Top 10 Most Annoying Band Comparsions

These bands keep getting compared to another band that aren't even similar at all in my opinion and it just gets old. If I forgot to add any annoying comparisons feel free to add them.

The Top Ten

1 Seether and Nirvana

Not even remotely similar

2 My Chemical Romance and Green Day

I see why people compare Green Day to The Offspring, Sum 41 and Simple Plan but not this band or Panic! at the disco.

I know its off topic and may be annoying but sometimes I confuse Gerard Way and Billie Joe Armstrong.They look alike sometimes - zxm

3 Three Days Grace and Linkin Park

Three Days Grace is like Alternative Rock and Linkin Park's Nu Metal I don't see why people compare them to no end.

4 Theory of a Deadman and Nickelback

They might be owned by the same record, company but I don't see any similarity between them.

5 Pop Evil and Saint Asonia

They don't sound remotely similar.

6 Staind and Seether

Staind's Alternative Metal and Seether's Alternative Rock what's the point of comparing them?

7 AC/DC and Metallica

What do these two bands have in common? Nothing...

8 Alice in Chains and Nirvana

Not really similar.

9 Green Day and Linkin Park

Their not similar. You can't compare a pop-punk/punk rock/ alternative rock band to a nu metal band.

10 Evanescence and Halestorm

The Contenders

11 Slayer and Marilyn Manson

Not even remotely similar.

12 Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson

Even though they worked together, it still annoys me how they're usually compared.

This one actually makes sense considering how Trent Reznor produced Manson's first two albums.

13 Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin

The fact people keep comparing these two bands makes me cringe.

14 The Beatles and Metallica

There's literally a band called Beatallica that plays combinations of songs by The Beatles and Metallica. I'm not joking.

15 Fall Out Boy and Green Day

Pop-Punk and Pop Rock are two different things.

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