Top Ten Most Annoying Big Hero 6 Characters


The Top Ten

1 Yama
2 Wasabi
3 Honey Lemon Honey Lemon

She is so annoying! Her jokes are pointless and so is her whole character! I wish people would just forget about this crackhead, but everywhere I look, fans are saying she's the best, just because she's female and she's independent. - AnnaOfArendelle332

4 Professor Callaghan
5 Police Officer
6 Baymax Baymax Baymax is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.
7 Abigail Callaghan
8 Mochi
9 Cass
10 Fred

I love him, but he got on my nerves at times. - AnnaOfArendelle332

The Contenders

11 GoGo
12 Tadashi Hamada Tadashi Hamada Tadashi Hamada is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 54th animated feature, Big Hero 6. The film is inspired by a Marvel comic book of the same name.

I wouldn't say he is annoying, but the fangirls who continuously try to rewrite the fire and make Hiro die in it so Tadashi could be the hero. So is the whole they both live, but no Big Hero 6 thing. Ugh! The story is fine as is, if Hiro had of died, the whole story would be different! - AnnaOfArendelle332

13 Prince Hans
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