Top 10 Most Annoying Autism Stereotypes

I'm autistic and I get so annoyed by these types of stereotypes! I'll tell you right now that not all autists are like this, including me. I just hope these stereotypes completely die so that no one believes autists are bad people or anything.

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1 All Autists are Violent

I'm autistic and I never think that violence is the answer. You can get locked up for inflicting pain upon another person ya know. - Aragorn98

That stereotype isn't just annoying, it's dangerous. It's what can get us killed and further demonized. - ETNMystic

I'm a mildly violent autistic but this is not always the case! - KayleeKicklighter

I'm autistic, and I am EXTREMLY pacifist - darthvadern

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2 All Autists are Immature

For some weird reason I can't type anything else after I do this or on another list on here so this will be big. There is an autistic person at my school. He be like "HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT I DID? I DID (something I don't care about.) And I am in high school. If you seen my one about people treating me like I am autistic you know I have 2 autistic friends and they are cool. So, the other autistic people are so annoying. They worship super Mario or any Nintendo game. I like Madden NFL or any Xbox game. In Mario party characters cry when they are in 4th place and throw tantrums. Ok, back to this. If you don't like what they like they yell at you. Special Ed rooms look like a kindergarten room. And they like the wiggles. what. That show is stupid. How do they think it is funny. They are like 15 they need to grow up. I am 14 and they annoy me.

I'm very mature for my disorder. - Aragorn98

3 All Autists are Unintelligent

This is such a annoying stereotype. I'm not the smartest person in existence but I'm not a uneducated dumb person either. It's been proven that autistic people are far more intelligent than non autistic people look no further than Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein and Issac Newton would like to argue (If it is true). - CrimsonShark

I'm not the smartest person but I wouldn't say I'm dumb or anything. - Aragorn98

Stephen. Hawking...

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4 All Autists Can't Take Jokes

I don't take jokes too seriously. I love to laugh. - Aragorn98

This is so wrong on so many levels

I called one a loser and he started crying.

I have aspergers and I am considered the class clown - venomouskillingmachine

5 All Autists are Zoophiles

There is no way in heck that I would wanna jerk off to cartoon horses on a girly kids' show (My Little Pony)! - Aragorn98

6 All Autists are Unhygienic

WRONG! I HATE body odor! I ALWAYS shower and I think that it's nasty when others cough or sneeze without covering their mouths

I always make sure to brush my teeth, wash my hair and face, and put on deodorant everyday. - Aragorn98

7 All Autists Take Things Too Seriously

That is me in some moments. I am an easy-going person, although some situations can get me very emotionally attached. - CrimsonShark

I try not too cause being too serious about things isn't good for your health. - Aragorn98

8 All Autists are Introverts

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being introverted. It's just that sometimes you gotta come out of your shell so that you can communicate better with other people cause it's much more better for society. - Aragorn98

Not true. At home I don't talk a lot because there's no one to really talk to so it can be boring sometimes but at family parties and vacations I go into extrovert mode and I talk a lot

I Have Autism And I Am An Introvert But My Sister Also Has Autism And She Is An Extrivert

I’m actually an ambivert

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9 All Autists are Cartoon Lovers

Hate this stereotype and it's definitely true. I'm autistic, and I am not a cartoon lover.

I'm autistic and I hate cartoons. - Aragorn98

They like shows that are for babies and toddlers the best

I have aspergers and I only like comedy adult cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, American Dad, etc. - venomouskillingmachine

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10 All Autists Watch My Little Pony

I'm autistic and I absolutely can't stand My Little Pony. - Aragorn98

I'm autistic. I never really saw the appeal of MLP to be honest.

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11 All Autists are Nonverbal
12 All Autists Watch YouTube Poops

I'm not autistic and I watch YouTube Poops every day. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

A lot of non-autistic people like YouTube Poops

Most YTPs make no sense to me...but I like cs188's poops.

13 All Autists are Not Capable of Doing Stuff for Themselves

While most do need help throughout their life most can learn to cook, take public transportation, pay bills, etc...

I have aspergers and for a lot of stuff. Everyone comes to me for help - venomouskillingmachine

14 All Autists are Bossy

I havs autism and I'm not Bossy at all. I'm shy

I have aspergers and I make sure everyone agrees before I decide to do something - venomouskillingmachine

There’s a difference between being bossy and making requests

15 All Autists are Mentally Challenged
16 All Autistics are Like Chris-Chan

GOD NO. SO NOT TRUE. I am autistic and I am nothing like him.

I’m autistic and I kinda want to troll her someday

17 All Autists are Depressed

That's like saying all depressed people are suicidal in both cases both accusations are wrong. - SomePersonYouHate

18 All Autists Can't Take Criticism

I can handle a little bit of criticism. - Croy987

19 All Autists Have No Empathy

I am autistic, and this one struck my heart, causing a wound in my soul that took a while to heal. Nobody should have to feel that way. - Cyri


20 All Autists like Sonic the Hedgehog

I have autism and I HATE Sonic - darthvadern

21 All Autists Go to Special Ed

I'm in 6th grade and I never went to special ed. I went to social work but that was because I always interrupted in class. - venomouskillingmachine

This is actually true...

22 All Autists Take Medication

I used to take ADHD meds but I quit after getting horrible sun sensitivity from it as a side effect. 10+ years later and I’m still suffering from it.

These drugs should be illegal in my opinion.

23 All Autists Have Obsessions

Even non-autistic people have obsessions

24 All Autists Watch Preschool Shows

I'm autistic and I absolutely can't stand preschool shows.

25 All Autists Inappropriately Touch Themselves in Public

I'm autistic and I find that behavior absolutely disgusting, unhygienic, and embarrassing.

26 All Autists Are Easily Constipated


27 All Autists Are Incontinent of Their Bowels and Bladders

This is the same as “All Autists wear diapers/pull ups after the age of 5”

28 All Autists are Whiny
29 All Autists are Crazy

Not true.

30 All Autists are Cloppers
31 All Autistic are Crybabies
32 All Autists are Spoiled
33 All Autists are Perverted


34 All Autists Wear Diapers/Pull-Ups After the Age of 5


I'm autistic and despite being potty-trained late, I was fully trained by age 4, and at age 5, I am COMPLETELY out of diapers.

35 All Autists Have a Weird Body Odor
36 All Autists Like Slow Rides

I have aspergers and I HATE slow rides. HATE. I LOVE thrill scary rides like Free Falls or even Slingshots - venomouskillingmachine

I’m autistic and I love thrill rides, especially roller coasters. Slow rides are just too babyish for me.

37 All Autists Can’t Work Above a 1st Grade Level

I’m autistic and I have taken high school and college level classes such as statistics, algebra, psychology, and now I’m taking web design.

38 All Autists Can't Handle Pain

I'm autistic and I can handle mild to moderate pain.

I have aspergers and I am planning to get a lot of tattoos when I turn 16. I don't care about the pain. Also I stub my toe every single day and I really don't care - venomouskillingmachine

39 All Autists Can't Watch Edgy and Vulgar Movies
40 All Autists Get Grossed Out Easily

I do. But I have a friend whos autistic and he's only grossed out by smells - venomouskillingmachine

41 All Autists Get Offended Easily

I NEVER get offended and I have aspergers - venomouskillingmachine

42 All Autists Are Conservative
43 All Autists Like to Offend People
44 All Autists are Not Capable of Going to College

I’m autistic and I have an associate’s degree in college

45 All Autists Have the Mind of a 5 Year Old

I’m autistic and I am very mature

46 All Autists Can't Work at Hard Jobs

People think that Autistic kids can only work at super easy jobs like at McDonalds and wiping tables at restaurants. I'm autistic and I would like to work on a job that involves using the computer, like graphic design.

47 All Autists Like to Destroy Stuff

I’m autistic and I take good care of stuff. Accidents sometimes do happen, though

48 All Autistic Take Medication
49 All Autists Have Mental Problems

Sure they have a disorder but that doesn’t mean that they have psychological issues like mania, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc, that leads to them eventually going to the mental hospital.

50 All Autists Live in Group Homes

I'm autistic and I prefer living with family. I heard group homes have strict rules you must follow, don't allow vacations, and they abuse people.

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