Most Annoying AFL Fans

Do I REALLY need a description?
No-one will read this anyway!

Free cookies?

The Top Ten

1 Port Power

Starting to get big headed over finally being in the top eight

2 Richmond Richmond

They apparently "Don't care" about AFL...
Until Richmond wins, and they go nuts

3 North Melbourne North Melbourne

The MCG often plays this animation which says "Make some noise" and all the North fans go nuts.
Reminds me of when parents try to excite their kids about football, and say "Look, we just got a goal! "
Do they really have to be told when to cheer?

4 Geelong

Writing this from a Hawk's perspective, they never hestitate to say that the Hawks are big game chokers, but when we beat them in the finals, they all hid under rocks, too ashamed to admit they did the very same thing.

5 Fremantle

Completely blind to how annoying Hayden Ballentyne is.

6 Essendon

They get so riled up and defensive when people mention the drug scandal.
Also, they use it as an excuse for poor playing.

7 Collingwood Collingwood

I don't dislike Collingwood, only because I see no reason to, but put 'em here to give you pie haters a small boost.

8 Adelaide

I sat near the cheer squad once.
Scarred for life!

9 Hawthorn Hawthorn


10 St Kilda

The AFL should really consider merging them with another team... Maybe Melbourne

They suck. No further explaination needed

The Contenders

11 Sydney

The whole Buddy dilemma.
Buddy hell (heh... heh... )

12 Port Adelaide

You though Adelaide was bad? Port never shut up!

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