Best Overwatch Couples

We all know the characters we know and love. This is a list of some characters I think should hookup
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1 Genji and Mercy

I like how when I searched up genij's story how it mentioned mercy in the story saving him. I also don't know if it's true but I like when I see all the memes of Genji yelling "I need healing". I honestly overall think this ship is by far the cutest to me! Yay.

Mercy saved Genji and now genji wants to do anything to protect mercy it's the perfect couple.
Screw Pharmercy
Genji and Mercy makes more sense in lore.

Blizzard, of you read this. Show two evidence that their is a Genji x mercy relationship going on here

Mom and the B.A. Ninja she revived. We know they love each other.

2 Mercy and Soldier 76
3 Tracer and Widowmaker

You remember when they looked into each other's eyes on that rooftop in that animation? There was something there, am I right?

I feel as though widowmaker kind of flirts with tracer, plus tracer doesn't take it badly does she?

Tracer is not a disgusting dyke she is straight.

The original Overwatch ship. Nothing else matters.

4 Hanzo and McCree

It was love at first sight.

5 Reaper and Widowmaker

They both are without emotion, but for one another. They share romance, passion, compromise. They share a love no others can comprehend. And the 2 hot heros

They don't feel emotion but towards each other from it.

They are both emo, perfect!

6 Orissa and Zenyata

Yes this is a couple that I'm hoping for. They are perfect for each other. They are both omnics, and Zenyattas got the balls and Orissa has the big gun. See, they match.

7 Ana and Soldier 76
8 Torbjörn and his Turret

Torbjorn has a unique bond with his turret, his caring eyes stare deep into the dark abyss of his turret's barrel it's a beautiful relationship of two lovers. It's time for him to move on from being just friends, and show their affection for each other.

That cry he makes when it's destroyed is a sign of love.

The only thing on this list that I agree with!

Best couple out there

9 Bastion and Birdy Bastion is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

It's time to move on from just friends.

10 Winston and Bananas

Eat more banana.

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11 Pharah and Mercy

The obvious ship

12 DVa and Lúcio

The rabbit and the frog

13 Widowmaker and Doomfist
14 Junkrat and Mei
15 Reinhardt and Ana
16 D. Va and Genji
17 McCree and Ashe
18 Mercy and Reaper
19 Tracer and Emily

Even though Emily is not in the game.

20 Hanzo and D. Va
21 Winston and Peanut Butter

Better than bananas

22 Symmetra and Sombra

This ship is underrated. Give it some love, people, my autistic Indian wife deserves it.

My 2 favorite characters as a couple,... love it!

23 Hanzo and Symmetra
24 Sombra and McCree
25 Hanzo and Widowmaker
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