Top 10 Annihilator Songs with Whammy Bar

Annihilator's primary guitarist (Jeff Waters, lead and rhythm guitar) is one of the most frequent users of different whammy bar stuff.

The Top Ten Annihilator Songs with Whammy Bar

1 Schizos (Are Never Alone) - Parts I & II

Awesome guitar work throughout - fast and technical - Metal_Treasure

2 Imperiled Eyes

Mainly at 2:37, 5:10 - Metal_Treasure

3 Invite It

This song is like a fest of whammy bar stuff with long whammy sections (3:00-3:40, 4:15-4:55) - Metal_Treasure

4 Ultra Motion

One of my favorite songs by them - so fast, so amazing. - Metal_Treasure

5 Chasing the High

Whammy bar is used in the end and a little bit in the intro - Metal_Treasure

6 Haunted
7 Cold Blooded
8 Blackest Day (Live)

Most of it is at 3:00-3:55 on the studio version (the sample here is from a live show because itunes don't have the studio version) - Metal_Treasure

9 Prime-Time Killing

There's a lot of whammy bar - Metal_Treasure

10 Deadlock

In this song he used the whammy bar a lot - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Criteria for a Black Widow
12 Stonewall

Long and dirty - Metal_Treasure

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