Top Ten Most Annoying Archie Sonic Characters

Well, since this list involves Sonic (especially the comics), someone is inevitably going to get butthurt.
I really can’t stand the Archie Sonic comics. They're basically glorified fanfiction. And a total mess too! One big, furry drama fest. Everyone is so out-of-character. Seriously? Sonic characters getting married and having children? Blech! Furry love triangles? Who cares? Yeesh! Even the little bit of research I did for this list, put me in an annoyed mood. Just go to Mobius Encyclopedia and start reading and you’ll know what I mean.
Anyway, the reboot seems better. And I like to read the issues that have Team Dark in them. They are the only characters I like in the comics because they stay fairly close to their game counterparts, and are relatively in-character while also being fleshed out a bit more. Funny that I like all the villains and not the ‘heroes’. I guess it’s cuz they actually have depth to them and I get to see them beat up these pretentious, self-righteous, ‘Freedom Fighter’ punks.

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1 Sally Acorn Sally Acorn

She is so ugly and such a hoe

Sally isn't canon get over it their is a reason why she is not canon AND SONIC HATES HER!

I can't STAND her! WHY must she be in the archie spin offs and why does she egsist and WHY THE HELL IS SHE SO POPULAR!? I bet without her "husband" sonic she would die less then a second.

i voted for sally...but I STILL THINK SONAMY ARE BAD COUPLES!
i hate SALLY and AMY
well amy is ok in the comics ( but can be a brat) but she does have lots of " cool and cute in her" still she was a great tomboyish character in SOME games, classic amy was the BEST amy rose so...cute, but why I hate amy rose... the whole sonic...oh I mean soarin problem" but the thing that bugs me about amy rose is SONIC X... she is A BRAT, SONIC LOVER, UGH
BUT sally has BAD in her...yes in a BAD way like amy kinda.
sally is ruined...i will like her better if she had no " milk ducts" so she will not look like some " furry" in her...and that jean coat is trying to make look like some emo...OH YEAH emos are cool...but I hate it when sally tries to make her self look like one with the short hair to the jacket!
early satam sally= very underatted...should keep her that way... she looks more like princess like like sally SHOULD BE
sonic the comic= she was very un-furry like... ...more

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2 Julie-Su Julie-Su

Knuckles the Echidna is one of the more underrated Sonic characters. Julie-Su's personality haelps keep Sonic the Hedgehog be the definition of video game franchises that spawn insufferable, filler, overly useless characters.

But she's only in the comics. Really, her design is such a generic recolor, she makes the game characters' designs look great.


Original character. Do not steal! A pink recolor of Knuckles with a horrible toupee on her head. Ken Penders, you are a genius. Man! I didn’t think you could get worse than Sally Acorn, but boy was I wrong! All she does is pout and moan and scowl and ugh! She is such a bitch! (I mean, Rouge is bitch, but she’s an anti-hero and a charming, likable bitch) Her mother’s name is literally ‘Mari-Sue’, go figure. She was introduced as Knuckle’s love interest in the laziest, most Mary-Sue way possible! Listen to this: “...a sixth-sense known as the Soultouch. The Soultouch is caused the instant the Echidnas in question set eyes on each other. It causes them to form a bond, which later develops into love.” Ugh. And these are Sonic characters we’re talking about. No development to their relationship, nope. It’s ‘meant to be’ because the powers that be said so. Please. Knuckle’s is a loner. He’s much cooler like that. He doesn’t need a girlfriend. It’s just all so ...more

3 Sonic Sonic

She comes a close second for how cruel and Princess Elise III-esque she is. - The Ultimate Daredevil, referring to Modern Amy Rose when he put Amy Rose on his comment while talking to eventer51314.

You are so right, eventer51314, but Amy Rose is the most overrated Sonic character ever (yes, even more than Modern Sonic).

Oh, man, where do I start? He’s nothing like his game counterpart or any other alternate-universe counterpart. In the comics, he’s a playboy, who drools over every pretty girl he meets! (And this is coming from someone who’s only read a few issues of the comics. The issues that have Team Dark in them are few and far between). I could hardly stomach him. Just to list a few examples: He had a rather suggestive fantasy about Blaze the Cat, dated Fiona Fox, and for the longest time, had an on and off romance with Sally Acorn. He even flirted with Rouge the Bat! It’s all so unbearable. Especially coming from the Blue Blur himself! Seriously, what the heck, Archie? Luckily, Sega finally put their foot down about that. Sonic is not allowed to be in a relationship now. But I’m sure that won’t stop him from flirting. Does anyone recall the Sonic from the games behaving like this? Anyway, Archie Sonic treats Amy like crap. I’m not a Sonamy fan, but I kinda like Amy as a character ...more

4 Hope Kintobor Hope Kintobor

A completely unnecessary, ugly Maria clone. Her existence irritates the crap out of me.

What was the point of her creation anyway? - TwilightKitsune

Even Archie Comics saw no point in using her...

5 Bunnie Rabbot Bunnie Rabbot

A hillbilly with fur to cover her sexy, feminine, thick-thighed body?! Fridge!

Writers: “She’s part rabbit, part robot. Let’s call her Bunnie RabBOT.” Dumbest, most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard.

6 Tails Tails

And this is one of the major reasons why Tails (as a whole) is an honorable mention on my list of greatest Sonic characters, even though Modern Tails (in the Archie Comics) actually sucks for the reasons you said why, eventer51314. I still wish there were Archie Pac-Man comics, BUT NO ARCHIE PAC-MAN & THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURES COMICS! That series reminds me of the modern Archie Sonic series. Sure, the Archie universe has teen stereotypes and some anti-feminism (except for in some series such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the 20th Century), but they are actually tame compared to this! And look at Tails in this picture! Tails is one of my favorite Sonic characters for how tough, brainy, three-dimensional and specially capable he is, but in the modern Archie Comics, Modern Tails is majorly disappointing, heck, he makes Tails in Sonic SatAM a breath of fresh air in comparison.

Tails is the nicest, sweetest character (besides maybe Cream) in the games. He looks up to and admires Sonic. Why would he ever fight with him? Oh, that’s right. This is the Archie comics. It’s half teen-sitcom, half...i dunno what, apocalypse? Yeah, because a furry love triangle is cause for WW3 in the Sonic fandom. *rolls eyes* Maybe the whole of the Archie Sonic comics is actually a parody of the fandom. Makes sense to me.
Anyway, he resents Sonic for having a relationship with Fiona and the two fight about it. Even though the relationship had ended beforehand. Talk about petty. Like you had a chance with her, Tails? She’s twice your age. Oh my God. This whole thing just...should not exist. None of this melodrama should exist within the Sonic universe. I laughed so hard when Fiona slapped him. He deserved it seeing as he couldn't take a hint.


7 Antoine D’Coolette Antoine D’Coolette

I think I know how Frenchmen will react once they see Antoine D' Coolette and realize his racially stereotypical cowardice. Spark Plug Entertainment approves. Feel free to watch Ratatouille. It has much more positive portrayal towards French characters. - The Ultimate Daredevil, aware of how much insufferable Sonic the Hedgehog characters exist from Princess Elise III to Antoine D' Coolette

One word: wuss.

8 Princess Elise III Princess Elise III

Lol, she's only mentioned in the comics but I guess that's enough to put her on the list! She looks so dumb in that photo by the way.

I just want to tie her to a stake and burn her to ashes after seeing that image of her. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 Lara-Su Lara-Su

The ungodly spawn of Knuckles and Julie-Sue. That right there gives me reason to hate her. She should not exist. Luckily, she doesn't now thanks to the whole Ken Penders lawsuit. She's just another Bitch-Sue he created.

10 Gold the Tenrec


The Contenders

11 Amy Rose Amy Rose

She is the silliest reason why Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide is one of the most overrated comic series of all time.

12 Saffron Bee Saffron Bee

I just found out about this character while making this list. She’s supposed to be Charmy Bee’s ‘betrothed’. What? He is six years old! Why, Archie? Why? And apparently, she’s completely useless and contributes nothing. Which, I’m not surprised about. Even Ian Flynn acknowledges how useless she is. Someone once asked him “Will Saffron ever stop being useless? ” to which he plainly said…“No”.

13 Ash Mongoose Ash Mongoose

Is this also a list of worst Archie Sonic characters or just list of most annoying Archie Sonic characters? You have the right opinion towards Serena from Pokemon. She should be strong, but she is actually a lot worse than Modern Amy Rose. Even though Modern Amy Rose demanded Sonic the Hedgehog to win her heart, there are also times when she decided to be a warrior. Serena, however, demands Ash Ketchum to win her heart to the point where she threw a temper tantrum and stay dainty so the Serena fanbase is cancer, even by the standards of wild fanbases. Why am I not talking about Ash Mongoose yet? Well, he is mostly annoying and only serves one purpose - to be Mina's boyfriend and a jerk to Sonic the Hedgehog, who is also a pompous ass in the Archie Comics. I was literally voting for Ash Mongoose even though it was a hard choice. - The Ultimate Daredevil to everyone other than just eventer51314

14 Mina Mongoose


15 Sara
16 Vanilla the Rabbit Vanilla the Rabbit
17 Bokkun
18 Tangle the Lemur
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