10 Facts You Didn't Know About Allen Walker

The Top Ten
1 Allen's Innocence type is parasitic, and he is currently 16 years old.
2 When embarrassed, Allen has a habit of rubbing above his mouth with his index finger.
3 Allen's favorite colors are black and white, and he also likes the yellow of Timcanpy.
4 Allen is ambidextrous, but he learned to write with his right hand.
5 In the past, Allen did not have a name. He was called "Red" because of his arm. He was named by Mana's dog, Allen, according to both the manga and light novel of D.Gray-Man Reverse.
6 Allen has a big appetite, and his favorite food is Mitarashi dango.
7 Allen's past is largely a mystery. The few things known about him include his adoption by Mana Walker and his apprenticeship under Marian Cross.
8 Allen's blood type is O.
9 Allen's nationality is British.
10 Allen's birthday is unknown, but he was adopted on December 25th, meaning he was adopted on Christmas.
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