Best Annie Lennox and Eurythmics Albums

Y'all know by now how much I love this woman. Enjoy!

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1 Diva

Every song is a masterpiece in its own right. All the songs together make for what I'm starting to believe is my favorite album of all time. I can't even pick standout songs because I'd have to put the entire album track list. Honestly, the biggest fault I find in it is that the song "Step by Step" is only on the Japanese and supposedly the Mexican versions of the album. The accompanying video album is also just as incredible. Its only fault is that the "Little Bird" video was left off when it was reissued on DVD. Seriously, a world-class record that EVERY MUSIC LOVER NEEDS TO HEAR! - theOpinionatedOne

2 Touch

YEAH! Go Annie!

Not at first my favorite Eurythmics album but upon going back through the Eurythmics' catalog, it's clear this is when they were on top of their game creatively. Standout tracks: "Here Comes the Rain Again", "Who's That Girl? ", & "Right by Your Side." - theOpinionatedOne

3 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

This song is awesome! I love Annie Lennox :D

The album that put Eurythmics permanently on the map...but not until the title track was released as a single. This album helped define the sound of the early 80's PLUS adding a little soul to the synthesizer. An enjoyable listen through and through. It sounds tastefully dated. It's both very much an album of its time and ahead of its time. It was futuristic and cutting edge upon release, yet so very much an album that typified the era it came from. Standout tracks: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", "The Walk", and "Love Is a Stranger", and "I Could Give You (A Mirror)." - theOpinionatedOne

4 Bare

This one took a little time to fully immerse myself in before I totally loved it like I do pretty much everything else Annie does. Unfortunately, it also took experiencing a similar kind of pain myself to really grasp what she's writing about on these songs. But we all have to experience pain in order to truly know happiness. Standout tracks: "Pavement Cracks", "Wonderful", "The Hurting Time", "Honestly", "A Thousand Beautiful Things." - theOpinionatedOne

5 Savage

Both Dave and Annie's favorite of their Eurythmics albums. And rightfully so considering it was such a shift from what they had been doing. This album, creatively speaking, is second after Touch. The album is stronger as a whole than the songs are on their own. Savage IS AT FIRST a rather hard pill to swallow musically and difficult to understand lyrically at times, but this is what the Savage video album helps with. Savage is MUCH easier to digest with the visual component, and as a result becomes a much more compelling listen after seeing it. Standout tracks: "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart", "I Need a Man", "Shame" and "I've Got a Lover (Back in Japan)."

All the artists today (like Beyoncé, Florence + the Machine, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Björk, etc.) who are turning their albums and/or non-singles into full-on video-concept pieces have the Eurythmics to thank for the original idea of doing such an unheard of thing with an album. The ...more - theOpinionatedOne

6 Medusa

This took me a while to warm up to. I've made it abundantly clear that I relish in Annie's songwriting so naturally, I would be more skeptical of a covers album. But, just as she always does, she knocked it out of the park with her vocal performances on Medusa. Standout tracks: "No More 'I Love You's'", "Take Me to the River", "Something So Right", "Waiting in Vain" and "A Whiter Shade of Pale." - theOpinionatedOne

7 Songs of Mass Destruction

This one I liked more right off the bat than Bare but not so much now. Her songwriting on this one more resembled Diva than did Bare, as it's a bit more varied in lyrical content. And musically, it more resembles Eurythmics pop rock sound than her other solo releases. Standout tracks: "Dark Road", "Coloured Bedspread", "Sing" and "Ghosts in My Machine." - theOpinionatedOne

8 Be Yourself Tonight

This one took time for me to fully enjoy, but it's really a solid album from end to end. My tastes have changed a bit since when I first went through Eurythmics' discography. All 4 singles are dynamite, my favorite being "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)." This album was an important step in their songwriting progression. Their lyrics before this album were more abstract while on this one, they took more time to make narrative songs.
Also worthy of mention, this is probably Annie's best album vocally before going solo. She uses all parts of her unmatched voice here. From low harmonies on many tracks to soaring head voice to soulful but technically sound grunts and of course her signature belts. - theOpinionatedOne

9 Revenge

This was at first one of my favorite Eurythmics albums but after revisiting their discography, it's mostly filler. Despite a few AMAZING standouts, there's really not much to be found here that you couldn't get on a compilation. Standout tracks: "The Miracle of Love", "Missionary Man" and "When Tomorrow Comes." - theOpinionatedOne

10 We Too Are One

This falls in a similar category to Revenge except that the best songs from it could not be found on a Eurythmics compilation. Standouts: "Don't Ask Me Why", "When the Day Goes Down" and "(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry." On this album, they sound like a band whose best days are behind them. - theOpinionatedOne

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11 Nostalgia
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