Most Annoying Call of Duty Playing Styles

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1 Camper

I remember some campers on ghosts - trains45

Never understood why people have problems with campers. My philosophy is that you let them kill you once while you are off guard and then you challenge them now that you know they are camping. If they kill you then just ignore them the rest of the game. Not that difficult.

100% the most annoying strategy

Players who will stay in one section of the map for the majority of the game. - helloface199

2 Spawn Toober

Popular in S&D MW2, these pests will use their grenade launchers (often with danger close) at the very beginning of the round to spawn kill multiple players. - helloface199

3 Spawn Trapper

A difficult playing style, but very annoying and hard to counter when pulled off successfully. - helloface199

4 Noob Toober

Players, usually campers, who use an underbarrel grenade launcher as their primary weapon. Popular in CoD4 & MW2. - helloface199

5 Tryhard

I have never understood why it's bad to be a tryhard and never will.

Players, usually clan members, who will play very aggressively in hopes of getting large killstreaks. - helloface199

6 Hardscoper

Why bother play?

A variaton of the camper, but they use sniper rifles. - helloface199

7 Sprayer

Players who fire multiple rounds of semi-automatic weapons (i.e Snipers, some Rifles) in rapid succession. - helloface199

8 Knifer

Players who run around with a tactical knife or combat knife. Common in MW2 & BO2. - helloface199

9 Trickshotter

Trickshotters are cancer. All you is spin and do a 360, 720, or 1280, to bad that's the only math they know.

Whether It'd by search and destroy, free for all, or team death match, they go for nerdy spins and 12% kill. They keep trying for hours until they "hit" and scream and cry if they hit.

All they care about is hitting a clip. Most of them "set up" They get pissed off at people for playing the game. They spend there lives dedicated to this noscope and can't make real friends so they find people online to play with and ride each other.

Modders, Cheaters, Hackers/Modders, Prepubescent Kids are AIDS to Call of Duty

A variation of the tryhard. When there is one enemy remaining, they will spin and jump off of large objects or buildings in an attempt to trickshot. - helloface199

10 Quickscoper

There's no counter to them. If you're an AR user and you encounter one of these mid range, you're screwed even though your playing to the strengths of YOUR gun.

Just watch 402THUNDER402's videos about them, these kids just run around and kill you in 1 shot, it's BS.

I can't take it anymore...
These Quickscopers ruin Call of Duty, they are by far the worst thing about the entire series.
Laugh out loud the lag, the campers, noobtubers, they got NOTHING against the Quickscopers... 1 SHOT AND YOU'RE DEAD.. Try any gun you like they will ALWAYS WIN!
Camp with an ACR or Spas-12 they will still absolutely OWN you! Main reason I quit Call of Duty, and SHOULD BE NO. 1

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11 Screamer

Common in both zombies/extinction and multiplayer, the screamer is typically a player with those generically bad mics that pick up every sound made in the room. Even the fans on the very console or PC depending on what platform you use. The "screamer" is usually referred to as such because they are typically that kid who has a voice pitch higher than a drug user and WILL cause annoyance.

12 Rocket Launcher Only

Panzershreck from ww2, I need not say more

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