn in the form of anime

The character development in this anime is beautiful. Everyone needs to see it, it changed my life. After watching it, I felt connected to the characters, Pico in particular. The characters are relate-able in a not boring way. Truely my kind of "slice of life" anime. It warmed my heart, and I believe it could shape a new generation of people who care. Boku no Pico inspires me beyond belief, must watch! I cried like a baby.

Dangerous To Kids Under 13 YEARS OLD it's a Homo Sexual Anime

It kills off your brain cells as you watch it. Definitely makes you cry. - TwilightKitsune

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98 Ceres, Celestial Legend

This is an amazing series! The amount of pain Aya endures is amazing, the love between her and Tooya is amazing! Not many people know of this anime but it touches deep.

99 Welcome to the N.H.K.

I might have been the only one to actually cry watching this. But the atmosphere is incredibly sad and lonley at times and it makes you feel depressed. One of the only animes that actually made me think, about myself and my life.

This anime broke me down emotionally and had me weeping. It made me think about were my life was going.

100 Fushigi Yuugi

It appears to be a cheesy romance adventure anime ( it is ) but the show managed to make you love that characters and dive deeply into a whirlpool of emotions. Tears will fall due to the character developments and the sacrifices made. An anime that is old school and like none other.

First dub I ever watched (13 years ago, besides the ones that were on T.V.) and it became not just of my favorite dubs but I can consider it my favorite Anime ever. There is a lot of death towards the end and I cried buckets worth, my favorite character died as well. This anime left a deep impression on me and is still one of my favorites to this day

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