Top Ten Most Annoying Ads On YouTube

Some ads I cannot stand. Most of them are food ads. Remember: This list is made today, so it may be inaccurate another day.

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Movie Trailers

Oh god one time every video I clicked I got and ad for the Assassins Creed movie literally every video I clicked had this ad

I was once trying to watch the diamond minecart along time ago, and every video I watched had a THE PURGE trailer that couldn't be skipped, I hid my head in the pillow until it was over.

I'm seeing Netflix ads

Irritating Netflix

Devry University Ad

The Devry Institute ad is the most annoying YouTube ad ever! I cancel it as soon as YouTube counts down, but it just keeps coming back. It is so loud and obnoxious. Sometimes you have to turn up the volume to hear YouTube videos with lower audio, and then all of a sudden you get your ears blasted by Devry. What was the advertising company thinking when they came up with that abomination to the ears! If they wanted people to hate Devry, they found a way.

I just refresh the page on YouTube if this ad plays because id rather hear other ads then this annoying obnoxious one.

It is the most constantly annoying piece of media I've ever see it should be removed

Every time this ad comes up I want to throw my laptop into a brick wall. SO. ANNOYING.

YouTube Music

No stop it I already have other music software. Plus you still probably won’t let me listen to music and close the page

Stop advertising me this crap I don't want this stupid app its pointless

It's super annoying, it's on almost every video!

If I hear Eung Freestyle one more time

Anti-Smoking Commercials

I hate these! I know you want people to stop smoking, but please stop shoving it up our faces!

Its very annoying because they keep shoving it down are throats

I'd rather pull my own teeth than watch these ads!

Some of them are scary!

Youtube RED

Literally the only reason these ads to exist is to annoy you and say "But YouTube Red and get no ads" and if your like me and listen to album playlist or just full albums you will have these annoying ass ads 273758475958 times and worse IT'S LITERALLY THE ONLY AD THAT APPEARS ON THESE VIDEOS. Seriously these ads LITERALLY just annoy you just to get you into buying this thing that's just a waste of money the exclusive series all suck and they take away basic features that should be free like for example play the videos when you leave the app which is something that should have been free to begin with you can get a free app on the Itunes and Google Play Store that does the EXACT SAME THING as YouTube Red does sure you get ads but they aren't video ads like these and they don't annoy you every single video you click like these do. These ads are unskippable to and of course they make them as annoying as possible with a generic as hell beat that sounds completely out of place ...more

Advertising their own products on their own website is just dumb

Youtube Red and Youtube Premium are like clones in Smash Bros. They're the exact same, just with minor tweaks.

Longhorn Steakhouse Ads

I've seen these ads so many times that I could probably recite it word for word.

dank memes

TikTok Ads

I swear I feel alone on this planet by feeling that I'm the only person who can't stand this app.

I can't play a game without seeing these stupid ads. I swear annoying dolphins made them. THEY ARE THE SAME THING every time!

If I don't want tiktok you don't have to advertise it every 5 videos.

Oh yeah and I'm already tracer


Contrary to what some people think about Geico ads, I think they are some of the funniest and most creative commercials ever made. The Geico gecko is so adorable. What a little cutie he is, and I positively live his speaking voice. I always turn the volume way up to enjoy Geico ads. A runner up in comical ads for insurance companies is Progressive Insurance. That Flo character is incredibly funny. I often wonder why she dosen't have her own sitcom. It would be the funniest show ever made.

I always see the GEICO "fast forward" ads. Every. Other. Time. The "Fast Forward" ads are 100 percent fake and not funny, because GEICO fast forwards to the end of the ad WHICH IS STUPID AND YOU'RE STILL WATCHING THE COMMERCIAL. YOU ARE STILL WATCHING THE COMMERCIAL EVEN THOUGH THIS AD CAMPAIGN IS FAKE.

I hate these especially the one with the moving truck that one comes on all the time and it's just gettin old

I hate the 2 men grilling, and that janitor ad aren't funny. It just makes something as serious as car insurance seem like a joke.

Ads Advertising Other YouTubers


I keep seeing ads of Star Wars, made into a joke

*cough* Smosh *cough* Game Theroy *cough*

There was no point in getting so much ads advertising youtubers like "Trap Wilderness" or "Nancy ToysReview"... oh my gash what's your problem?! I don't wanna be forced to watch videos like this are they really that money-hoggers?! go home guys your drunk

Anime RPG's

Most of them are just CGI's which don't even show the real gameplay which also sucks.

They are way too sexual and annoying. Remember that Evony ad a couple years ago? I don't want to come play, my lord.

This is the reason why I hate anime

These get really annoying after the 243242343th time in a row..

The Newcomers

? State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
? GrubHub

The Contenders

Fortnite Ads

Ugh.. I legit don't give a living crap about this game so stop shoving the ads down our faces!

All the damn time!

The next person who does a dance from this game will meet the same fate as the people who do the renegade. Yes I’m the same person

Every single video a click on there’s always some stupid fortnite ad! Especially the disco one!

Olive Garden Ads

I mean I like Olive Garden but please stop it I’m not eating there every day

This restaurant is good but I’m sick and tired of drooling when I see this ad

No matter how many videos or how many different videos I see it always follows me. Especially the breadstick ad.

I like Olive Garden

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls The Friendship Games Ad

Every. Single. Time. I bet the movie has already come out yet and they are still advertising for it. Sorry if I got the colon and the "the" thing wrong.

When your mother thinks you watch mlp eg

I don't even see this advertisement at all


Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Oh god these ads are very annoying because they play an annoying loud electronic crap in every ad PLUS you can't skip it so you have to listen to it

The 6 second Google ads make me cringe and they are so loud! The ads are all like, "YAAA! Wubwubwubwub! "

Now it’s that what do you wanna be when you grow up I wanna be an astronaut ad that goes

Man: Ok google, duh how many calories in a cheeseburger

Google: too many fatass

League of Legends Ads

NO matter what type of video I click on its- YOU'RE GETTING A TIME OUT- IN HELL or some girl describing a LoL in a super high pitched voice

I got this ad to much!

I'm never playing that game because of the stupid ads

Cringe in a minute long video

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Product Image

NO!, no one wants to watch your watered down teen titans film

I hate that film!

I hate this so much, I don't know what to say about it, so yeah.

Nobody likes ttg, the original was so much better.

Spotify Ads

I already have Spotify...

Nintendo Switch

I already have a switch also I’m not getting every single game you show off

No nintendo I'm not paying for your crappy online service as soon as I get a switch

This should be #1

No, I don’t like the Koopalings stop showing a trailer about them. Koopalings are filler everywhere

Nissan Ads

The cars don't look cool and the bull ad is weird and hard to understand.

Stop these annoying Zoom Zoom adverts! I will seriously never buy another Nissan after being subjected to these atrocious unstoppable ads!

Just any car ad in general

30 second unskipable ads. Constantly. Need I say more?

Stupid Horror Movie Trailers (such as Lights Out)

When you're watching clean funny memes late at night then get a La Lerona trailer...

When you're trying to listen to some music and a Rings trailer pops up in the middle of the night.

Have you noticed that horror movie trailers are UNSKIPPABLE and they always pop up on almost every video, whether they're scary or not?

Rings. Need I say more? -.-

18+ TV Show Ads

Oh man

Basically every T.V. Land ad that's unskippable

What I mean is those unskipable ads, for T.V. shows, that are stictly for adults. But the most annnoying thing is that they sometimes appear when you're watching kid's stuff. All those cheap T.V. shows with lame crime stories and are clouded with "romantic" moments, that somehow win a million Grammys.

I don’t like these because one time, I was watching Reaction Time’s videos and then an inappropriate ad came on that was 4 minutes and I couldn’t skip it and then my parents came in the room and they saw the ad and I got in trouble!

FanDuel Casino Ads

These ads will never stop showing when I try to watch a new WatchData comparison video.

Wix Ads

I will sue wix for them continually playing ads before the damn YouTube video I wanna watch.

YES I KNOW YOU CREATED A WEBSITE BY USING WIX also repeating of the name makes me go mad

They don't show these anymore...

'Yo I just created this dope website with Wix'! - smh

Quibi Ads


Audible Ads

this should be number one!

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