Top Ten Most Annoying and Awkward Things While at Home

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1 Having to Poo at Yours Friends House

When I was 2, I visited my aunt in San Francisco, and I had to poop while I was at her house several times. Since I wasn't toilet trained yet, I just pooped in my diaper and my aunt just changed it. No problem for me!

Seriously awkward. I've had to do this when I visited someone I hardly knew. The pain that built up in my bowel was intense. It made me sweat. I HAD to go and had no choice but to ask that question: "Mind if I use your loo..? " - Britgirl

One time my friend came over for a little while and had to go to the bathroom. Then she came back and said the toilet was clogged. When I went in it smelt bad and there was like a million pieces of toilet paper in the toilet. It wasn't me, but I felt bad for her

This is very awkward and the runnier it is the more awkward it becomes. You almost want to keep it in until you go home so you can poop in comfort - Danielsun182

2 A Wasp Flying Around Your Home

There's a lot of wasps around my house I'm always scared I will get stung it will hurt

3 That Big Spider That Runs and Hides

Worst thing ever. You have to get it or you won't be able to sleep knowing you haven't!

One time this happened. I spent the night outside my room crying and then went to sleep in my parent's room. Call me a wuss, its true! - keycha1n

I check my whole room before I go to sleep. - Garythesnail

Terry fling. Happened to me last month

4 Hearing Your Parents Having Sex

I accidentally went into my parents rooms while they were having sex... So gross and SO awkward!

Yes, that would be awkward. But going into their room and seeing it... Aargh! - PositronWildhawk

I masterbate to that

I hope I'll never hear that again unless me and my girlfriend do it

5 Getting Caught Pleasuring Yourself

My parents yell at me whenever I do that I don’t care nor do I give a hoot

So embarrassing when your dad/mum bursts into your room and acts like it never happened so you don't know whether they saw or not so you are acting all awkward with them for the rest if the day laugh out loud

Yeah. My door shut and locked, I'm almost positive no one's home and then...

My dad unlocks the door and runs in on me eating his cheetos! Oh the nightmare! - keycha1n

Glad that hasn't happened to me yet. - MyRockets345

6 A Moth Flying In at Night

FINALLY SOMEONE! I'm so terrified of those things. the closest I'll go to those things is a mile.. it creeps me out even typing about them. I'd break an arm, leg, my neck, and my body trying to go away from them.

I am so scared of moths. You have no idea.

I think it is creepy


7 Hearing Baby Crying

Not a baby but when my mom used to babysit my little cousin (now 7) EVERY SINGLE TIME he woke up from a nap he would cry and sometimes scream. It was so annoying.

Espicaly If its 3 am in the morning and you don't even have a baby

I have 2 little baby sisters

8 A Bee Flying Around Your House

I don't just run away from bees and wasps just because I am afraid I do it to keep my record of not being stung or bitten the only thing I have been bitten by (aside from my little brother) are Mosquitos

I'm so afraid of bees and I just can't help but run away and shiver

9 Next Door Dog Barking

Feels like killing that thing when it barks at night!

10 Neighbors Arguing/talking On Phone Very Loud

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11 Watching Austin Powers With Your Parents

I watched this movie and Eurotrip and Scary Movie 3 with my dad and found none awkward. I guess it's like I say it's only awkward if you call it awkward. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Or watching the Naked Gun... - annaszpak

12 "We're Just Trying to Keep You Safe"

My parents are so annoying with this

The Dumbest Excuse In The Book

13 Not Being Able to Find Your TV Remote

I hate his with all my hearty my dad is like 'get off your lazy butts and help my find this thing' but with more cursing.

14 Church People Knocking On Your Door and Wanting to Talk for Hours With You About God

Or for three days... - keycha1n

This su good as long as they talk about God and Scripture but not Catholic stuff like praying rosaries and to saints and Mary, Mary being perfect, etc,

15 Sibling or Parent Using Toilet and Leave the Door Open

When my mom used to babysit my cousins they and my mom would open the door and walk in on me WHILE I WAS ON THE TOILET!

16 When a Guest Comes Over and Your Parents Tell You to Sit with Them

Maybe you could be friends if they're the same age. - Garythesnail

17 Rushing Into the Bathroom and Finding Your Mother in the Tub
18 Younger Siblings Whining And Throwing Tantrums Like A Baby
19 Annoying Relatives Come Over for a Visit All of a Sudden
20 Doorbell Rings
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