Top 10 Most Popular One Piece Ships

This topic is based on #hastags & trends on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit popularity pools.
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The Top Ten
1 Luffy x Hancock

This pairing is the most popular OnePiece ship without a doubt. They literally won every popularity pool on Reddit, Instagram and Facebook on the biggest OnePiece pages where 50k voters were involved. The hashtag #luffyxhancock is the most popular and viewed ship on Tiktok, Youtube and Facebook having almost double the views of all the ships mentioned below. Most of the people ship Luffy and the Empress Boa Hancock because they have a very funny relationship similar to Goku and Chichi.

2 Sanji x Nami

This ship is very popular for their funny and cute moments. Sanji encountered Nami along with the rest of the Straw Hats in the Baratie. Seeing her for the first time Sanji declared his love for her, to which he gave her fancy food and she manipulated him into giving it to her for free giving him a hug.Is one of the most viewed ships on Youtube and their #hashtag is ranked top 3 on the most viewed ships on TikTok and top 2 on YouTube

3 Zoro x Hiyori

This ship is extremly new and very popular on the fandom between The Future Strongest Swordman in the World and the Most beautiful girl in Wano the samurai country. This pairing becomed popular for their moments that reminds Oden and Toki. In this moment this pairing #zoroxhiyori is ranked top 2 the most viewed ship on YouTube with million of views. Hiyori won the popularity pool on reddit where 10k voters were involted on choosing the most suitable girl for Roronoa Zoro.

4 Luffy x Nami

This ship is the classic pairing between the main character and the main female.
Luffy and Nami are exceptionally close crew mates, Luffy being the captain and Nami being his navigator. Their relationship is argumentative and can often be violent on Nami's side, but they also value and trust each other immensely. Nami has shown she has unwavering loyalty to Luffy whilst Luffy, himself, perhaps trusts Nami more than anybody else in the crew. This pairing was extremly popular in the old days before the introduction of Boa Hancock in 2009. This ship is very popular on Twitter and Tiktok having a loot of views.Most of the people ship this two characters for their perfect relationship & funny moments.

5 Sanji x Pudding

This is the canon ship with Sanji.The two are deeply fond of each other, but are separated as a result of their respective crews being irredeemable enemies.

Is one of the most viewed ships on Youtube, this pairing becomed very popular in Dressora for their romantic moments. #sanjixpudding is ranked top 4 the most viewed ship on TikTok and Instagram having multiple videos with over 500k likes.

6 Zoro x Robin

Is the pairing between Zoro and Nico Robin. This ship is very popular becuase they have a similar personality. Most of the people ship them because both characters share a close relationship being Called Chopper Parents. This ship was very popular in the old days before the introduction of Hiyori and Tashigi. #zoroxrobin is very popular in Indonesia being ranked top 5 on Twitter hastags.

7 Usopp x Kaya

This pairing is between Usopp and Kaya also know to be the closest to become canon.Usopp and Kaya are close friends who have known each other since childhood. Both of them resided on Syrup Village, with Kaya living in the biggest mansion on the island. The two became good friends after Kaya lost both her parents and Usopp, with his talent for fabricating stories, would cheer her up with one of his tall tales which always made her smile. This ship is one of the most popular ships in Japan having thousand of fanarts.

8 Zoro x Tashigi

Their interactions do show that if they weren't on opposing sides, they get along surprisingly well. Even then once they found out of the other's allegiance they have kind of a strange rivalry/friendship thing going on. But they have similar goals and drive to be the best they can be. It really helps that Tashigi looks and acts exactly like Zoro's childhood friend and rival (which really pissed him off once the resemblance became too damn close to his liking) so it felt like a continuation of this rivalry even though it's with a different person. This ship is very popular on TikTok their hastag having 10+ million of views. Tashigi almost every time won the pools as Zoro perfect partner on Reddit.

9 Robin x Franky

This pairing is shipped for being know as the Strawhats Parents. Frobin has proven to be a very popular pairing within the One Piece community despite its lack of relative screen time. Its popularity started to stem from how the pair met and the similar experiences they both have with the World Government, with Franky being able to sympathise with Robin's situation on Water 7. Beyond how they met, the pair gained popularity because of their opposite personalities, making them an entertaining pair, with Robin's quiet, reserved, nature, and Franky's loud, boisterous and fun personality. In this moment their #hastag is ranked top 5 on Twitter.

10 Sabo x Koala

Koala is a former slave who was set free by Fisher Tiger's rampage on Mary Geoise. She sailed along with the Sun Pirates to reach her home town.
At some point later, she joined the Revolutionary Army, eventually becoming the Fish-Man Karate assistant instructor and high ranking officer. She now often works alongside both Sabo and Hack. This pairing is very popular in Japan since Sabo the main character , brother , is involded. This ship is ranked top 1 with the most fan fanction in Japan but not very popular in West.