Top 10 Most Annoying Boss Battles In Video Games

Bosses in video games that are not just difficult but incredibly annoying and tricky.

The Top Ten

1 Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out !
2 Bald Bull Title Defense - Punch-Out Wii

He can't be knocked out by anything other than a star punch which is real frustrating because he moves really fast and will fake you out and land an unexpected punch. - egnomac

Its very difficult to hold onto a star long enough to knock him down. - ZZDOORAL

3 King Kut Out - Donkey Kong 64

While its not really that hard of a boss but the trickiest part is after you knock out both its arms and it moves really quickly and you have to time it so you hit it, to soon or too late and you lose a character. - egnomac

4 Boolossus - Luigi's Mansion
5 The Yellow Devil - Mega Man 1

Why isn't this number 1?

6 Mecha Bowser - Super Mario Sunshine

Its very difficult to aim especially with the missiles charging at you. - ZZDOORAL

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7 Shang Seung - Mortal Kombat 1

Its really difficult to get close enough to land a hit mostly because he constantly shoots fireballs at you and transforms into other characters including Goro. - egnomac

8 Lord Woo Fak Fak - Banjo-Tooie

The most annoying thing about the fight is the camera. - egnomac

9 Crazy Hand - Super Smash Bros. Melee
10 Wheel of Fate - House of the Dead III

The Contenders

11 Mogenar - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
12 Whitney - Pokemon

Its technically a boss, that Miltank

13 Wily Capsule - Mega Man Series
14 Heavy Press - Cave Story
15 Psy-Crow - Earthworm Jim
16 Safer Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII
17 Disciple Lorithia - Xenoblade Chronicles
18 Zanza - Xenoblade Chronicles
19 Mettaton Ex - Undertale

How is this guy annoying? - MKBeast

20 Xemnas - Kingdom Hearts II
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